How i LMV... A true recollection, Pt 9., by Terry

My head was resting on his chest and i could hear Frank’s heart beating. i continued rubbing his cock very slowly remembering how quick he came before. i felt relaxed and was enjoying the warm feel of him but didn’t know how i would react if he came. i didn’t want a repeat of becoming embarrassed and running away again.

“Here’s my favorite part Terry. Watch closely.“

The girl’s head was resting on the guy’s stomach, her mouth half way down his cock . He started bucking and he came. When he was done the girl parted her lips and the thick cum trickled down his shaft.

“Did you see that Terry?”

“Him getting off? Yeah.”

“No, what his cock does when he cums,” He replayed the end part and said, “Now watch the center of his cock when he cums. See? Right there. At the base of his cock. That’s his load coming out. That’s hot”

“Oh yeah. Wow! Play it again.” i watched as a big blast of juice stretched the vein as it travelled the length his cock from the base all the way up into her mouth. It happened several times until he was empty. It was very hot. “Play it once more?” He replayed it, this time in slow motion. The vein in his cock enlarged as each explosion slowly moved from his balls to her mouth. i said, “That is hot! Once more, please?” At the end i said, “Look how much there is.”

“That was a lot huh”, Frank agreed.

“I’m getting more beer. Be right back.” i didn’t even bother to ask thinking i had several already and he’d probably say no.

To my surprise he returned with two beers. As he walked towards me his stiff cock bounced up and down making a smacking noise as it hit against his stomach. “Here you go.” i smiled a big grin and said i didn’t think he’d bring one for me.

“I told you that when I see you’re getting buzzed I’d cut you off. You seem to be holding it well plus you said your parents will be asl**p so I figure why not. Don’t drink it if you don’t want to.”

“Thanks, dude. i’ll drink it. i’m cool.” Actually i was feeling kinda sloshed but i did hold it well. i had to be really smashed for most people to notice it.
Frank sat across from me in the Lay-Z-Boy. That disappointed me. He said we should talk.

“How are you feeling about all of this, Ter?”

“i feel ok right now.”

“Good. So you had the experience with your girlfriend last summer and now this. Think about this…” He paused, “Did you enjoy what happened with her or what’s happening now more? Take a minute and think about it before you answer.”

i thought a few minutes and said, “i don’t know. i enjoyed that and i’m
enjoying this too.”

“If you had to pick what would you say?”

“i’m not sure.”

”Okay. Then in that case I’m gonna say that you are probably bisexual. It may become clearer in time. Do you want to continue or stop?”

Inside i knew i wanted it. But i played cool and so i wouldn’t appear too eager. i waited a minute and said, “Continue.”

“Okay, you’re sure?”


He came over and sat next to me. He turned the movie on, put my head back on his chest, placed my hand on his cock and told me that anytime i felt uncomfortable i should say so and we’d stop. He also said he’d tell me if he was gonna cum so i could back off. i said ‘okay.’

We continued to watch the movie while i played with him. He was still rock hard. After a while he started to move my head down towards his cock. He told me to suck on it. It was really thick and i had to open my mouth very wide to get it inside. On my tongue it felt warm and smooth. i worked my mouth up and down on him, copying what the girl in the movie was doing. She was going all the way down but when i tried to i choked a little. There was still about three inches to go before hitting bottom. i tried again and gagged.

Frank was stroking my head and said “Don’t try to go all the way down. She’s a pro and knows how to do it. Just go as far down as you feel comfortable with.”

i continued sucking, going down about half way. Every few minutes he would suddenly twitch, his cock stiffening up against my cheek. He told me to use my hand too like she was.

i copied what the girl was doing. i could feel his stomach tighten against my head every time his cock jerked.. He started to breathe harder and began to twitch more often, with his cock stiffening up for longer periods. His legs began to tremble and he said he was gonna cum…

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11 months ago
probably bisexual! which means your okay!!. which do you enjoy more? her giving you a BJ or stroking my cock! what a choice, if your bi as he just said, both are OK