How i met my bf, part 1.

We lived in a middle class neighborhood. There was one house at the top of our hill that was much larger. The area surrounding the house was heavily wooded. The house was in the middle of the woods on a cleared grassy area. A long private road ran from the top of our hill through the property, lead to the house, and continued out on to another street. When i was younger, all the neighborhood k**s used to play in these woods with the k**s who lived there at the time. That f****y moved out and the guy who moved in let it be known he did not want the neighborhood c***dren playing on his property.

As i got older, my parents thought i should learn the value of working and earning my own money in addition to what they gave me for an allowance, so when i became a teenager i had a paper route and would do yard work in the neighborhood.

One day while i was cutting a neighbors lawn, the guy who lived in the big house on the hill drove by and asked if i was interested in doing his lawn for him. i said i was and that i would stop by his house when i finished working.

His yard was big and it was said that he was a vice-president at a phone company so i figured i'd get a lot for doing his yard. When i went to talk to him, he offered what to me was a lot of money to do his lawn once a week. It was way more than i was getting for any other job i had.

One really hot day when i went to the door to get paid he asked me if i wanted a soda or something, which i did, and told me to come inside. He gave me a soda and started asking me questions about myself. Questions such as how old i was (17), did i plan on going to college, what my interests were, what i did in my spare time and stuff like that.

When i told him i was interested in going to school for computers he told me that was what he did where he worked. He said i couldn't go wrong learning about computers and if there was anything i wanted to know about them i could ask him. i thought that was cool and thanked him and we talked a while longer. i asked him some questions like what schools were good places to learn about computers, what areas were best to learn about, how much money i could make and what he did to learn about them. Then i asked him how old he was and he made me guess, which i recall made me feel scared to have to answer. i said my father's age, which was 37 and he seemed happy because it was low. He told me he was 41. i told him i had to go home to eat and he said it was cool talking to me and he'd see me next week.

i'll be adding more later but now i have stuff to do for school.

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10 months ago
nothing better than a teenager "working" for an older man
3 years ago
Cool story and cant wait to read more.... thanks!