Tranny teacher

Hi Al, how is your house sitting summer going ? Pretty good Tim a little boring but the beach is nice. By the way, I didn't mean to but I saw you last night through my window... you were wearing woman's underwear. OH I hope I didn't disturb you Al. Actually I was totally turned on, especially when you pulled out your hard cock.

Really, if you like I can arrange for a private show ... interested ? I don't know I have never seen a man up close before. Ah.. well if you pretend I'm a lady I can walk you through some fun. So you will put on your stockings and the silky things. OH yes and a wig and nice perfume, I can be quite the woman.

Later I went over to Tim's place, there were post-its with arrows leading upstairs. He had the attic finished off in a very comfy way.
Shortly in walks a beautiful woman decked out with silky stockings and panties and a top that came just below her bra. I was hard.
Hi Al why don't you call me Tina. Tina sat down close to me. Before I could adjust she leaned into me, her perfume was breath taking, her lips gently touched mine. What would you like to do first Al ?
I could barely speak, I don't know, let me look at you a bit. Tina stood up and slowly turned then with a little movement gave me a great ass shot. Facing me she rubbed her panties and moaned saying I was making her hard, would I like to see ?

Please... show me your cock. It was smooth, light in color and had a good sized knob. It was also bursting stiff. I pulled my shorts down, my cock sprang up. You seem like you have experience Al. Actually I don't. All I know is my pre-cum tastes good and my cum does too.

Tina sat down... lets get a little more cozy OK. Our mouths locked ours tongues played a duel my hands touched the smoothest knob and gently cupped her shaved balls. Let me show you how I suck then you try it.

Her mouth covered my dick, softly going up and down on my cock, her fingers caressing my balls. I laid back and closed my eyes. Next my balls were in her mouth, then back to my knob. I'm sure she got some juice and I found out when she came up and stuck her tongue in my mouth. My juice tasted good but I wanted to try hers.

That is the best feeling Tina, I want to suck your cock now. At first I licked the sides of her knob and shaft, what a great feeling. Up close her cock was overwhelming, I had to have it in my mouth. I took it right down, gave some suction and enjoyed the new flavor, her juice flowed, just like mine. My head was bobbing up and down her stiff meat, I couldn't stop. I found her balls next, back and forth balls, cock, balls, cock. Tina stopped me.

Let me show you something else OK. OK. I was told to stand up and bend over. She got on her knees when I was ready. Her tongue and lips covered my ass, her tongue snaked down my crack and touched my ass hole. I was in sex heaven. My ass was getting licked and kissed. Wow what a great feeling. I didn't want her to stop and told her so. My cock was flowing pre-cum. I laid on the floor and Tina got on top, our cocks were grinding our mouths sharing our juices. She sensed I was getting close to blowing my load, she spun around so we both could suck at the same time. I never gave it one thought that my mouth will be swimming in warm cream very soon. We sucked and slurped like mad lovers. Our dicks swelled up and stiffened, my mouth was a machine, I wanted that warm cream. During a strong suck on her knob I felt her dick erupt, here comes my first mouthful. I swallowed the first two shots then savored the rest in my mouth. It was my turn to fill her mouth and boy did I ever have a huge load, my hips were fucking her mouth as I blasted her tongue with my own cream her suction never let down. I thought I was going to pass out. Quickly we faced each other and came together to share our sticky cum filled mouths. I was still hard after ten minutes so Tina went back down on my raging rod to suck out any more cum.
Congrats Al you passed your first lesson
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9 months ago
wow what a lesion
9 months ago
wow what a lesion
10 months ago
very well done