September party vid

I was a co-owner of a yahoo group that hosts gangbangs and hotel parties.
One Friday in September one of the male members posted a message on the message board saying that he was in the area and wanted a small party either that night or Saturday. My co-owner - J - contacted him asking if he had any females. At that time the group was an all male group (except for myself since I was co-owner) that agreed to get together to pleasure a lady that wanted a group of men. The host said no.
I had been sick that week and was just feeling better on Friday, and sex drive was coming back so I offered to be that lady.
The next morning (Sat) the host posted that the party would begin at 7 pm that evening.
I had been chatting with one guy - D - that told me he was interested in meeting me. I told him that I was going to a hotel party that evening. He thought I was just using that as an excuse to put him off so I invited him.
Around 4:30/5 pm the host posted a message that the party time was changed to 6 pm without contacting myself or J to see if we could make it earlier.
On the way to the hotel I contacted D and gave him the hotel and room number. He said he'd be there.
When we arrived at the hotel at almost 7 pm which was the original time we were told that a couple guys that had been there at the early time had left already since I wasn't there.
Another member - R - was in the room when we got there.
The host asked about rules. I assumed he meant my rules so I proceeded to tell him what my rules are - including that I'm not into BDSM, bondage, etc. Then he looked at the guys asking what their rules were. J & R both looked puzzled when the host said he was bi. J & R both said at the same time that they are completely straight.
The host looked kinda disheartened and asked "I guess that means no touching or sucking?" And both guys agreed adamantly.
I went into the bathroom and put on the black dress that I'm partially wearing in the vid.
We started to play when I came out of the bathroom. D still wasn't there at this time so it was only the 4 of us to begin with.
J started things by eating my pussy and I started sucking R's cock. the host started playing with my nipple until it responded. He moved away and J thought he wanted to change places. However, he just went over and knelt on the bed between the 2 guys, staring longingly at R's nice cock.
D showed up and realized I wasn't lying. He immediately got naked and came over to the bed. I introduced myself although he already knew who I was. I started sucking on his cock and R started fucking me. We changed position and D laid down on the bed and R started fucking me doggy style. J was filming at this time and the host was just standing there paying more attention to the guys than me.
Once I got D hard by sucking on his cock, R asked if I was ready for some DP. I looked up at D and he said sure. We got a condom and I climbed on that nice, hard BBC and R fucked my ass.
As soon as R came he got cleaned up, and dressed to leave saying that he had to get back to work. (I found out at a later time that he was just uncomfortable with the way the host had been watching.)
J was going to join D and myself with anal but D said he wanted to be in my ass, which J was fine with. J laid down on the bed and D entered my ass. D came very quickly after that. And so did J.
I found out that D had never been to a party before. He had never been in any kind of group situation so it was his first DP. I also found out that he had never had a chance for anal with anyone in the past. That ladies thought he was too big for their ass.
I have seen him since that day but that is the only video with him.
J is no longer co-owner of the yahoo group.
R is no longer in the country due to work transfer.
86% (9/1)
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8 months ago
Hey Tammie, I'm an Austinite, any way I could get into the group? I recognize you from the local Austin forum! :-D
2 years ago
Can I be added to this group ?
2 years ago
what is the name of you yahoo group tammie?