Encounter at Travelodge, Part 8

Part 8: Or, “The review of different types of orgasms.”

I realize that the phone doesn’t vibrate anymore. It didn’t have that much battery power left anyway.

All right. That’s that then. No more games, time to fuck.
I remove the phone from her vagina, and shove it in her mouth. “Taste your juices, bitch!” I half-shout, as my mouth descents on her cunt, and two of my fingers find her asshole. In minutes, I feel an anal orgasm coming on, so… I stop.

I reach to undo the wire that’s still between her legs, and order her to get on her knees. Roughly grabbing her hair, I guide her mouth to my cock. Pull. Push. Pull. Push. She gags. It spills on her breasts, but I keep going. I roughly grab her now slippery breast, and then hit it with my hand. And again. Her nipples perk up, and she’s ready for more action.

“Lie on the bed. Face down, ass in the air, hands next to your legs.” After she complies, I use ties to bind her arms to her legs, and step back again to admire the view – the ass, I believe. I slip on a condom, and finally enter her from behind. As I thrust into her, I pull her hair back, so that her head is raised from the bed, and use my free hand to squeeze her nipples. Hard.
She orgasms. By now, I’m sure that the people next door have a) heard it b) are tired of it c) are probably calling reception, if not the police.

Not wanting to come (although at this point in time in my fantasy, I'm very close, I learned a real life trick from an old hand at this that seems to work for me – do math tables in your head – sevens or eights. Quick, how much is 8x7? 6x8? Thank you John Ringo!), I withdraw from her ass and slip off the condom – it’s a shame to waste good cum, and she must be hungry again, the last time she ate was a while back. She turns to her back, and I use a towel to wipe her chest clean.

“Traitor bitch, it’s time for a snack!” I tie her feet together, bind her hands above her head, and the nipples get the clothespin treatment again. I prop her head up against the headboard and place my ass on her breasts. “OPEN!” No response. I slap her. “OPEN BITCH!” I slap her again. I close her nose with my fingers, and the mouth flies open in a few seconds. Not letting go, I stroke myself until I explode into her mouth, over her face, and hit some of her hair as well.
“Lick it all. Every single drop.”

At this point in time, "Viktor" needs a break, and the slave would normally benefit from a rotator to her clitoris, and a few dozen (hopefully painful) orgasms. But, that’s not in the book, so I move her hands to her pussy and tie her arms next to her body so that the only thing she can reach is her wet self.

“Play with yourself. Hard. And don’t stop until I tell you.”

I know there’s another one in there somewhere. Maybe three.

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2 years ago
this is getting me so fucking horny!
2 years ago
bdsm the hard way you should have asked her where the nearest hardware store is