Encounter at Travelodge, Part 7

Part 7: Or: “On the subject of hotel-room expedient double penetration aids.”

Wet towel in one hand, and everything else in the other, I smile on the scene in the room. It’s gone good, far better than I thought it would. With a smile – just to judge how she’s doing, I say in my Viktor voice “Are you ready to proceed?”

She nods – “Yes. But I’m still not telling you anything.”

I put the towel in the middle of the line stretching between her toes. It sags for a second, but she recovers it immediately. I take the clamps off her nipples, and add them to the line to hold the small towel in place.

I want to fuck her soon, but first we’ll need to change positions, so I take some time to slowly remove the plug from her ass. Teasing her asshole with my thumb, I extract just enough of the bottle to show the cap, and then I proceed to pull it out with my teeth – my impromptu purge obviously worked. While there, I lick her cunt and rim her asshole, sometimes probing with my tongue and taking a moment to enjoy the slight spicy taste that she has. Her clit is begging for some action, but I don’t have an idea of what to do with it yet, and her asshole is beautifully dilated, ready to receive additional punishment if I so choose. The feeling of power, dominance is amazing, and I’m not sure if that, or the gorgeous young girl who’s been at this with me for hours is turning me on more – but I do know that I need to come again soon, or risk my balls turning as purple as her breast were an hour ago.

Decision, decisions – entrance from the back, or entrance from the front? Let’s compromise – I want to be able to look at her breasts, but have direct access to her ass.

“I will remove the ties from your arms and legs and remove the line on your feet. When I do that, you will step off the bed, put your shoulders on that pillow, and then bend your body, so that your ass is in the air, resting on the bed, and your feet are in the air, parallel to your head and arms. When she does that, tie her hands together above her head, and run the line between her ankles, and return the towel to it.

Drip. The water from the towel drops onto her face. Perfect. Must be annoying as hell. And her bottom is just above the top-of-bed line, exposing her pussy and ass for me to play with.

I leave her like that for I moment because what I need now is a dildo-analogue. Fuck, fuck, fuck, okay, what can I use… My spare non-smartphone? Enclosed in a condom? It’s not that wide… or thick… the ass might be a stretch (pardon the pun), but the pussy should work. Let’s do that. And, ooh! Can we all say “remote control”?

Newly equipped, I’d love to sit on her face again, but with the line and towel, it’s not possible – those go, and I use the towel to wipe her face – the work she had to do had her starting to sweat. With her legs still in the air, I kneel above her, and my balls find their natural place in her mouth. My mouth, on the other hand, attaches itself to her clit, gently sucking, licking, nibbling, and probing. I take the clothespins, and clip them on to the outer lips of her pussy, while she find entertainment in alternating “I’ll never tell!” with not-so-gentle bites on the skin on my balls.

Her pussy exposed and prepared, I wrap the phone (a Samsung C5212, if you must know - hey, it's not like I'm not trying to be realistic!) into a condom, and shove it almost all the way into her pussy, bottom down – that’s where the vibrating mechanism is.

I need a break. I bring her some water, and open the bottle of scotch I brought along, pour myself a glass and reach for my phone.

I have to shove my big toe in her mouth to suck on in order to keep her quiet as the moaning caused by the phone vibrating against her cervix starts.

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2 years ago
love the use of the cell phone!
2 years ago
very good