Encounter at Travelodge, Part 6

Part 6: Or “A rough road leads to confession”

Time for a change. I untie her, firmly holding her hands, and throw her on the bed. “Lie on your back. Hold your legs with your hands just above the knee!”. As she gets into position, I use the neckties to bind them together. She’s not lying on her back, feet in the air, her bottom at the edge of the bed. Her breasts have nearly returned to their normal state, so it’s the perfect time to reattach the clothespins to them. I walk to the head of the bed, get on, and get on my knees above her face. I lower my balls so that they hang above her mouth. “Lick, you fucking slut.”

Her tongue caressed by balls, and every now and again, she sucks on one or the other – gently at first, but harder and harder as she goes on. While I pinch her nipples and put on the clothespins, she uses her tongue to lick my asshole, sticks it in, puts her mouth on it and sucks, just a little.
I rise, and give her another kiss. “If you think that I will be softer on you because of that, you’re sorely mistaken!” I shout, as I spit onto her nipple and run my fingers across it.

Back at the foot of the bed, I stop for a second to admire her feet (and notice that the improvised plug in her ass is still firmly in place, with the other bottle hanging off the bed. I catch it between my toes, so that I have a nice possibility for a gentle pull on it, while my hands are still free. I yank on it, just a little and see from her face that it moved just enough. “KEEP. IT. IN!” I say, as I add some more pull to it. Perfect.

Now, what do we do about those feet... Even in bondage, foot fetish is not everyone’s cup of tea, but, I think that she understood the yellow/red thing, so, here goes.

My corporate ID card is on one of those stretchy widget thingies, so that you can drag it from your belt to the reader. I pull it out as far as it goes, and wrap the ends around her big toes. “Make sure it stays taut!” I say in Viktor's voice, while trying to hide an evil grin – her legs are already getting tired, I can see a faint tremor from time to time, and the fact that I’m putting enough tension on the butt plug that it would fall out if she didn’t keep her asshole tight (and it’s a good thing she’s keeping it tight, because I have no idea what the punishment for that would be) is making her uncomfortable. She’s right where I want her.

I hit the sole of her foot with the toothbrush a few times, but it’s not producing the effect I want. “Stay.” I say, as I retreat into the bathroom for inspiration. A face towel… If I soak that in cold water, I can use it as a weight on the line between her toes, and if it’s wet enough, it will drip cold water onto her. Right, that goes with me. And a nail file… With a pointy end… That’s coming along. And condoms, they’ll be needed before long.

Back in the room, I see she’s making a valiant effort to keep the line taut – I’m sure it’s easier to do so with only one thing to concentrate on, as I had to release the pull on her butt plug. Well, we’ll soon change that.

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2 years ago
yep, very inventive! love the McGyver treatment!
2 years ago
very inventive