Encounter at Travelodge, Part 4: Or, “The te

She’s bound. She can’t see. She won’t tell me the code word (or, rather, I haven’t gone so far that she needs to use the safe word). Her firm ass is hanging in the air. AND I HAVE NO BUTT PLUG!

That just won’t do.

I silently leave the room and go back to the bathroom. In my travel bag, I find a package of dental floss and some (pilfered) bottles of moisturizer, and the shelf provides me with two hotel-sized shampoo bottles. Tying the dental floss in a knot around the neck of one of the shampoo bottles, then leaving around 30 centimeters of the line free and tying the other bottle on it, I manage to improvise a pussy-and-butt plug. It’s not perfect, but it will have to do. I grab the toothbrush as well, and equipped with my new tools, I go back to the room.
She’s still there (well, yeah, she’s bound and can’t go anywhere, that’s kind
of the point of this), waiting. I can’t imagine how she’s feeling – with no pre agreed script and limits, I could be up to anything. I lie under her overhanging ass, and admire the view. The nicely formed, wet vagina, with her slightly protruding inner lips and the rose of her asshole stare back at me, and it’s the nicest sight one could wish for. I put some cream on my finger and begin to explore her pussy. When I find her clit, she shudders. I roughly shove two of my fingers into her, looking for the G spot, but I have no luck – ah well, plenty of time later. Moving on to her ass, I flick her asshole with my index finger. Once, twice… three times. Unable to resist, I start probing it with my tongue. Slowly, I can feel it relax as I am able to stick more and more of the tongue into it.

I slap her on the butt cheeks. Hard. “Now, we will play a game. Because you weren’t able to hold out secrets, because you betrayed the trust we put in you, you will be demoted to the lowest form of “operative” – the transporter.” I apply the moisturizer to her asshole, exploring it with both index fingers and stretching it slightly. I spit on it. I shove the two fingers of my right hand into it, and use my left hand to guide my improvised butt plug to her mouth. Her spit creating a moist film on the surface, I bury it in her asshole until it disappears from sight. I put the other bottle into her pussy, and yank on the line that now connect her asshole with her cunt. “Keep that in.”
I turn the chair sideways, so that I have access to her breasts. The sellotape did its job, and they’re beginning to turn a lovely shade of purple. I flick the clothespins on her nipples, and she gasps with pleasure. My shout of: “Tell me the code word!” only serves to spread a smile on her face.

Using the bristles of the toothbrush, I drag across her nipple. And the other one. Then I do it harder. And harder still. “What. Is. The. Code. Word.” Nothing. I flick the clothespins again. Use the toothbrush again. Flick her ass, and use the toothbrush on her clit. Nothing.

I pull on the butt plug to reveal the top of the bottle, and flick it. Nothing. I use the toothbrush to push the bottle back into her ass, and also bury the head of it. There she is, the almost perfect specimen, with my tooth brush (stupid idiot, I only brought one!) in her ass, sticking out. I slowly rotate it. Bend it up, then down. Then I do it again, faster. “We can keep this up all night, you know. In the end, you will tell me.”

She grins. “Good. And I’ll never tell.”

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