Encounter at Travelodge, Part 3: Or, “Let th

“I can smell this filthy country on you. For tonight, this room is the Motherland. You are being disrespectful to the Motherland, and it will not do. STRIP!”

She starts taking off her clothes. Oh my god, she has wonderful breasts. And ass. And a carefully shaved pussy. This is going to be good.

I drag her into the shower for her cleaning. “Get on your knees, bitch!” As she kneels, I feel myself becoming hard – this is so much better than what I expected that I can’t even describe it (not that it’ll stop me trying.) I take the shower head off so that all is left is the hose, and turn the faucet to the coldest setting. “I will make you understand how your betrayal felt to the people of the Motherland. You will feel the chill that She did when you betrayed her!” I say, as I start the water at full blast – at no more than 15 degrees centigrade, and aimed directly at her chest.

She gasps as the powerful stream hits her, and I guide it over her nipples, which are already standing erect. “On your back, whore, and spread your legs wide, you have filth everywhere!” The cold stream flows over her stomach and across her pussy. I aim squarely for the clitoris, and can see her eyes light up as I find just the right spot. I put the hose against her asshole and let water flow into it. “Hold it in. You will be severely punished if even a drop escapes!” my alter ego intones.

“Out of the shower, whore. Wait your knees in the corner, while I prepare myself for the job at hand.”

I slowly wash myself with warm water. When I’m clean, I command her to sit on the toilet and release the water from her ass, completing her impromptu purge. Grabbing her by the nipple, I pull her back into the shower and throw a bar of soap at her. “Finish cleaning yourself!”, says Viktor (I decided to name my alter ego Viktor. Hey, every good villain needs a name!), as the cold water splashes all over her.

She quickly soaps herself, and I take care to wash (and in the process, thoroughly punish with the powerful stream of water) every part of her body.
Ablutions done, both naked, she cold (for I can see her erect nipples and Goosebumps on her skin) and me almost painfully erect by this time, I roughly grab her nipples and pull her to the room. “Into the chair!” I bellow (rather sotto voce, I don’t want anyone to come and check what all the noise is), as I pull out four ties from my suitcase. I turn her around, so that she’s sitting with her front to the back of the chair, and carefully position her rear so that her ass and that lovely pussy hang over the edge of the chair. With the ties, I tie her arms to the back of the chair, and her legs to the chairs legs.
“Now, we begin for real.”

Using sellotape, I bind her breasts into perfect small bundles. Her nipples, still erect from the cold shower immediately receive two clothespins each (Always carry a few. It’s much easier to hang things from the lines in hotel bathrooms if you need to wash something.), carefully positioned so that they don’t bite into her nipple directly. My sl**p mask goes over her eyes.

“Tell me my dear, if you will, what the code word is.”

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2 years ago
very nice! getting me wet!
2 years ago
better still