Encounter at Travelodge: Prologue

Dear reader,

This BDSM series is dedicated to a fellow xhamsterian – it never happened in real life, but I wish it did. No fault of hers – I know, my profile isn’t that interesting, and I haven’t found a nice picture for it – and god knows, everyone has different tastes, so it might be that. Or just me being creepy and annoying.

So, anyway, I liked her picture, had time, and started my own little fantasy encounter. And because I hadn’t written anything in a while, I sat down and wrote the entire encounter (thinking of which kept me up almost all night) down.
It’s fantasy. It never happened. In real life, it probably wouldn’t happen exactly this way anyway, because it’s all of my fetishes and desires, packed into one fuck fest (hell, as long as I’m dreaming, I thought of introducing a second girl to the mix), and it’s not taking into account anything that the partner would – or wouldn’t – like.

But I wish it wasn’t.

Comments are welcome, appreciated, and will either be read, ignored, or used in my next story.

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2 years ago
looking forward to the series
2 years ago