My first little sub...

On some occasions, I still miss her. Yes, I know it was consensual, that she was looking for that one master to keep her happy forever, but, a man can still dream.

And it's so easy to dream. All I have to do is close my eyes, and see the clamps on her nipples. With my whip in hand, I gently touch her ass, but she creams at me "HARDER!" - sometimes, I think she's the Mistress, and I the slave. It doesn't help when I recall the first time when we discovered the joys of his-and-hers butt plugs. She came in ecstasy, as I pounded her while biting her nipples, proving it by squirting enough that the bed was wet for days yet - and my orgasm when she took my penis into her mouth was even stronger, as she played with my ass.
A few days later, I left her tied to a chair for an hour while I watched porn on TV. After 20 minutes, she was begging for me to come over and play with her pussy, which was wet and flowing by that time. Refusing, all I did was clamp her nipples, and roughly shove a vibrator into her pussy, while keeping the remote. Every time she complained that she needed to be spanked and fucked, I turned it on for a few minutes. After the third orgasm, she nearly fainted, while I took her head, shoved my cock into her mouth and came almost immediately. Afterwards, I licked her pussy almost dry, and fingered her ass until her fifth orgasm of the evening finally put her to sl**p.
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3 years ago
wow short but so hot
3 years ago
Wow. Didn't think one so short could be so hot. But you got the essence of the D & S thang. Hot story, will look for more.