Lizzy's Denial

So the series won't be in chronological order. It's all about what ideas I had when I had them.


"Get up, you lazy bitch!" Daddy barks at Lizzy, who was lounging about on the couch.

"What?? What did I do?" Lizzy asks, worriedly.

"Your momma and s****r have left us alone for the day. You think I'm letting it go to waste?" Their eyes caught each others, and Lizzy immediately felt a warm feeling of excitement rise up from her pussy. She knew that her mom (and definitely s****r) knew was what going on between her and her step dad. As to why they allowed it to continue was anyone's guess. Maybe Colleen was impressed that her daughter inherited her sexual appetite. Shannon however, was less than accepting. But the consensus was, that she had no choice.

"Did you not fucking hear me when I said get the fuck up??" And daddy grabs her by the hair and yanks her out of her seat. "Owwwww!" Lizzy cries in pain, as daddy positions her in front of him. She was wearing a tank top and boy shorts. This slut was asking to get pounded. Tony yanks down her top, exposing her fat titty and starts f***efully sucking on it.

"Oohh daddy, hehe" A warm smile spreads across Lizzy's face, as she liked where this was heading. A quick bite down on her nipple, and he releases. "Get naked". Lizzy wastes no time complying with the order and fumbles all over herself removing her clothes. Daddy frees his now hard cock from his jeans and starts stroking it.

"This good, daddy?" Lizzy asks, her doe eyes looking intently at Tony. Standing there in her totally nude form. "Almost" He replies, as he then pushes her down to the knees and feeds her his cock. She chokes a bit as daddy feeds her his entire length. "Mmph".

Daddy thrusts his hips forward and begins face fucking his sweet step daughter. As the drool started to form and the noise was louder from the friction, he arched his head back and let out a loud guttural moan. Dayyyum baby! You're almost as good as that redheaded whore friend of yours. She knows how to take care of a cock!"

Lizzy's eyes transform in to a look of pure evil. She was a jealous bitch, and daddy loved playing off of that. She starts sucking him off even harder and faster. "Fuck that bitch". She thinks to herself. "Fuck that goddamned dirty fucking whore and her pale nasty skin and hairy red crotch. Fucking hag thinks she can fuck my daddy whenever she wants, fuck her!" She was rivaling a scene from a Gag on This with what she was doing do daddy's dick. Completely engulfing it in her mouth. His nuts getting her slimy spit dripped down on them.

"K, that's enough". And daddy lifts her back up by the hair. "Follow me".

Daddy took Liz, naked, to the bed and instructed her to lie down. He cuffed her arms and shackled her legs to the bedpost. "Daddy, what are you going to do to me?" She asked, with a mix of fear and excitement in her voice. "Shut up!" He responds with a hard right hand to her face. Her head thrusts violently to the side and she moans out in pain. He opens the nightstand drawer and pulls out a baton. "Open your mouth, slut". he commands. Lizzy does, and he places the baton in her mouth. "Bite down". She once again does as she's told. Daddy them starts tweaking and fondling her nipples, pinching twisting. otherwise causing discomfort. She thrusts her head back biting slightly down on the baton as daddy stimulates her nipples. Then he opens his mouth to accept her left tit and starts sucking her fat nipple. Massaging, delicate, wet suckling. Attempting to free any potential milk from her reservoir. Lizzy relaxes her muscles at this good feeling, and just tries to enjoy it. His free hand works her way down to her soaked pussy and starts rubbing her clit. Giving her a simultaneous feeling of pleasure from two erogenous zones. He switches nipples, but continues his assault on her clit, building her up to an orgasm. But just as he sees she is on the verge of cumming with her rapid breathing, louder muffled moans, he STOPS. Robbing her. Lizzy hated sexual frustration. Needless to say, she was not happy. Her eyes bulged out of her head and she moaned a very pissed off sound. Clearly, she indicated to daddy that she was mad

"Oh gee, slut, you seem upset". Daddy says, sarcastic as all hell. Lizzy's clit was swollen and wet, and aching to burst. The fact that she couldn't at least rub herself to completion made her miserable. Daddy then works his mouth down to her sopping wet labia, and decides to dine. She's ever so sensitive, so he takes his time licking up and down her engorged lips, slurping up all the girl ooze that was coating it. Only to have it quickly be replaced by more. Daddy could eat pussy like a lesbian, as Lizzy knew from his and Colleen's homemade movies. He was certainly doing an admirable job this time around! Lizzy laid there in her imprisoned state and simply enjoyed the velvet tongue licking and sucking at her lips, then flicking and suckling her clit. Again, a fire starts churning in her midsection, and she's on the verge yet again. But Daddy stops and pulls away. The agony! Lizzy whines incessantly at her daddy's actions, she was ripe for the picking, and wanted to cum! She "chews" on the baton in anger, her drool sliming it's way down her cheeks, chin, neck and all over the bed. Why was daddy torturing her like this?

Daddy then slowly climbs back up and puts his face above Lizzy's. The slimy, sweaty mess that it was. His throbbing hard cock head pushing in to her tender naval skin, leaving a slick trail of precum on it's way as he worked his entire body upward. "You look a little flustered, baby". "Mmmph. Nofrrr" Lizzy tries to say. A shit eating grin spreads across daddy's face. He has her like a fish on a hook. Lizzy thrashes around to the best of her ability, as if attempting to free herself. But we all know that wasn't happening. Her pussy practically flooding the bed as she leaks out. She wanted to spray like Cytherea.

Daddy takes his leather belt and wraps it around Lizzy's neck. Asphyxiation. Great. Lizzy loved it. He wasn't done though. He then takes her eight inch ivory dildo off the dresser, removes the baton from her mouth, and puts it in. "That's it, whore, get it nice and slick." Lizzy gives the fake cock a nice quick blowbang, as daddy instructed. Globs of her spit coating the fake cock as he pumps it in and out of her mouth, then drooping down and slopping on to her bare chest. "That oughta do". As he withdraws it and lowers it to her pussy.

"Your ass has to stay busy while we're at it". Lizzy was so excited. She liked where this escapade was heading. Daddy them starts inching the dildo up her ass. All of it but the base eventually f***es it's way in to her tight puckered butthole. She was like a never-ending virgin. Ever tight no matter how hard she gets plowed, by no matter how big a cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" Lizzy moans out in pleasure at the feeling of the cock buried in her ass. Daddy takes that as his cue to yank on the "choke chain" around her neck. Her moans quickly turn in to sputtering and gasping sounds. Daddy just looks at her with malice in his eyes.

He positions his glistening cock head at her pussy hole. There was about to be two swollen, wet, sticky messes mashing in to each other rapidly. He releases the belt as she puffs for air and coughs profusely.

"Mmm, I love to see you tied up, slut. God knows if you can't curb that perverted appetite of yours, you might as well embrace it. All of Tony's weight bares down on her and his cock begins to separate her plump labia. "Ohhhh yeahhh, that's fucking tight! No wonder I get so much money off you!" And the entire length disappears inside her cunt. They both pause for a second to enjoy this feeling.

Bam! Daddy starts pounding Lizzy steadily. Her pussy hasn't been this wet since her cherry was taken. She's ready to pop! Hot, noisy pussy pounding fucking, she's on the brink.

"Daddy OOMMMG daddy yes yes yes yes that's it daddyy Ommmgggg" She's about to....

And daddy stops.

"Noooooooooo! Fuck you asshole! I fucking hate you daddy!" She breaks down and starts to cry. And daddy starts to laugh.

"I just wanna cummmm, fuck you daddy! You're so fucking mean to me!" Tears streaming down the side of her head, her pussy twitching. The sheets getting drenched in her juices seeping out.

'Is that any way to talk to your father??" And daddy grabs the belt and yanks it hard. "Huuuuuhhhh uhhhhhh" Lizzy tries to breathe, to no avail. Her face red as a beat. But daddy won't release. "D-dad *cough cough*" She's gagging, desperate for air. And daddy shoves his cock back in and releases his grasp.

"Ahhh daddy wait...omg" He's thrusting hard in to her up to the hilt, and she's trying to catch her breath. "Daddy...I can't breathe *gasp*" And her ignores her and keeps pumping. She's so fucking wet he just can't get over it.

Glorious fucking and fucking and fucking and Lizzy is a nasty mess. Wishing, hoping that she'll get to cum tonight. Because daddy would leave her tied to this bed. Unable to play with herself. Pissing her sheets and laying in it like the rotten slut she is. She turned her step-dad in to an abusive son of a bitch. She brought this on herself.

As Tony's balls slam against that dildo tucked in Lizzy's ass, as the pussy juices splatter with each contact, Lizzy starts to feel yet another O build up inside her. She tries not to let on that she's on the verge again. She tries to maintain steady breathing and not to moan. Here it comes...and she can't hold back.

"Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!" And daddy yanks the chain while she begins to cum. It's like heaven! It's the most intense, juiciest, almost painful, thrashing, orgasm she's ever had. "Ommmg huhh-" And she cuts out. Limp. Like a dead fish. Lizzy just passed out.

And she lays there motionless. Tony shoots his load in to her depths. Drool starting to drip from her lips. Daddy pulls out his cock from that sticky mess between her legs. She's still leaking on the bed.

"Kinda makes it all worthwhile doesn't it, you pig?" Daddy says to her incapacitated body. Getting up and walking out of the room to have his post-cotious cigarette. Lizzy starts to come to. Things still blurry in her eyes, and for that matter, head. "D-daddy? That Umm, I never came that hard. Daddy?" No answer. "Daddy??" Still no answer. She was going to lay there in her own spit, juices, and pee with a thick dildo still buried in her ass long?

"Daddy's got some stuff to take care of, darling. I'll let you air dry for now. Then I'll be ready to give you an anal creampie. You love how those taste, don't you?"

"Umm, daddy. I'm all nasty and..." What was she saying? This was starting to make her hot. She shut her filthy mouth and laid there in her disgusting mess. What did daddy have in store for tonight?

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2 years ago
Hmm hopefully more right?
3 years ago
great hot nasty sex
3 years ago
I like taboo stories like this. Well written.
3 years ago
Hot and nasty: just the way I like things!