Lizzy & Shannon Expand Their Horizons, Part 1

It was a few days since that Saturday when Lizzy fucked her step-dad. Things around the house were...awkward to say the least. Tony had become very withdrawn, concerning the rest of the f****y. But when asked about it, he said that he came down with something. Not particularly believeable, but he was still in shock at just how far Lizzy took him.

So the scene at the dinner table was all of the ladies laughing and having it up, while Tony ate his dinner mostly in silence. With maybe a laugh at a funny bit here and there. It didn't help that Lizzy was always finding herself next to him. Always playing with him the most.

"You still sick, Tonypie". Colleen said in between bites. "You look just fine".

"He does look fine, haha" Chimes in Lizzy as she elbows him playfully. "Maybe he's hiding something??? Oooooooohhhhhh".

Tony laugh as to play it off. "Oh yeah, I'll bet that girlfriend of his finally broke up with him! hahaha!" Colleen laughs as she takes another bite. Tony rolls his eyes as to not even take it seriously. "You girls are nerds, haha". As Tony tries to get in to the spirit.

"I'm done guys. And it's Lizzy's turn to do the dishes, so nyah". Shannon says as she sticks her tongue out at Lizzy and gets up to put her dishes in the sink. "Laugh it up, wench!. Imma get you later, haha". Lizzy responds, her feet playing games with Tony's under the table. He moves his legs attempting to shake her off. While Colleen finishes her plate, Lizzy gives Tony a wink, to which she gets nothing but a look away from Tony.

The dinner table clears, Tony and Colleen relocate in to the front room to watch some TV. Lizzy does the dishes and then retires to her room to join Shannon.

"I hope daddy's ok." Shannon says wrapping up her homework. "He seems a little off lately".

"Oh I think he's fine, lol. Lizzy replies. "He just doesn't like to share his feelings a lot, you know daddy. I'm sure it's nothing major and will soon pass." Lizzy responds, stripping down her clothes to throw on an oversized shirt for bedtime wear.

"Bitch that's my shirt! I'mma beat your ass!" as Shannon throws a pillow at her. "Hahaha, gotta take what I can get". Not like your panties would fit, with your big fat ass! Hahaha!" And the two girls roll around briefly on the bed in a play wrestling match. Shannon pins Lizzy again. "Ha bitch, I oughta make you sniff my ass!" "Oooh, don't tempt me!" Lizzy licks her lips, and Shannon jumps off her in a mock scream, "grossed out" by her teasing.

Lizzy then opens a drawer and takes out one of the porno moves they copied from Tony and Colleen's collection. "Hmmm, in the mood?" Lizzy was referencing their mutual masturbation sessions they had. "Umm, you know, we're 18 now. We can just go buy some porno". Answers Colleen. "We don't really need those anymore."

"Yeah but..." Lizzy starts. Trying to think of an excuse to watch the movie. "Well I mean, it...for a quick session tonight. It's not like we're going out now to get anything". A quick save, as the previous rassling session got Lizzy excited.

"Hmm, haha. Yeah, I haven't really bated in almost a week. Guess I might as well get the juices flowing." As she strips off her clothes. Lizzy looking intently as she takes down her pink panties and then her matching bra. Shannon always had the more voluptuous body of the two. Rounder ass and slightly bigger D cup boobs. Nice fat nipples that Lizzy always eyed intently. Sandy blondish hair with a matching bush when she had one. Now though, she was bare. But Lizzy knew she had a great body as well, albeit slimmer. Her ass was very shapely, and her boobs were no slouches either.

Lizzy pops the DVD in the player and hits play. They are greated with Colleen, a curvy redhead, sucking Tony's rock hard cock in a POV setup. Tony strokes her auburn hair and moans like he's getting his k**neys sucked out of him. The girls lay on the bed together naked. Their bare sides touching each other. Not long before they are wet and rubbing their respective pussies.

"God, I can't believe I'm watching my dad get his dick sucked". Shanni says with a blush. "I always felt a lil weird about watching these movies. Haha" Lizzy glances to her side looking intently at Shanni. "We have needs. We had to find a way to take care of them. This was just the easiest way. And hell, by now we're used to it anyway. :)"

"Yeah, I know but it's like...damn. It turns me on, but it's still my dad! I can enjoy watching your mom get it, but that's my dad's cock!"

"Hahaha. And a nice one too!" Lizzy laughs as Shannon elbows her in the sides. "You slut!" And the girls wrestle with one hand still laying side by side, but end up finding themselves holding each others hands as they rub their pussies and watch the sex on the screen. Now Collie is face down with her round freckled ass sticking in the air getting plowed by Tony. His free hand yanking on her hair as he pumps her ass. She's screaming like a banshee. But the DVD is on mute so the parents don't find out.

"I wonder how that feels. Ya know, in the ass..." Shanni says. "I'll bet really good." Replies Lizzy. "Once you get past the pain anyway." Both still rubbing themselves. "I've only stuck a finger up there on occasion. You've seen me do it."

"Yeah, haha. I was kinda freaked out by it" Shanni says. "Even with how much more open you are about sex *giggles"

"God girl, we need to get you some. Have you even sucked a cock before?" Asks Lizzy, patronizingly. "

'Yes! Haha, a couple. It was ok. I've been eaten before, and he did make me cum. I was too scared to fuck though. B.O.B. does the job just fine. Why don't you ever want to use it?? Shannon says rubbing away.

"Oh I was saving my pussy for someone special" Lizzy responds. Both girls heads now turned to the side looking at each other. Holding hands as they bate. "But now I've gotten that!"

"What?!?" Shanni says shocked. "You gotta tell me!"

"Oh I will. Later, hehe. I had my eye on him for a while" Lizzy says with a big grin across her face.

"Oh you slut, hehe" Shanni says. Now they both lay in silence. Still looking at each other with clasped hands. The only noise was the juicy sounds of their pussies getting played with. They both momentarily freeze as there's a knock on the door.

"Girls, daddy and I are going to bed. Don't stay up too late, you've got school tomorrow."

"Ok ma, have a good night" Shanni says. "Goodnight" Says Lizzy.

"Goodnight girls, love you" And Colleen walks off to bed with Tony.

"If only she knew we were watching her get assfucked right now!" Lizzy whispers to Shanni. Shanni's eyes just bulge open at the though and she giggles a lot.

Their noses inches away from each other. They can feel each other's hot breath. Shanni's eyelids dim as she's lost in the feeling. Content. Lizzy goes for broke and thrusts her head forward. Giving Shanni a mouth kiss. She does not protest. She kisses back. It's like a scene from a Sapphic Erotica.

Shanni breaks the kiss. "OMG, we did not just do that! Lizzy, we didn't just...kiss". Lizzy freezes, unsure of what to say or do. They both pry their gazes away from each other and back to the movie in time to watch Tony pull his cock from Colleen's ass and spew a load all over her face. Lizzy increases her rubbing speed, and squeezes Shanni's hand tighter.

"It's just....we're both horny, k? And...we need release. You even tell me you need...something. I just figured..."

"That we could please each other when no one's around to do it for us". Shanni says, finishing her sentence. Lizzy looks back over at her and nods her head.

"But it's like...we always make excuses to do stuff. Like now, we're watching our parents fuck. And it's ok. If we start kissing, then it'll be 'Ok'. How far will we go?"

The two exhale hot breath in to each other's faces. Lizzy starts to speak. "We're not bl**d related. For all we care, we could've met at school. Girls experiment with each other all the time".

"But I'm not a lez, Shanni says in a minor protest. More of a bashful response. "I know you're bi, so you see it differently".

"Does it really matter". Liz says. You could imagine I'm a guy. And again, it's not like you have one right now to fuck".

Shanni felt a little hurt by the statement, though she knew Lizzy meant no harm. And she was right. Shanni hadn't had a boy, or any kind of plaything for a couple months. She craved it as much as the next girl, or guy.

Lizzy, still with their hands in their own pussies, French kisses Shanni again. This time, no protest. She lays back and lets her tongue dance with her step-s****r's.

The DVD goes to the next scene, which is of Colleen eating out a friend of hers while getting it from behind by Tony. A rather appropriate scene for the "bi-curious" girls. As the two kiss, Lizzy works her way on top of Shanni. Shanni breaks the kiss nervously.

"Umm, what...." Lizzy kisses her again before she can keep talking. "Just relax Shanni. You'll like this, I promise. :)"

Lizzy's body now on top of Shanni's their bare flesh connecting. Tits rubbing against tits, and Lizzy grabs Shanni's legs and eases them open. "Wrap your legs around me." Shanni complies with the order. Lizzy and Shanni's pussies now touching. Lizzy starts to grind circularly in to Shannon.

Lizzy breaks the kiss momentarily. "It's called 'tribbing'. Can you feel our clits rubbing together?" Shanni indeed felt it, somewhat of a sensation. Lizzy's hot breath exhales on her mouth. She then starts mouth kissing her neck very erotically. Stimulating Shanni's errogenous zone. Giving deep arched circular thrusts in to Shanni's pussy, their clits making contact with each other.

"Huuuh-it's like bating, but..." Shanni starts to say.

"But even hotter when you have a tight bodied, soft skinned bitch on top of you". Lizzy replies. Shanni starts sighing deeply, Lizzy covers her mouth. "Shh, hehe. We got two parents who probably wouldn't approve of our actions."

Shanni grabs Lizzy's head and runs her finger through her brown hair. Lizzy now lowers her head to introduce it to Shanni's nipple. Fully erect with a fat areola. She swirls her tongue around the nipple numerous times, "wetting" it up before a playful very light bite and release.

"Ohhh huh" Shanni moans. Lizzy takes this as her cue to suck the nipple in to her mouth. And she stuffs it all in. The entire areola. Shanni's senses have never been stimulated like this. Yes, she's rubbed her clit of course, and self-sucked her own tit, but having someone else do it...It was incomparable.

This love fest rages on as does the DVD in the background which Shanni still watched to burn her fires even hotter. Colleen and her friend now in a 69 position as Tony pounds the friend. Occasionally pulling out to let Colleen suck her friend's juices off his cock before another entry. Shanni's blue eyes are glossy, her mouth stuck open, emitting soft sighs, trying not to be too loud as she enjoys Lizzy's clit on hers and her mouth all over the chest, neck and face.

She feels the "expansion", as in, a sensation from her clit that eventually consumes her body. Her orgasm was coming. She becomes much less bashful as she feels it bulding and she grabs Lizzy's tight ass and pushes it in to her. "Yyesss Lizzy baby...Imma cumm. Imma cumm...mmmmm"

Lizzy, who always loved the feeling of a hand on her rear increases her speed. She then plants her mouth back on Shanni's and they engage in a very raunchy wet kiss as Shannon cums.

"MmmmmmmffffffUuuuuuggh huh huh huh huh huh huh" Shanni goes on and on and on as Lizzy's tongue stifles her orgasmic cry. Shanni thrusts her head back and lets her body take its course and rock to it's own beat. Lizzy continues kissing and licking her neck.

"W-wait wait wait wait!" Shanni begs Lizzy, as she needs to stop the stimulation, fearing she can't handle anything further. Lizzy stops her grinding, and bites her shoulder.

Shanni takes a few moments to cool down and let her orgasm subside, then Lizzy continues further, and harder than ever. Determined to get hers. Her kisses become deeper and harder and raunchier. "Kiss my forehead" Lizzy demands, a personal favorite of hers. Shanni wildly kisses her all across her forehead and licks around her hairline. Lizzy's mouth locked on to Shanni's neck sucking her hard. Not caring that she'll leave a red mark that will need an explanation.

A few more minutes of this wet oral exchange and clit grinding session and Lizzy erupts, her arm around Shanni's head squeezing hard as she lowers her arch right in to her pussy and spasms. Shanni, despite her best efforts, couldn't achieve another, but it's no worry. They weren't done here.
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hoping for more stories dealing with Lizzy
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very good start