Lizzy & Shannon Expand Their Horizons, Part 2

Lizzy rolls back over off of Shannon. Both girls breathing heavily. In a state of shock. Shannon looks off in to space. Lizzy cools down as her orgasm subsides. She's scared. Scared that Shannon will have much regret for what they just did. That things will become awkward between them for a long time. She clasps Shanni's hand, but she is unresponsive. Still staring off in to space. Lizzy just lies there, waiting for the inevitable words.

"That was..." Shanni starts to say. "Hot. Wow, it was hot." Lizzy feels a cool, relaxing feeling in her body after hearing Shanni say that. Relieved. She turns her head and kisses her on the cheek.

"See, tit for tat. *giggle* We can help each other with sexual release. And it's totally safe and everything." Lizzy says.

"Heh, I was a little freaked out by it. But um...that O felt really good. Your body was just so...warm and inviting and tickling, hehe".

Lizzy plants another kiss on Shanni's cheek. Girls are pretty nice too, haha. I might like rough stuff, but mac and cheese sex is also great. Women know best what women want."

"Heh, hehe. Umm...haha" Shanni just laughs. Not sure of what to say.

Lizzy rolls over to her sides so that her body lays against Shannon. She tantalizingly rubs her fingers across her boobs and belly, brushing her nipples, attempting to tickle her.

"You've never eaten pussy before, have you?" Asks Lizzy. "No, haha. I know you have though" Replies Shanni.

"Well" Lizzy says, in a cocky manner. "I think we oughta break you in a little. What did you think of the orgasm you had when that boy, or those boys, whatever, were licking your pussy?"

It was...pretty hot, haha. It made me cum."

"Mm, but you've never had a girl eat you, huh?"

"No, lol" Shanni blushes.

"Well sweetie, I think I'mma blow your mind tonight, k." Lizzy tilts Shanni's head to her, gives a kiss and a smile.

Shanni is still flushed, as Lizzy climbs on top and starts working her mouth down Shanni's body. Her lips wet, her teeth tenderly biting her, nibbling her boobs then down to her naval, then under her belly button. Shanni is very ticklish and giggles wildly, covering her own mouth to stifle herself. Lizzy is now faced with her fat pelvic skin, Shaved bare and clean. A few kisses to make Shanni thrust her hips upward in excitement and Lizzy kisses her right back down.

"Wow, you're gonna lick my pussy". Shanni says in amazement, but not sure why as she knew it was coming.

"Mmm, and you're gonna cum goood, my sweet s*s." Lizzy cooed, extends her tongue and runs a long, deep lick from the vaginal opening all the way up across her clit.

"Whooaaa, haha." Shanni's hands digging in to the sheets. Lizzy starts licking her labia slowly. Her tongue very wet. Savoring the flavor of Shanni's young adult pussy. Grasping a pussy lip with her own lips and sucking, releasing, licking, sucking, swirling. She flicks her tongue back and forth across her labia. Shanni is mind blown as to just how good it feels. Lizzy spreads Shanni's lips apart and pokes her tongue in and out, slow licks upon the exposed skin, closing her mouth to "bite" down, but using no teeth. Taking her sweet ass time tongue fucking her.

Shanni grabs Lizzy's hair and pushes her deeper in to her snatch. Moaning, but trying to keep it control. After all, they needed to be discreet. Lizzy's mouth now engulfs her clit, exhaling hot breath on to it. It feels so good it shoots up Shanni's belly and tingles her body. Lizzy starts suckling her clit. "Aieeh Uhhh!" Shanni gasps out loudly, then shocked and scared that she drew unwanted attention to themselves. Lizzy's eyes simply glanced up at her while she continued sucking her clit. Shanni breathing heavily and puts her hand back over her mouth as she moans.

Lizzy takes her hand up to Shanni's mouth and offers them to her, as an invite to suck them. Shanni takes her fingers in to her mouth and works them up with her spit and saliva. After they're nice and lubricated, Lizzy pulls them from her mouth and sticks them in her pussy. Her hymen already having been broken by dildos, tampons, etc. She then hooks them and starts to "come hither" inside her pussy. Attempting to probe her g-spot with her small female hands. Regardless, Shanni loves it and starts closing her legs together, almost trying to crush Lizzy's head.

"Eat me Lizzy, you fucking slut! OMG how long you been doing this??? Oh oh oh oh oh!" Shanni goes on and on as Lizzy works her cunt with her mouth and hands. Lizzy gets brave and and allows a free finger on that hand to poke in to her ass.

"Whoaa uuuuh! Shanni belts out as Lizzy's pinky violates her virgin butthole. Soon she finishes what they started earlier and Shanni has her second orgasm.

"MMMMMMMM!!" Shanni yells out and clamps her legs shut around Lizzy's head. She could suffocate her she's closed so tight. Her ass if off the bed, her entire midsection up in the air and Lizzy can do nothing but follow it as she gets tossed like a rag doll at the head.

Shanni still under the control of her O, hears a knock at the bedroom door. I guess she was a little too loud on that last orgasm. "Girls, what's going on in there?" She hears Colleen say.

"Ah um, nothing mom". Shanni ekes out still in the throes of her orgasm. "Just having a wrestling match". As if that didn't sound sexually suggestive enough.

"Ok girls, you really should be sl**ping. It's a school night. And you woke me up. Calm down and go to bed."

"K, mom, sorry, goodnight!"

Shanni is back down on the bed, motionless. She could draw flies. Not a movement, her mouth agape. She finally releases Lizzy from her thighs as they fall open and apart on the bed.

Lizzy gets up, pussy juice covering her face. "Well, what did you think, lezzie in training?"

Haaahh umm, wow!" Is all Shanni can say. Lizzy comes up to Shanni's head. "Lick your juices off my face". Shanni, a little startled by the request, just exhales heavily on her face. "C'mon, taste your juice, baby". And she dips her head down closer. Shanni grabs her hair and starts tongue bathing Lizzy's face. Every last wet spot was coated with her saliva, slurping up all of her own pussy juices.

"I'll give you a couple minutes to calm down. Then, you're gonna eat your first pussy!" Lizzy lays down next to her. Shanni rolls over and suckles Lizzy's nipple in to her mouth. Her leg across her midsection. Calming her down as she tastes her fat C-cup boob.

Shanni is in an almost catatonic state as Lizzy snaps her out if it. "Ready?" She asks.

"Ok, I'm ready." Shanni says, releasing the nipple from her mouth and moving her head down to Lizzy's bare pussy.

"K, lemme see what you got. Start off slow"

Shanni starts licking Lizzy's pussy like a popsicle. Awkwardly, uncoordinated. But she tries to emulate what Lizzy just did to her and what she saw in all those movies her parents made. But she goes a little too fast and not really...deep enough. Not sensual. Not enjoyable, just as if she were licking anything.

"Slow down, baby. Start off slow. And...lick it like it's the most delicious, sweetest dessert you've ever had."

Shanni stops her awkward licks and attempts to regroup herself. She starts off again slower. Licking the meaty pussy lips but actually trying to taste the juices. Her hands around her thighs, her tongue up and down her pussy, and she tries to close her mouth on it the same way Lizzy did to her, "biting" it like an apple but using no teeth.

"That's it, honey. Remember, the sucking motion when you do that. Just like how you drew my nipple in to your mouth. If you can suck a nipple, you can suck a pussy."

Shanni heeds her advice and continues her actions, licking, "biting" and sucking Lizzy's pussy. Lizzy gets very wet, and it feels a good sensation. But she knew Shanni was just a novice at it.

Shanni then latches on to Lizzy's clit and suckles it in to her mouth. A little aggressively at first, but Lizzy lifts her head back and whispers "gently". She takes her cue to ease up as she sucks her clit, lifting her head backwards to pull it away from her body. She was proactive and felt rather good about herself.

"K, baby, go back to my labia and just rub my clit with your hands. I'll cum best this way."

Shanni complies and goes back to licking her pussy while her hand moves to Lizzy's clit and rubs it in a masturbatory fashion. Lizzy flicks and fondles her own nipples during all this and prepares herself in the right mental mindset. She guides Shanni to speed up her clit rubbing and pussy licking. Slightly faster. Then even faster. A little while longer of all this and Lizzy unleashes.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fffuuuuucck!" Lizzy belts out, her hand over her mouth as to remain quiet as she can. She thrashes around a bit, but Shanni remains in control of her clit. She squirts some juice right in to her face.

"Lick it up, lick it! Taste my pussy, you bitch!" Shanni complies and slurps up all the excess squirt off of her pussy lips and what trickled down to her asshole. It didn't even occur to her that she just licked asshole for the first time. She looks up at Lizzy and sees her mouth agape, eyes closed, shuddering, enjoying it.

"Th-that wasn't bad for your first time, hehe" Lizzy says a couple minutes later, as her orgasm subsided.

"Haha, really?" Shanni asked, as if desperately craving Lizzy's approval.

"Yeah, baby, you did pretty good. You take guidance well."

Shanni just giggles and climbs on top of Lizzy. Their legs wrap around each other and they share a hot French kiss.

Lizzy grabs the covers and pulls them up over her. "Umm, we haven't shared a bed in a while, haha. Not since we first started bating together and just fell asl**p." As she looks over at Shanni's empty bed.

"Yeah, and that was a close call" Shanni giggles out. We almost got busted naked in bed together!"

"We'll be fine now. Mommy and daddy don't ever open our door when it's closed. The two girls continue their makeout session until they eventually fade out and slow down, drifting off in to sl**p.

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still pleasant to read you
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excellent but where is part 1??