A College Girl's Punishment: A Lesbian Gangba

This story contains dominance, reluctance, pain, anal, and water sports. Read at your own risk.

My lil Lizzy's been a bad whore. She's been stealing her sorority s****r's panties! They said they've watched her use them to masturbate. Her roommate Rissy comes home from the gym all sweaty and "nasty", throws her clothes in the hamper, showers, and takes off. She then take her panties, all covered in her girly slime, rubs them all over her body, and plays with herself. Inhaling her scent and everything. She's done this to multiple girls so far. They've planned on busting her, and indeed they do. Of course, approving it with me first. They had an idea "something" was up with us when we met.

My lil Lizzy wanted me to recount to her the events of Saturday night. It makes her hot to hear about her own degradation:

It began when Rissy went "out to eat" or whatever, leaving you to your own devices. Meanwhile, you've got her panties, and Ally's (which you snagged earlier). You strip off your clothes and lay in bed. Taking Rissy's panties, sniffing them, licking them, trying your damnedest to taste her sweat, pussy juice, and even pee (she made sure to squirt a lil as she knew you'd take them). You have Ally's in the other hand, rubbing them up and down your pussy. Mixing her juices with yours. You think about the first day you made it in the sorority. Surrounded by all those gorgeous girls. How soaked you got. Having to excuse yourself to wipe your pussy. You flood your memory with visions of them naked in the showers, at the pool wearing their bikini's, showing off their round asses, even those raunchy parties with the local fraternity that usually ends in a cocksucking contest. You're lost in your trance of pussy galore when all a sudden the door busts open. There stands, Rissy, Ally, Kate, Natalie, and Terra. You jump up, your heart racing, the shocked look on your face. Gasping, you try and say something. "Uh-um, I just-uh-*CRACK* You feel Rissy's hard right hand across your face, knocking you to the ground. The girls start shouting at you. "You fucking bitch. You little fucking greasy twat" Ally grabs her panties and holds them to your face. "This what you fucking like, you pig?? You want my fucking dirty panties?" You look up, holding back tears, speechless. She grabs you violently by the hair "ANSWER ME YOU FUCKING DYKE". You let you a whimper, and mumble an "uh-huh". She shoves you back to the ground.

Rissy stands over you. "Well girls, it seems this dyke bitch here just can't get enough of our pussies". "I know, right."" Replies Terra. "She's always gawking at us, checking out our asses, like we don't notice or something". They all laugh. Rissy chimes in "I heard her talking in her sl**p, begging Katie to 'sit on her face'. Ohh Katie, what do you think about that?" Kate, with a furious look on her face storms over to you. "Oh, you want this, bitch?" As she flashes her furry brunette muff to you. "I'mma make you cry, lil piglet".

Katie grabs your head and shoves it in to her wet snatch. "Lick it bitch. Lick it good." You start off giving her long strokes, long kitty licks up and down her labia. Swirling your tongue around your clit, teasing her. Then you lick her hole, in and out with your tongue Gently. She decides she's had enough. Grabbing you and pushing your head harder in to her pussy. "C'mon bitch, you can do better than that!" All the girls cheering you on, you almost suffocating. Flicking your tongue hard, trying to pacify her, your air gets short. You start mumbling that you can't breathe, but your words are stifled by a slimy pussy. "What's that baby, I'm sorry I couldn't understand." You begin to speak again, she pushed you down HARD in to her snatch, her legs start shaking. You, running low on air, try to push yourself out of her. But the girls form a circle around you. Terra and Natty grab your head, her ass, and hold you in. "Lick it bitch. I'll never release you unless you lick away!" You lick, in vain, trying to please her. All a sudden, you feel yourself getting weak. Just as you start to fade out, she pushes your head out, throwing you to the ground. her knees buckle and she cries out in orgasmic pleasure. You lay on the ground attempting to catch your breath. The room is spinning, you heaving, and Katie's on her knees, holding her pussy as her juices run down her leg.

"My turn, twat." Terra says. You look up at her with pleading eyes. "Please, just give me a minute" *CRACK* You feel her hand across your cheek. "Owwwwww that huuuurrrt" You cry out, tears welling up in your eyes. She grabs you by the hair, twisting it, and shoves your face in her pussy. "BITCH I SAID IT'S MY FUCKING TURN. I'LL HAVE NO PROBLEM KILLING YOU TONIGHT". You start lapping at her clit as fast as you can. Still trying to breathe, still trying to regain your thoughts. "Thaaaat's it, darling. You do as your told. We own you tonight. You wanna snatch our panties and pleasure your sick fucking mind with them?? Hmm? You're gonna get what you damn well deserve". The girls all in a circle, Terra's clit in your mouth, rhythmically sucking.

Natty them squats down next to you. "You like having your nipple sucked, baby? She's mock comforting you, her hands through your hair. Your eyes glance over, "mmhmm" mumbling. Figuring you might as well try and get some pleasure out of this. She then flicks her tongue across your nipple, nibbling lightly, before she BITES down. "MMMMMMMMMMM" you cry out in pain to her. Terra just shoves your head deeper in to her snatch. "Shut up, bitch!". Natty locking her teeth around your nipple, harder, harder, the pain is making you see stars. Just when you think she's going to bite it off, she releases. bl**d around her lips, your nipple bleeding. She then leans up and kisses you on the cheek. Leaving a bl**dy mark. Tears roll down your face, and mix in to Terra's pussy, as you continue sucking her swollen clit. Crying. Screaming muffled screams.

Ally comes up to you, playing with your other nipple, nibbling your ear lobe. "Did that hurt, darling?" She then drops down to suckle your tit. "Mmhmmm" you mumble. She comes back up, whispers in your ear "don't worry darling, that's not the worst you'll go through tonight". You glance over at her, your big doe eyes wet with tears. She kisses what part of your cheek isn't smothered in Terra's labia. "You're gonna tongue fuck every pussy, and every asshole here tonight, 'Lezzy'" She says. And then...Ooooohhh and then baby..."

Her fingers work their way down to your asshole. She pokes one in. You thrust your ass forward "Mmmph" you say, mouth full of clit. Then another finger joins in, thrusting in and out, she goes faster, and faster. Terra starts to moan louder, as your jaw closes naturally in response to the pain. Still sucking her clit to the best of your abilities. Then Ally starts hooking her fingers inside your asshole. Furiously frigging it. Terra starts feeling a fiery sensation in her belly. Her orgasm is coming. "K-keep going, bitch. God...keeeeeeep going....FUUUUUUUUUCCK" as she starts to thrash, her nails clasp your head, full of hair, you feel her pulling...hard.

She shoves you away, gasping, her eyes rolling in to the back of her head. "Falling" in to Natty's arms, she lays her on the bed, still twitching, leaving her to enjoy her hot O. Ally yanks her fingers from your butt, climbs on to you from behind, grabbing your head, leaning it back. "Suck your dirty asshole, you whore". She shoves her fingers in your mouth, soaked with your ass juice. You suckle them furiously at her command. "Mmm, how's it taste??" She mocks you, starting to kiss your neck passionately. She pulls them out, a trail of slimy spit follows.

Natty wastes no time and lines up next. You know better than to even question her. Your head goes straight for her pussy. Only time you even move is to adjust your head as you try to breathe through your nose. You eat her like a dog that hasn't had a drop of water in days. As she climaxes, next comes Ally. Natty's hands now on your snatch, pinching your clit while you eat out Ally, her mouth bites your cute lil butt. The pain searing from your tortured clit as she pinches and twists. Ally turns around, spreads her round ass, and pushes your head in. "Eat my asssssssss. Yeah baby". You flick your tongue out and probe her butthole with it. Getting it nice and slimy. She guides your hand to her clit and instructs you to rub it as you eat her ass. "MMmmmm yeah, stick it in". You, unsure of what she means, just keeps going with her tongue devouring her asshole. "Stick that tongue in, baby. I know you heard me". You, dreading the thought, f***e yourself to suck it up. Your tongue, pushing against her tight hole, slowly, slowly, working it's way in. Just like you saw in a brazilian lesbo porn once. As your tongue breaks the plane of her asshole, she shrieks and shiver. "Oh yah!!" she screams in a high short voice. She's making almost puppy dog noises as your head bobs back and forth, tongue in and out of her asshole. Hand rubbing away at her clit. She cums intensely, and falls forward. Laying on the ground.

You're on all fours, like a dog. Staring at the ground, gasping for breath. Wondering what in God's name these girls will do to you. Rissy then walks up to you. You look up in morbid curiosity. Scared. Heart going a mile a minute. Her pussy no more than two inches from your face. Clean shaven, like Terra's. Glistening, wet, swollen, ever so delicious looking. "Well well well. How long have you fantasized about this hot lil muff, darling?" Not knowing how to respond, your mouth just opens as to speak, but no words come out. "You know, the last sexual deviant we had in this sorority got the business too." She says. "She liked to pull her roomie's pajama bottoms down in the middle of the night and lick her pussy. When we were done with her, she couldn't walk for damn near a week." You open your eyes as wide as half dollars after hearing that, your heart starts to pick up again. "It was just as well, she was so battered it was better off she didn't go to class or anything. People might wonder what the hell happened to her. She's probably blown out of her mind on coke,doing porno movies by now." She giggles. "Hahaha, well, the frat boys sure made some of their own porno movies with her!" You lower your head, sure you're done for. She lifts your chin up with her fingers, tantalizingly. "Don't worry babe. Your daddy told us to make sure to leave you in one piece." "D-daddy-" you gasp, unable to finish your sentence as Rissy shoves your face in to her snatch.

There you are, inhaling Rissy's amazing cunt. Your hands around her ass, she lays down so you can eat her easily. Then comes Terra from the rear, wearing a 10" ivory strap on. She kneels down to lap at your puckered butthole, lightly lubricating it. Then, on her knees she presses the tip of the cock against your asshole. You look back with a quick gasp. Your heart sinks. "Omg, noooo!!" You plead to her. "SLAM it in, girl." "Yeaahhhh, fuck her baby" You hear the girls chant. "No, no please, don't...please please". You're frozen. Then Rissy delicately turns your head back to her, you look up. "Time to take your medicine, whore". You're eyes widen, and Terra SLAMS the cock in to your ass.

"OOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" "OHHHH GODDDDD" Panting heavily, you cry your eyes out. The fat cock could only go in halfway. "Pleeeeaaaassse stop" "Please have mercy on me. I'll never bother you girls again oh pleeeeeaaaaassse". Gasping and crying hard. The girls in the background still whooping, rubbing themselves as they see that cock rip your asshole wide. Terra continues to push it in. Your entire lower body convulsing, a fire from your ass as you can do nothing but take it deeper. She begins her long strokes, and Rissy pushes your head back in to her snatch. "It won't end until I cum", until we're all satiated".

You fight through the pain and try to work your tongue to the best of your abilities. Rissy's legs wrapped around your head, ass up in the air, Terra's huge dildo destroying your once tight asshole. Muffled crying can be hear coming from your mouth, and the girls keep frigging themselves to your humiliation and pain. Terra' begins to go buckwild and fucks your asshole with reckless abandon. Your cries get louder, still muffled by Rissy's snatch. Your licks going faster and faster and faster...until Rissy clamps her legs tighter around your neck, throws her head back, screams, and splashes your face with her girly juice.

"Oooooh wooowwwww." She drops her head back down, almost lifeless. Your mouth finally free of her pussy. Your red, tear and juice soaked face, exasperated, glazed over, still. Can't even move. Terra slowly withdraws the cock from your ass, and you drop completely down, laying on your belly. Not moving.

"Whoooo. Now that's how you punish a perverted slut!" Says Terra, as she walks over to your face and stuff the dildo in. "clean it up, bitch". You suck your asshole off the fake cock. She pushes it in deeper until you start to gag and spit up. As she releases, Katie lays down in front of you so that you can lick her asshole. You do so willingly, just glad the searing pain in your ass is gone. As she cums, falling on to Rissy. They lay there with their naked bodies intertwined.

Small whimpers can be heard coming from your mouth. Staring up at the ceiling. Drool dripping down from your mouth. "Ok girls, almost done". Says Natalie. You look over, in horrified curiosity. "I don't know about you girls, but I gotta pee" Let's get our lil toilet in position."

The girls grab you and flip you over. Natty stands over your head. Rubbing her clit, as a stream of pee unleashes and fills your mouth. "Swallow it, bitch. Don't let a drop hit the ground". You have to take gulps of it down just to sustain it all. Finally, her bladder empties, and you swallow down one last gulp of her warm pee. Rissy takes her place, instead choosing to soak your head. She pees all over your face and hair.. Katie and Terra spray your tits and pussy.

Rissy and Natalie stroke your hair, and kiss your face. "Look bitch," says Natty. "We could make a lot of money selling you to the boys across campus. They're always looking for a warm, wet hole to shoot their loads in to. You could just as easily spend a night having cum ooze out of every orifice. Belly swollen, filled with sperm. Hoping to god you won't get pregnant". You look out in space, lost, nothing you can do. Nothing you will do. "But we took it easy on you tonight. I know you're asshole is raw, I know you're bl**dy. But believe me darling, we could have done far worse. We could have made your life hell until the day you ran away. Just ask Jessica (the previous sexual deviant in the fraternity). Thank your lucky stars your daddy was looking out for you. I think you owe him big. If you know what I mean" She kisses your pee covered face. "And don't worry, your lil nipple will be fine". As she points to the one she drew bl**d on". One last kiss on that sore nipple, then she gets up and walks away. The other girls soon follow.

Rissy, still cradling you, strokes your wet, pee soaked hair. "I gotta admit, I'm not even mad that you stole our panties." She leans down to whisper in your ear "I'm bi-sexual". You look up at her as she mock gasps. "That's right darling, I've been thinking about having fun with you for a while. Just wasn't sure how. I knew it would be vicious, because I'm a vicious bitch. I'd say it worked out well for me!" She laughs. Then gets up and walks to her bed, plopping down. "Turn the light off on your way up. Goodnight darling!"
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very hotttt
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Thanks guys!
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This was amazingg :)
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This was amazingg :)