Omegle Convo With a Dirty Daddy's Girl

Found this little spitfire on Omegle last night. Once I got her to open up to me, we had a pretty interesting conversation.

You: Hi
Stranger: Hi
You: What's up?
Stranger: Nothing special. What's up with you?
You: just chilling, didn't go out tonight
Stranger: How come? Did it snow
You: Nah, just had nothing going on. Closed the bar last night though
You: Actually, it was supposed to snow where I live
You: it might have, I haven't even checked, lol
Stranger: Lemme tell you.. The weekend before break sucks drinking wise
Stranger: It sucks!
You: why?
Stranger: Cause everyone is like "I just had finals I'm so tired"
Stranger: LAME
You: haha
You: I didn't go to college so I wouldn't know
Stranger: You skipped? How old are you
You: hmmm
You: 26
You: I joined the military
Stranger: Damn. I have a thing for older
Stranger: Men
Stranger: More like 50+ though
You: Umm, what's your asl?
Stranger: 20 f Illinois ..
You: Ah, k
Stranger: Now I feel like a creep..
Stranger: Sorry
You: and you like 50+ men?
Stranger: Well. Sorta
You: why you feel like a creep?
Stranger: Nvm me. I get embarrassed too often
You: Well, I'm not here to judge
You: I'm in to older women too
You: well, in to WOMEN period
Stranger: Haha
You: but I have a wide boundary
Stranger: Yum. Older men are so hot.
Stranger: College boys are so juvenile
You: Heh, maybe I'll find a chick like you when I'm an old bachelor, lol
You: I'd like to think I'm pretty adult
You: for 26 years old anyway, haha
Stranger: Well, you sure as hell should be!
You: lol
Stranger: But I like old guys that take me out, give me wine, and they are so energetic with sex!
You: well, don't buy in to a stereotype
You: cuz as many men as you'll meet who are energetic
You: there are as many who are tired, boring, and not in to it
You: hence why there are cougars looking for younger men
You: people forget that stereotyping is stupid
Stranger: With my experience older men love girls like me. :) I'd like to keep it that way
You: last women I had sex with was 38
Stranger: Yikes!
You: I can TECHNICALLY say that I've only been with older women
You: even if only 1 or 2 years older, haha
Stranger: I have trouble getting an orgasm with men my age.
Stranger: It's weird..
You: what do the older guys do? better rhythm?
Stranger: I hate telling guys what to do.. No, they just know
Stranger: Like feeling the stomach and shit like that
Stranger: If you wanna know if a girl is really having an orgasm, just feel her lower tummy
You: tell me more!!!!!!!
Stranger: You're a dork
Stranger: Haha
You: gotta learn these things, baby
Stranger: You can learn on your own ;)
You: I don't want to be pacified
You: and I am
You: because a very nice stranger is explaining it to me :)
Stranger: Nooo learn by experience
You: I think I have only gotten a couple women to O through intercourse
You: rest by oral
You: please tell me
You: really, it's going to help me
Stranger: Do you know about the dual orgasm?
You: I know you hate explaining things to guys, but it's not like we're fucking
You: no
Stranger: Haha
You: and I always say if people were more open with sex to others, there'd be a lot less problems in the sex life
Stranger: Guys are just dumb. Thats all
Stranger: Sorry
You: Ok
You: Jesus Christ
You: when you were little
You: and you put your hand on the hot stove
You: did you know it was hot?
You: or did it burn you first?
You: THEN, you knew it was hot?
You: When you went to ride a bike
You: did you jump on the damn thing first time and take off?
You: This is exactly what I'm talking about
Stranger: Oh, stop it!
You: women expect men to be sexual gods, yet they won't help them
You: Nobody is BORN a great lover
You: all these older men LEARNED somewhere
You: a lot, probably by their women teaching them
Stranger: No they just don't pay attention! My first time giving head I knew what he did and didnt like
You: you can't speak for all men
Stranger: Ohhh I can.
You: no you can't
Stranger: They never pay attention! Otherwise no morn
Stranger: Men would be helpless
You: All I asked was if you could explain to me how I can tell if she is really cumming by feeling her belly
Stranger: Lower belly. Muscles will get realllly tense and they'll spaz a little
You: Ok, thank you
You: now what is a dual orgasm? You mean him and you cumming together, or multiple O's for the girl?
Stranger: No like.. Two orgasms at once for a girl. For instance.. Fingering and sucking at the same time
Stranger: Dual orgasm
You: Ohh
You: ok
You: yeah, I understand that
You: clittoral and g-spot
Stranger: Mhm
You: that's usually what I do
You: although the positioning sucks...
You: girls like it...
You: so, you gotta do what you gotta do
Stranger: Yup
You: have you had a man perform analingus on you?
Stranger: Ha. Yeah
You: K
You: I love it
Stranger: It all depends for me
You: I was like a few girls first for that. No complaints
You: it's HOT
You: raunchy. Taboo, you know?
Stranger: Yeah
You: what are you depending factors?
Stranger: Position speed and type
You: Do you tell him what you're in the mood for?
You: subtly, obviously
Stranger: Like if I want a guy to rub my asshole I'll give his hand a nudge up
Stranger: If I know he will
Stranger: Otherwise I'll be embarrassed
You: ah
You: I don't find it embarassing for her
You: if it's something I don't want to do, and she wants it
You: I always figured it to be more embarrassing for the guy
You: he wants to, but she doesn't
Stranger: I am different though.. I like.. Odd things i guess you could say
You: try me, haha
You: I like more than the average person
Stranger: Haha I am embarrassed
You: Why?
You: I'D be embarrassed if I told you my stuff, lol
You: I love lesbian domination and facesitting/asslicking
You: I love watching women urinate
You: I like lactation
You: even "f***ed" fantasies
You: of course if they are consenting in reality
Stranger: God.. We are opposites! I love to get throat fucked, spanked, name calling..
You: You and every other women
You: what's so shocking?
You: you're the first bitch wanting her hair pulled?
You: to get smacked around?
You: choked?
You: really? No
You: not even close, baby
Stranger: No.. Haha you do not get it! Oh boy
Stranger: Haha I will stop now!
You: you like being degraded
You: I get that
You: hence the name calling bit
You: you ever been on Xhamster?
Stranger: Noo
You: got some good vids, pics, and stories
You: I love stories
Stranger: Cutie
You: especially those written by women
You: they are usually more detailed
You: focus on the act itself, instead of just the payoff
You: I'll ask the obligatory "did you have a father" question
Stranger: Of course
You: did you have a good relationship with him?
Stranger: Yeah. It was great! I still do
You: Ok
You: seems a lot of women who like OLDER men have some psychology going on there
You: what's your "dirtiest" fantasy?
You: again, remember how hard it is to shock me
Stranger: Okay.. It's long
You: go ahead
Stranger: Don't interrupt
Stranger: Marrying a hot old man
Stranger: Wearing a skirt and nothing else all day as my slut outfit
Stranger: Maybe bringing in other girls to play with
Stranger: Getting peed on when getting in trouble
Stranger: Falling asl**p with his dick in my mouth
Stranger: I'll stop there
You: keep going
You: so far, so good
You: don't hold back on me hon
You: Do you like the idea of one of the girls peeing on you too?
You: do you drink it?
Stranger: You know.. I really used to like to but then my guy started not letting me and I got into it too
You: I had a 47 year old woman tell me that she liked getting peed on
You: and drinking it
You: I wanted to do it to her
You: but she chickened out...
You: had a son my age, and couldn't get past it
You: she loved how dominating it felt
You: I like water sports, but mostly lesbian
You: if it's a guy peeing on a girl, I want it to be me, lol
You: one of my fantasies
You: is (when I get married or in a serious relationship)
You: my wife/gf and I keep a mistress
You: that is TOTALLY dominated by my wife
You: and she fucks either of us at my wife's will
You: she;ll stick a plug in her ass and f***e her to walk around with it all day
You: she'll eat my wife out under tables in public places
You: be f***ed to do things to either of us while we are doing every day, normal tasks
You: gag in her mouth, immense drooling from it
You: eating creampies
You: and other sorts of "cleaning up"
Stranger: Ahh stop I am soaked
You: hot, huh?
Stranger: Yessss
You: my wife will shove her face between her ass and f***e her to lick her asshole clean
You: sticking her tongue in it
You: wifey has to use the bathroom, tells the bitch to lay on the ground
You: she drops trou, and pisses in her mouth
You: instructing her not to let ONE DROP hit the floor
Stranger: Stoppppp!
You: why?
You: too much for you, filthy girl?
You: I want to see my wife make this bitch CRY
You: and whine, and whimper
Stranger: You SUCK! You know that?
You: why?
You: are you hot?
You: did you soak your little panties?
Stranger: My pussy is achinggg
You: take em off
You: press them against your face and breathe in
You: or I'll do it for you
Stranger: I'm doing it I'm doing it
You: smell your dirty sticky panties while you rub your clit
You: good
You: you like to taste your slimy pussy when you bate?
Stranger: Yes.
You: ah good
You: one of mistresses jobs will be do clean my cock after it's been in a hole
You: whether asshole, or pussy
You: fuck it, she'll taste her own dirty asshole
You: after my wife is done fucking her ass with a strap on
You: she of course will be crying immensely from the pain
You: you seen the **** scene in Irreversible?
Stranger: No
You: if you like the idea of f***ed, you might like it
Stranger: Love it!
You: you been gagged so hard your eyeballs pop out of your head?
You: he withdraws and you spit up all over the place?
You: your eyeliner smeared
You: covered in spit and precum
You: and he just SMACKS you across the face
You: stinging pain
You: come on tough girl, suck that fucking dick
Stranger: The best kind
You: yeahhh
You: ...
You: What you got to say now?
You: and you stopped your little fantasy
You: no, continue whore
Stranger: What if I lean my head over the tub and your wife pees all over my face and in my mouth
You: of course
You: or how about
You: she pees in a bowl
You: and she's got you like a doggy on a leash
You: so guess what doggy gets when she's thirsty?
Stranger: Mmmm
You: hell, it doesn't matter if she's thirsty, she's fucking drinking it because we fucking told her to
You: she'll have a collar around your neck anyway
You: you'll be going where she says
Stranger: May I wear my slut outfit?
You: your skirt?
Stranger: Mhmm
You: that's fine by me
You: it just may be getting ripped off of you
You: I guess we forgot to tell you that sometimes, we don't even try to get you in the mood
You: we jump you, tear your fucking clothes off, hit you, beat you, call you names
You: and you do our bidding until the cum dries on your face
Stranger: And what if I don't?
You: hell, you may even be f***ed to call your 50 year old boyfriend while my dick is buried in your ass
You: "hey honey, I'm getting fucked in the ass right now"
You: "pretty soon I'll be eating my own anal creampie"
You: *click*
You: see if he doesn't beat his dick raw after hearing that
You: if you don't I have some strong hands, and belts, that will help break you
You: I will also bite hard enough to draw bl**d
You: of course, wifey likes to take a raunchier approach
You: she believes smothering you with her intimate parts will usually work
Stranger: Oh it will!
You: mmm
You: see, she loves to get you on your back
You: sit right on your face while I fuck you
You: legs on my shoulders
You: and we'll usually kiss each other, cuz hell, we're romantic
You: you know?
Stranger: Course
You: she has this fetish with me impregnating you
You: always wants me to fuck you raw
You: and bust inside
Stranger: Mmm
You: but then again, she usually cleans it out herself and shares it with you
You: one time, we saved up my sperm for like a couple weeks
You: I think we filled a large glass
You: wifey yanked your head back, opened your mouth, and you drank the entire thing
You: well, what didn't dribble down your mouth and chin and all
Stranger: Side of piss too?
You: well, the sperm is pretty thick
You: so you needed something thinner to wash out the taste
You: of course, by the time my wife got done pissing in your mouth, you almost threw up
You: you can only handle so much at a time
You: and you STILL had me go to
You: but there are those days we like to get people from the neighborhood together
You: we make like 100 bucks off your ass per person
You: and all they do is circle you and piss all over you
You: men and women of course
You: to fuck you, we'll pull in an extra 150 on top of that
You: that includes tying you to a table
Stranger: Fuck I just fucking came
You: well we figure after every dude blows his nut in you, a woman will come clean it out
Stranger: Fuck fuck fuckkk
You: but, it's also nice to let it build up and leak out of you
You: all over the table and shit
You: THEN the girls can come lick up that mess
Stranger: Baby! No more
Stranger: God i am shaking
You: there's also the times we like to hold your mouth open and let them cum in it
You: not letting you swallow!
You: bitch, you swallow before the command, there's hell to pay
You: we wait until your mouth is overflowing, and the cum is coated your face and tits
You: THEN we laugh as you plug your ears and try in vain to swallow all that sperm
You: don't worry, one of the neighbor whores will be there to lick the rest off of your body
You: mmm
You: how did that feel baby?
Stranger: I m shivering
Stranger: Goodness. Oh FUCK!
You: they get your ass
You: of course, we have to tie you down the table differently
You: your face against the cold table, your ass in the air
You: well, they usually like to piss on your face while you're getting ass fucked
You: regardless, they cum in your just the same
You: but then, we untie you
You: tell a neighbor whore to lay down right where your ass is
You: and then you slowly lean back up on your knees
You: and the creampie flows out of your ass in to her mouth
Stranger: Oh god ohhhhh my god
You: THEN, and only then does she get to share it with you
You: but there are also times when we like to take your panty collection
You: and have the guys cum on them too
You: you have a pair for each day of the week
You: dried sperm all over them, and you get to wear it
You: HAVE TO wear it
You: my wife does panty checks
You: she lifts your skirt up
You: no cum covered panties, and you get LASHED HARD
You: before you pisses in your mouth
You: Then she takes her own juice soaked, pee soaked, dirty, sweaty, smelly panties off
You: and stuff them in your mouth
You: and she laughs at you as you suck the flavor out of them
You: of course giving fair warning that you are to wear your cum stained panties when you're instructed to
Stranger: Fuck me daddy pleaseee
You: oh fuckk yeah baby girl
You: do you have daddy/daughter fantasies?
Stranger: ;)
You: oh
You: so I forgot to tell you that this whole time Wifey is really mommy
You: and I am daddy?
You: and the "neighbors" are really your college classmates
You: actually, it's whatever horny motherfuckers we can drag out of the bars
You: remember the super bowl party?
You: we had you going around sucking off every guy there
You: nothing too fancy
You: you swallowed one, then you moved on to the next
You: undid his belt, took out his throbbing cock, and sucked him to completion
Stranger: But I want you
You: of course, you started pissing us off when you where whining about needing to go pee
You: I don't care what you want, bitch
You: daddy's talking
You: shut the fuck up and take what I give you
You: unless you want the broomstick up your ass
Stranger: Maybe
You: you where whining about needing to pee, we said tough, and f***ed your head down on the fucker's cock
You: after he shot his load in to the back of your throat, you moved on, like a good girl
You: until you started crying and peeing yourself
You: "Ahhhh, I'm sorry"
You: tears streaming down your face as you covered the floor with your pee
You: I was PISSED!
You: "I couldn't hold it any longer daddy, I'm so sorry"
You: I snatched you up
You: grabbed you by the throat and started choking you
You: I think you almost turned blue before mommy got me to release my grip
You: you fell to the ground coughing and still crying
You: Ok then
You: we figured a paddling was in order
Stranger: Please!
You: Yeah
You: we made you walk on all fours to the front room closet and get your paddle
You: then I
You: then mommy
You: then every fucking guy at the party took turns paddling your ass
You: oh yeah!
You: I forgot that we strapped you down to the table doggystyle
You: you couldn't sit for like a week after that
You: we brought your friends by to laugh at you
You: we wouldn't let you wear anything on your bottom
You: they'd come over, smoke up, and we have a nice laugh at your expense
You: you were standing in the corner with your head down and your bare, red ass exposed
You: of course, mommy would get all soft on you
You: would say that you've been through enough
You: so she's sit you in her lap, pull out her fat fucking titty
You: and let you suckle on it till you fell asl**p
You: all the while gently rubbing your red ass
Stranger: Mmm
You: I guess you'll just have to learn to hold your pee better bitch!
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: but it is hard when you're swallowing so much piss yourself, isn't it?
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: remember when you were in class ,and you had to pee really bad?
You: but the teacher wouldn't let you go?
You: yeah, same thing. You pissed yourself right there in the classroom
You: and everyone laughed at you
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: Wow, that teacher kept you after class as I recall
You: pretty fucking vicious
Stranger: How?
You: well, it was no different really
You: after all, he was one of the people that paid to fuck you so many times
You: but you're no stranger to fucking your teachers
You: how do you think you got that 4.0?
You: hell, how do you think your FRIENDS got that 4.0?
You: it wouldn't have to do with them coming to us telling us they needed to pass
You: in which we then instructed you to fuck their teachers brainless
You: all your friends wanted to stay pure
You: they wouldn't degrade themselves that way, after all
You: one time, Mrs. Arrick had you eating her out in the teacher's lounge
You: you were under the desk, no one could see you
You: but it didn't matter when Mr. Jacobs walked in
You: cuz as soon as she spasmed and squirted in your mouth
You: she had you go right across the table and pull out his cock and suck on it
You: of course, it still had the taste of pussy on it
You: your friend there got a little jealous of you fucking the faculty like that
You: decided that she was going to get bent over the desk by him after school
You: Damn, I remember many times you coming home and your pussy was numb
You: panties soaked in all the cum that slowly leaked out
You: your pussy and asshole a filthy disgusting mess
Stranger: Fuck. Came again
You: mom had her soft spots
You: she would sometimes lay you on the couch, lift up your legs
You: and clean you with her tongue
Stranger: Baby no more I can't even feel my pussy!!
You: oh, is it numb, baby pie?
Stranger: So tingly
Stranger: Can't deal with it
You: all swollen?
Stranger: Oh yeah
You: mmm
You: that's how I like you baby
You: all used up
You: like the filthy whore you are
You: why do you think we keep you around?
Stranger: Are you even hard??
You: fuck yeah
You: been stroking this whole time
You: thinking it's probably time for you to get one of your BOBs, stick it in your ass, and sit on it
Stranger: I can't breathe!!
You: don't worry, I'll tell you when to take it out and clean it (with your tongue)
Stranger: Babbbyyty
Stranger: No moree
You: ok baby
You: ok
You: I'll stop if you really want me to
You: all you have to do is look up at me
You: with those big beautiful doe eyes
You: and say "daddy, please stop. I'm all fucked out. I cant handle anymore"
Stranger: Daddy, please stop. I'm all fucked out. I can't handle anymore!
You: ok ok
You: then all I need to do is empty my bladder down your throat, and you can go lay on the couch
You: remember, NOT A DROP on the floor!
You: besides, I like hearing you gulp as I piss
Stranger: So do
Stranger: I
You: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
You: wow, sorry
You: I drank a lot of Pepsi
You: its ok, we still have the doggy bowl for you pee in
You: and drink from...
You: we like you to do it right after you pee
You: while it's still nice and warm for you
You: mom gets WET AS FUCK seeing you lap it up
Stranger: Couch time?!
You: ok ok
Stranger: Yumm
You: I remember the days when we'd let you use the potty when you needed to pee
You: I'd be right behind you though
You: as the stream started to flow, I'd take my cock out and have you suck it right there on the toilet
Stranger: Baby! No more!
You: you got one hand spreading your pussy, and the other jerking while you suck
You: Ok!
You: sorry
You: just thinking about what a good little rotten whore my baby has been
You: so, tell me about yourself
You: measurements, eye, hair color
Stranger: Brown eyes and hair. Well, if you must know measurements I'm a two I wear a 36c and I'm 5'2" so.. Short as fuck. I can never 69 :(
Stranger: You made me lose my
Stranger: Pants!
You: ooooh fuck yeah
You: maybe you can't 69, but you're nice and light
You: easy to pick up and whip around
You: slide you up and down on my cock
Stranger: Ha I weigh Around 113
You: sounds good to me
You: I told you I like a wide array of women
You: when I want a nice, thick fat ass, I go to your friends
You: they love it when I eat them out
Stranger: I get jealous :(
You: haha, why do you think I do it!
You: I love seeing you cross your arms and pout when I get home with the smell of freshly fucked pussy all over my dick and face
Stranger: But you're my daddy..
You: I know, but you get a lot as it is
You: your friends want a daddy too
You: those young college boys don't know how to treat them
You: they want to be all sweet and nice
You: and be "tender" with them
You: I hurt them and make them cry
Stranger: Can I have you to myself please
You: Baby, I do as I please
You: perhaps you'll just have to lay in your bed and stew over it while you hear your friend getting the piss fucked out of her
You: Oh I forgot to mention that they like to come over
You: now that is REALLY just to make you jealous
Stranger: You're mine!
You: these bitches got some EVIL smiles on their faces when they walk through the door and see you all mad at them
You: I guess that's why they slide under the dinner table and start blowing me when I'm having dinner with my baby girl
You: you WERE playing footsie with me until then!
Stranger: I'm better
You: Oh I know
You: but sometimes I need to remind you of where else I can get it
You: in case you start to get complacent
You: or rebellious
You: and decide that you don't want to be degraded anymore
You: gotta have some competition to keep that ass hot, you know??
You: mommy wouldn't be much better
Stranger: Yours mine!
You: walking in the kitchen and fawning all over your redhead friend
You: we both love gingers
You: all touchy feely with her
Stranger: Ughhhh
You: she's got a nice fire crotch too
Stranger: Yeah but only I get the pee
You: sometimes mom slides those tight black pants of hers off and buries her face in it
You: haha, of course
You: she won't let you eat her out
You: she says her pussy is way too good for you
You: saving it for a real woman like mommy
Stranger: Can I have her ass?
You: remember when momma picked her up, set her on the table, and started eating her snatch right there?
You: inches away from your dinner plate?
You: you started welling up with tears, and excused yourself to your room
You: you frigged yourself until your clitty was sore
You: ah yes
You: she'll let you have her ass
You: her nice, pale, freckled ass
You: round
You: you can smack that thing and it jiggles for like 30 seconds
You: in fact, she just mentioned in passing to momma that she wanted her asshole tongued
You: and momma called your over
You: dropped you to your knees
You: shoved your face in it
You: and told you "eat it bitch. Eat her filthy asshole"
You: "don't stop until she spasms"
You: you couldn't breathe with those soft ass cheeks pressed in to you
You: I love making you jealous
Stranger: Youre mine
You: you gotta learn some humility somwhere
You: oh really?
Stranger: YES
You: cuz your little redhead friend is telling he that her asshole is far tighter than yours
You: says NO MAN can last more than five fucking pumps in it
You: and I've pounded your ass for what seemed like an hour
Stranger: I could fist her loose ass
You: lol
You: mmm idk
You: it does feel pretty incredible wrapped around my cock
You: all snug, and warm
You: oh fuck baby
You: you gotta feel this
Stranger: Shut up
You: I can hear her ass slurp it in with each stroke
You: mmm, smelling her pretty red hair as I fuck her
You: balls smacking against her ass
You: she's screaming like a banshee
Stranger: Stop!! Daddy! Stop!
You: of course, I cover her mouth, she's so loud
You: so now it's muffled moans coming from her
You: oh yeah
You: you're sitting on the couch, crying
You: begging me to stop
You: you HATE seeing daddy's cock buried in her ass
You: she's only friends with you to get to me
Stranger: I'll pull her off you
You: she's yelling to you "omg, baby girl your daddy is AMAZING"
You: you can climb under her and tongue my balls sweetie
You: I'll give you sloppy seconds
You: deal?
You: anything to get you to stop crying
Stranger: No! You're MINE. Kick her out! Pee
Stranger: On
Stranger: Me! Fuck me
You: oh baby, daddy' just can't give this up
You: her ass feels GREAT
You: even better than yours
You: Idk, it's been a little while since I've fucked your ass
You: oh but here you go
You: you can suck her ass off my dick
You: she's asking you, with a very cocky tone in her voice "how's my ass taste??"
You: are you crying?
You: you want daddy to stop?
Stranger: Yes!
You: oh no
You: I'm about to cum
You: omg
You: am I gonna cum in her ass????
You: she wants me to
You: saying you can suck the cum out of it
Stranger: My pussy!
Stranger: Mommy wants it in my pussy
Stranger: Dont forget
You: Ok
You: I just threw her off and slammed it in your pussy
You: oh shit
You: it's still covered in her ass juice
You: BAM
You: god
You: shooting like 5 or 6 hot thick jets of sperm right in to your pussy
Stranger: Cause you're mine
You: you wrap your arms and legs around me screaming out "oooooooh daddddyyyyyyyyyyyy"
You: "yes, OMG"
You: fuck
You: last jet of sperm
You: and I just lay dormant in baby girl's cunt
You: collapsing on you
You: all sweaty and dirty
You: kissing your neck
You: and throat
You: nibbling your earlobes
You: your mouth just open in amazement of the feeling
You: of your cum filled pussy
You: now...
You: who gets to clean you out???
You: mommy, or your redheaded friend?
Stranger: Mommy
You: ok
You: she comes over
You: you always loved looking down and seeing her pretty eyes looking back at you as she ate you out
You: stroking her soft hair
You: fuck, I sit down in my chair
You: my dick totally spent
You: and lit up a cigarette
You: your redhead friend sitting in the corner with a sad look on her face
You: she wanted all that cum in her ass
You: she loves to spite you
Stranger: Nah you're mine
You: mmm
You: you are better baby
You: I just tell you your friend is to make you jealous
You: you are so fucking cute when you're jealous
You: now mommy takes you and your redhead friend and sits you both in her lap
You: lowers her top, and nurses the both of you
You: your hair touching hers as you both suckle her fat D cups
You: oh yeah, she's lactating
You: so you're literally getting a nice post coital meal out of it
Stranger: Mmm
You: remember when momma would slather baby oil all over you
You: and give you a deep massage?
You: I remember she loved your titties
You: she loved how you'd tilt your head further back and arch your belly up as she rubbed them with her soft hands
You: flicking your nipples lightly
You: rubbing them in circular motions
You: keeping an eye on your pussy, seeing you get wetter as she kept going
You: then lowering her mouth...
You: circling your areola with her tongue
You: not touching the nipple
You: then little
You: little
You: bites
Stranger: Yes
You: your nipples harder than ever
You: you're all flustered
You: you beg her, in a whiny voice "oh please mommy, suck it!!"
You: she flicks her tongue rapidly up and down the nipple
You: and you shiver
You: and moan
You: she was good
You: she could make you cum just from nipple play
You: of course
You: she'd push your other boob up
You: and offer it to you
You: it was hard
You: but you managed
You: to just barely get it in your mouth
You: then she's slide her hand down
You: and fuck it, no foreplay
You: she sunk her two middle fingers in to your sopping wet cunt
You: giving the "come hither" motion
You: while her thumb circles your clit
You: she probes your g-spot
You: shit, she made you gush
You: you twitch and your body spasms
You: your like a wave
You: throwing your head back, thrashing your hips up
You: as your pussy spews warm juice
You: all over mommy's hand
You: then she takes your nipple out of her mouth
You: and kisses you deeply
You: Remember that time I got you to give me a blowjob before school?
You: ugh, you sucked me DEEP
You: that hot, swallowing sound you made when I was all the way in your mouth
You: my balls on your chin
Stranger: Mmmmm
You: you wanted to swallow it
You: but I had better ideas
You: I pulled out and came all in your hair
You: and it looked so cute that day!
You: then I grabbed you by the neck
You: and said 'baby, you will NOT wash your hair!"
You: "there had better be dried cum all up in it when you get home"
You: oh, how everyone teased you that day
You: walking in, and the still wet sperm laying in your hair
You: it was a nice big load too
You: everyone took pictures with their phones
You: you were all over the internet by the end of the day
You: they tagged that pic in your facebook
You: now EVERYONE could see what a cum whore you were
You: you felt so ashamed of yourself
Stranger: Well baby!! Cum number three i ought to get to bed
You: but that blonde bitch couldn't help herself
You: once you told her it was daddy's cum, she started licking it out of your hair
You: hahaha!
You: bitch
You: did you just cum three times for me?
Stranger: Three or four
You: wow
You: what do you think of my storytelling abilities?
Stranger: Sub par
You: >_>
You: Oooooooooookkkkkkk
Stranger: Heheh
You: Shit, you ever come to Michigan, and you should look me up
You: I'll piss all over you
You: Imma post this convo on Xhamster by the way
Stranger: Yummmyyyy
Stranger: Okay I'll check to make sure!!
You: Ok, I'll put "Omegle Convo with a Dirty Daddy's Girl" as the title
Stranger: Sounds perf. :)
You: lol
You: what;s your name?
Stranger: Elizabeth
You: Hi Liz, I'm ------
You: and it was my pleasure making you cum tonight
You: I only wish you could have been here
You: I really need a sweet asshole to lick
Stranger: ;)
You: think of sucking my cock next time your on the toilet going pee
Stranger: You know i will
You: btw, this was the FIRST time I've jumped right on here and immediately had a long, good convo with someone
You: whoo!
You: damn
You: I suppose you need to lay in bed and let your pussy cool down
Stranger: That might take ten mins or so
You: lol
You: you shaved or bush?
Stranger: Waxed. I'm f***ed to
You: why?
Stranger: My ex
You: he "f***ed" you to?
Stranger: He goes with me to make sure too
You: you still give him some pussy?
Stranger: Only if i get so horny that toys can't help it
You: mmm you are a good little subservient whore
You: I don't know how he doesn't have his dick in your mouth during the car ride
Stranger: That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me ever :)
You: ;)
You: it would be my pleasure to feed your my piss
Stranger: What an honor
You: so tell me
You: how old were you, and him when for your first?
Stranger: I lost my virginity when I was15. Not to him though
You: how old was the guy?
Stranger: 17
You: ah, ok
You: not bad really >_>
You: I was hoping he wasn't like 40 or something
Stranger: I wish!!
You: lol
You: he'd be a certified scumbag if he was banging 15 year olds
Stranger: Yeah seriously
You: :)
You: cooled down yet?
Stranger: Yes
You: mmm
You: oh yeah
You: I forgot to tell you
You: I have a snail track fantasy
You: I'm sl**ping, and a girl snail tracks me
Stranger: BABY!
You: it's fucking HOOOOT
Stranger: That's enough!!
You: you ever just rubbed your wet pussy up and down a hard cock?
You: your lips wrapping around it?
You: getting him nice and wet without letting him enter you?
Stranger: Im not gonna get horny
You: is that a challenge?
Stranger: I have self control!
Stranger: Noooooo it's not
You: but I mean, have you?
You: he's throbbing like a motherfucker
You: and you're on top just going slowly
You: up
You: and
You: down
You: stopping when you reach the head to "tease" entry
You: but then you slide back down...
You: to the balls
You: and he's laying back with his eyes rolled to the back of his head
You: so fucking turned on by your hot wet pussy
You: precum leaking out and getting all over your wet lips
You: you lower yourself on to his cock
You: *cock
You: leaning back on it so he hits that g spot as your ride it
Stranger: Nighttt baby!
You: night!
You: :)
You: smell your panties for me
Stranger: Ps- I won
You: lol
You: Ookay
You: you won that one
You: but you'll be dreaming about it
You: don't worry
Stranger: Haha pretty confident. Night sexy
You: night baby!
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2 months ago
does he realise that 99% of the "females" who use omegle are actually guys pretending to be women? probably does seein ghow he's gone to the length of creating a fake profile which pretends to be the girl just to comment as being the first person to read the story and then retires the account. about as original as the story itself, two guys jerking off while chatting to each other on omegle, or maybe "she" was a group of males and her replies were written by committee, happens more than you think, reason i gave up on omegle quickly, easy to spot them.
4 months ago
MMmmmmmfuck....this is hottttt!!
4 months ago
this is one of the best I've read on here....pretty much covers every dirty girl I've ever done....never found one that loved them all....(she musta been a dude) ;-)
2 years ago
wow virtual sex sounded better than d real thing jus joking luved it
3 years ago
That was fun... and I see Liz commented on it!! Damn you two were a kinky pair!
4 years ago
excellent so very hot
4 years ago
Oh god you actually uploaded it! Haha