Amina's Pathway to Group Sex - Episode 1

Here's Amina with her own series about how she started to love group sex.

My introduction to sex happened during the summer holidays. Holidays were usually spent at home as our f****y didn't have the cash to go away. I had developed a crush on a neighborhood boy who lived a couple of houses away in the street behind mine.

Our houses were separated by a narrow lane way that ran behind the rear of the properties to allow access to back yards in the early days. The lanes provided quick access between the streets and houses. That summer was long and hot and like my friends, I spent most of my time at the local pool. This also provided me plenty of opportunity to talk to my crush and get some physical contact from horsing around in the pool. After a week or so we began sharing the walk home from the pool and he eventually asked me into his house to listen to a new band album. His Mum was nice and gave us cold drinks to take into his yard. They had built a studio type of room in their rear yard. This had been fitted out as a recreation room for the boy and his older b*****r, with the stuff their parents had upgraded from; the old Hi Fi, TV and furniture. It was private and comfy in a dilapidated and messy kind of way. It was a teenage haven with a 'parents not welcome' air about it and his mother rarely seemed to attend to it.

This became a daily hangout for the boy and me, the lane way between our houses providing a quick access into his yard. We very soon progressed to kissing and fondling on the couch and I revelled in the wonderful sexual tension that gripped me when he rubbed my breasts and put his hands inside my pants. I loved the feeling and until he learned how to make me orgasm, I used to go to my room immediately I got home and rub myself to relief. He was soon taking his cock out and having me rub it for him. I wasn't terribly good at it in the beginning so he started putting his hand around the outside of mine and moving it the way he liked. I remember the first time he ejaculated in my hand. The warmth and the visual delight of the head spurting its creamy stream.

I felt so mentally aroused by this powerful image I knew I wanted to see it again, over and over. He was more than happy to oblige over the next weeks and Baby Oil became our best friend. I developed such a high state of arousal rubbing his cock that my pussy would leak and I would orgasm easily when he fingered me again. I was surprised at how soon he would be hard again after his orgasm and wanting another tug. This became my favourite thing and we sprayed his stuff at every opportunity.

We used to lie on each other and he would rub his cock between my pussy lips. I can still remember the first time he lodged his cock firmly at the entrance to my vagina and the intense urge I felt to push onto it. Only my fear of pregnancy stopped me from letting him inside. We fooled around like this every day, only interrupted occasionally by his b*****r when he came in to listen to music or watch a TV program. He was a nice guy too, and they both got on well. I would sit on my boyfriends lap and he would have sneaky feels of my tits. I could feel his cock hard under my bum. If his b*****r overstayed, a staring frown and flick of the head from my boyfriend usually saw him get the hint and leave us alone.

One beautiful afternoon my boyfriend coaxed me into taking him in my mouth. My initial hesitancy gave way to one of the most powerful sensations I had yet experienced. His cock, hard, yet soft on the head felt like nothing I could ever have imagined. Having his cock in my mouth released the most powerful and primal urges. My pussy flooded with my juices and I orgasmed with the most powerful contractions when he fingered me while I was sucking him. This quickly became a new regular routine. I thought nothing could be better than this most sexually powerful feeling, until the day I was sucking him and he held my head down firmly while he spurted into my mouth. The warm liquid sliding over my tongue and filling my cheeks, forcing its way down and out of the corner of my lips.

I never, ever, had a gag reflex. I bobbed my head up and down, releasing his cum to dribble back down his cock and didn't stop until he eased the pressure on my head and stopped me.

"Too sensitive" he said.

I wiped my mouth on his tee-shirt and he asked me if I liked it.

"Loved it", was all I could say as I didn't then have the words to explain the depth of erotic feeling that it had created in me.

This now became my new favourite thing and I was eager to offer it at every opportunity.

I was ready for fucking and desperately wanted to feel him inside me. He was badgering me to 'just put it in' for a while. I asked him to get condoms. He wasn't sure how, and said he'd be embarrassed to try and buy them. But he promised that he would get some.

Two days later, he produced a ribbon of three condoms from his jeans and waved them at me. I jumped on him and kissed and squeezed him with all my might. This was it. We could fuck. I would feel his cock push into me. He would spray his stuff while inside of me. I was giddy with the thought and the anticipation. We worked out a time the next day when we wouldn't be disturbed by his b*****r while he was at sport. I was so excited, I sucked his cock with a special vigour, sucking it hard and pushing down on it until it hit my throat.

I was consumed by this feeling of sex, sex, sex, wanting to feel him spurting in my mouth and resisting the urge to bite this beautiful thing plunging into my mouth. I was lost in it and felt in a dream like state when his cock started emptying his contents into my mouth. I pushed down hard on it feeling it press against the back of my throat until my nose pushed into his body. His hands held the back of my head while I felt his warmth shooting into my throat. I swallowed and swallowed, sliding my tongue under his cock and rolling his semen to the back of my throat to drink. He stayed my head when he had finished and looked down at me with a look I had not seen before. I could not make it out, but I felt very special and wanted. I savored the semen residue in my mouth and thought about the gulps I had swallowed. I decided it was nice. I rolled onto my back and hiked my skirt up. When he was looking at my crotch I pulled my pants aside and side "tomorrow, in here".

I went to his house early the next day. I had practically beaten a path up the lane way. His b*****r was in the studio so I had to go up to the house. I made small talk with his Mum while I waited for him. When he came down she made some dumbs gags about us wearing out the Hi Fi, or the couch. I looked at her for clues about whether she knew we were making out down there. We grabbed drinks from the fridge and headed down. His b*****r was lying on the floor listening to music but soon left for his sport. He gave my boyfriend an elbow jab to the arm on his way out but the message went past me.

One thing I had decided was that I wanted us both to be naked for this first time. I wanted to feel his skin on my skin. We sat on the couch and kissed, rubbed, bra off, sucked, jeans off, stroked, pants off, fingered, until we were naked and locked together. I rolled us off the couch onto the floor and took his cock in my mouth, wanting to feel what I had yesterday. I pushed down until it lodged against my throat and my nose was pressed to his belly. He groaned and held my head again and I felt his desire to empty himself in my mouth again. I pulled off and took a condom. I placed it over the head of his cock and rolled it down to the bottom then pulled him over on top of me. I splayed my legs and pulled my knees up while I kissed him with all my passion.

I felt his cock poking at me. I held it and rubbed it up and down between my lips and circled my clitoris with it like I had done so many times before. I wanted it so badly. I pushed it down into my entrance and rolled my hips up further. He pushed it against me and I could feel him making headway. I put my arms around his shoulders and pulled him to me. His head was in the crook of my neck, one hand behind my head and the other lifting my arse as he jogged into me. I felt his knob pushing into me. It didn't hurt much probably due to all the fingering in the past weeks. What was so different was the incredible feeling of fullness I had. When I thought he must be all the way in, he would push in some more, withdraw a bit and push in more. He soon started a continuous fucking, his hips slapping into mine. My pussy was leaking down into my arse. I felt him grunting and breathing heavily against my neck and his hand under my arse lifted me higher off the floor as he trashed in and out of me while he emptied himself. I held him tight, elated in the knowing that I, my body, my pussy, my cunt, had made this boy empty himself inside me. I felt so good, powerful, passionate, worthy, needed and sexual. It was glorious.

I held and kissed him while he regained his breath. I pulled his cock out and rolled him off me. I wanted to see his cock with the condom on and all his cum inside it. I played and squeezed at it while he went soft and then pulled the condom off and looked at all the cum dribble out onto his balls. I rubbed it and smelt it, picking up the rubber condom smell. Quickly, he wiped his finger in it and rubbet it on my cheek. I wiped my finger in the semen and sucked it. It was still nice. I rubbed the rest around his balls and made a wonderful discovery that would serve me well all my life. If you keep rubbing semen into skin, it eventually dries and disappears.

The next morning I lay in bed thinking about it. Had I really done it? Joy! I slipped my hand down to my 'new' pussy and poked it a bit. It wasn't sore, but it felt like it had done some work. We fucked again that afternoon, and the next day. I was loving it and had a reasonable orgasm at the third try. We had opened up a new intimacy and we now played with each other in new ways. He was enthralled by kneeling in front of the couch and pulling my pussy lips apart to look inside them and look at my vagina while he fingered it. This is when I encouraged him to kiss it and he progressed to giving me a proper licking.

This was a pleasure too good to be true and I made him return to that fountain plenty of times. He would lie on the floor and ask me to squat over his face so he could look at me from there. I teased him by standing in front of him while he was on the couch, bending over and holding my ankles so he could look straight into my pussy and arse. We fucked six times in the first five days, apart from our other sex play, and I was loving every bit of it. It was the last thing I thought of at night and the first thing in the morning. I just wanted more of it; all of it.

On the sixth day, we are at it again when he tells me he doesn't have any more condoms. Two sleeves of three was all he had. I ask him to just get some more. Not so easy; he tells me his b*****r got them for him and he'll have to ask him again. Disappointed, I busied myself with my favourite thing and sucked him until he gave me his warm liquid to swallow. I experienced a small tremor when he was coming in my mouth, my pussy contracting and my clit tingling.

He soon produces six more condoms and we fuck every day until they are gone. I ask him to get more and he asks his b*****r. Some grumbles apparently ensue and we wait. Three days later and I am gagging for it. Where are they? He has asked his b*****r again, but he has become difficult. My boyfriend says he is being difficult because "there is nothing in it for him". I lay in bed that night prodding my more womanly pussy with my fingers and pondered the issue. I decided I would ask him myself and appeal to his good nature to help out.

I hung around the next day waiting for an opportunity, but his b*****r never appeared in our lair. He was at the pool all day. I told my boyfriend I was going to ask him when I saw him. He didn't think it would help. My opportunity presented itself a couple of days later when I was biking home from netball practise. He was walking home through the park when I passed him. I stopped and walked beside him chatting about anything until I could work up the courage to ask.

"Oh yeah" was the response.

"Don't see why I should. Nothing in it for me."

I was silent for a moment.

"What if there was something?"

"Like what?" was the quick response.

I had thought about my bargaining chip over the past days.

"I could give you a pull."


I told him I would as soon as he promised to get us more condoms.

"All right, you have to do it now" he said.

He stared at me, testing me. I stopped and looked around. Apart from bushes and shrubbery, the only privacy in the park was a picnic shelter. I leaned my bike against the wall and went inside. It was fairly open on two sides with timber seating around the walls. I walked to the part that looked the best screened and sat down.

He came and sat beside me in an awkward silence. I looked at him and said I couldn't do it if he didn't get it out. His hands were on his zipper in an instant. He undid his button and zipper, pushed them open and pulled his cock out. It was already semi hard.

I gazed at it. He was bigger than my boyfriend, the difference a couple of years growing up makes. He was looking at me looking at his cock.

"Well, go on" he prompted.

I was churning inside, my breath shortening. This was the second 'proper' cock I had seen and my heartbeat was rising. I reached out for it and circled my hand around it. A few rubs like my boyfriend had shown me and he was completely hard. I settled in to a steady stroking, rubbing his skin up and down over the head. He was letting out a deep breath and slid down a bit on the bench. His cock was poking straight up, longer and much fatter than my boyfriends. I slid my hand down into his underwear and scooped his balls up over the elastic. I rubbed them while I stroked his cock with my other hand.

I remember that my pussy got very wet and leaky. Another cock in my hands was breathtaking stuff and I suddenly wished there were ten. I leaned closer into him to see it better, then impulsively dribbled a mouthful of spit onto his cock to make it slippery and stroked him faster. I wanted to see him spurt his stuff and got closer to his cock as his breathing accelerated. A few "ahhs" told me he was close.

I stared at his cock slit and was jolted by his first spurt erupting head high, followed by several more jets. I kept up my stroking just as I had been taught by his b*****r, until the last small contractions were squeezing it out of him and he stopped my hand. He rested a while, his cock shrinking, then pulled out a handkerchief to wipe up his mess.

"That was great" he said.

"A bargain's a bargain" I reminded him.

"Yeah all right."

We stood up to leave but he put his hand on my arm and pulled me back.

"There's something else" he said.

I looked at him and he reached for my tits. I pulled back a little, unsure of what he wanted and my own feelings of wanting my tits felt. He put his hands over them and squeezed gently and rubbed in a circular motion. I let him, enjoying the feel. His hands went under my tee shirt and pushed my bra up off my tits so he could rub them bare. I just stood there, wanting it. He rubbed my nipples and squeezed at my tits, harder than I was used to, but I loved it. He came in close and lifted my shirt above my tits so he could look at them.

He stared and smiled like he had a prize and dipped his head to one nipple and sucked hard. My pussy leaked and my clit twitched. He went to the other nipple and I had the same reaction. He got very active with both of them, squeezing harder and pulling outwards on my nipples. Predictably, he put his hand between my legs and rubbed. I pushed back and took a big breath.

"No, no. I never said that was the deal."

"Ok, ok."

We left the shelter with a promise of six more condoms.

I told my boyfriend that I had asked his b*****r nicely for them and he had readily agreed. The b*****r and I crossed paths regularly over the next days and he had taken to grabbing my tits when my boyfriend wasn't around. At first, I scolded him with a "stop it", but soon didn't bother and let him have his feel when I knew we wouldn't be seen.

He kept on diving his hand between my legs until I got tired of the charade of slapping it away and let him rub through my shorts or underwear. Sometimes he pulled his cock out and put my hand on it. I would pretend frown at him and pull his cock a bit. Soon, I was giving him a quick hand job with Baby Oil when we were alone. The next six condoms didn't last long and I had to ask him for more.

"Get him to ask me" was the b*****rs response.


"Because I want to tell him you have to give me a hand job in exchange."

He assured me he wouldn't say anything about what we had done, but wanted to be more open so he could 'get some' without rushing. I was excited but scared of the fireworks.

My boyfriend came in all huffy the next time I saw him and said his b*****r was blackmailing him over the condoms. I pretended shock when he told me what had been asked for. He pretended anger at his b*****r, but I knew he would agree to anything if it meant he could still fuck me. For my part, I complained that we would not be able to have sex without them; but fancy asking that! But without them, we couldn't have sex, so...

"I could, if I had to, and you didn't mind. If you don't mind, I don't mind, but only because I have to."

"Ok, if you're prepared to, I'll tell him."

I sucked his cock again as consolation, letting him come hard against the back of my throat.

We met the next day and I was told that his b*****r would come down for his hand job on the couch while my boyfriend would sit on the chair over the back.

"Ok, then we'll fuck after" I promise him.

His b*****r came down late morning. We crossed eyes and I decide I needed to take some control to avoid the awkwardness between them. I told him to sit on the couch, kissed my boyfriend and pointed to the old armchair for him to sit. This meant his view would be blocked by the back of the couch.

I quickly sat down next to his b*****r and unzipped his pants. He lifted up and slid his clothes down to his ankles, sat back and splayed his knees. He gave me a leery grin and put both my hands on his cock and balls. This was the most exposed I had seen him and I was again impressed by the fatness of his cock.

I massaged his balls and rubbed his cock. He reached in and rubbed my tits while I was doing him. I dribbled spit in my hand and wished I had thought to get the Baby Oil out. I continued my tugging, spitting and ball rubbing while his breath got faster. His cock was fat to bursting and rigid as a bottle. I suddenly dipped my head down and bobbed my mouth up and down his cock. He groaned and put his hand on the back of my head and held it there. I felt a sudden surge of sex feeling in my pussy and clit again. I loved this and pushed my head down until my nose touched and his cock was battering against the back of my throat. He starts moaning and jetting into my throat. I swallow in the feeling of sex and feel a familiar tingle in my pussy. I squeeze my legs together hard while he squeezes my tits and spurts into my mouth. Without touching myself, an orgasm rolls through me. I suck the boy hard emptying his contents into my mouth while I cum with him. It is my first spontaneous orgasm.

We slow to a rest and I lazily lick up his residue and sit up. When I look up, my boyfriend is standing next to me with his erection out. He has been watching me. Without saying anything, he pulls my head to him and pushes into my mouth, holding it between his hands while he fucks into me using my mouth as a cunt. He doesn't last long and ejaculates into my mouth I noticed my pussy responded immediately with some contractions when he came in my mouth. Not strong enough for an orgasm this time, but a definite reaction.

I did not know then what this early experience would develop in me, but it has been a life of pure pleasure.

To be continued...

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1 year ago
is it a real story or just one u made up? anyways ... i had fun reading in it and cant wait for more. great story!
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1 year ago
Gr8 story
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heh sneaky move! love it! such a hot story
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wow so hot, cant wait for more of ur stories
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so hot!! perfect girl ... mm wonna that horny mouth around my dick mm..
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cant weight for part 2