My first time

A few years ago I was going out with a girl for quite some time,no sex just a sort of regular romance,I brought her home to meet my parents more than once but she never offered me the same type of visit to her parents eventually I asked her why and she cried after some time she explained her parents were odd(her words) our relationship blossomed and we decided. To get engaged this was the early eighties so quite mum threw a little party and lindas mum came along,everyone was having a good time all getting d***k etc I don't drink .I slipped away in the car my intention to confront her dad who I knew to be at his home.when I arrived and rang the doorbell this gorgeous female answered the door and I thought the dirty bastard has his girlfriend round I asked for mr mcann and she led me into the apartment.there was no one else there! She was her father a croosdresser geez me at 23 I never knew anything like this in my life he noticed my eyes must have been popping out of my head.I explained who I was he nodded he knew me already ,but I couldn't speak ,frozen ,numb then he took my hand and placed it right on his dick ! Fuck it was semi hard I sqeezed it tight but then he pushed me against the wall and kissed me right full on the lips I was out of control running my hands over the tops of his stockings .feeling the silky panties no hair anywhere .then he grabbed my cock oh my god my mind flipped My cock had never been harder the he dropped to his knees and opened my flies slipped out the throbber and kissed it .although I was 23 I was still a virgin.a thousand wanks would never top this then he stood up,oh what's going to happen now raced through my head.this beauty then turned around slipped her panties down bent over grabbed my hardon and pushed back against me and f***ed my cock in to her soaking wet cunt .riding me when I blew she didn't stop .there was some sort of loud noise in the hall and when my mind regained control I realised it was me srceaming. I pushed her away and while running down the tenement stairs I tucked my limp cock back inside my trousers .drove back to my engagement party and joined in the fun.I never married Linda and never met her parents again
55% (7/5)
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3 years ago
Sounds like it would have been fun at family gatherings. Sometimes people are so hung up on phobias and fears of the unknown that they miss the good in people. To me if you truly loved your girl it shouldn't matter what her family is like as you can choose when to be around them.