Teenage Fundraising

I was at home one day when the doorbell rang. I went to see who was there and was surprised to find two teenage girls, standing nervously there. One was short with a little bit of puppy fat on her small body, and the other was slightly taller, and thinner. “Can I help you?” I asked.

“I hope so sir,” the shorter of the two replied, “My name is Belinda, and this is my friend Joanne. We are pupils at the local high school, and are trying to raise money for our farewell dance. We will do any jobs around your home that need to doing, for a fee of course,” she added smiling.

“Well come on in girls,” I said to them, “I’ll see if there is anything that needs doing.” I let them in the gate, stealing a look at their pert little bottoms, encased in tight jeans as they passed by me. I quickly checked them out as I walked towards them after closing and locking the gate behind me. They were quite pretty, Belinda had light brown hair, and Joanne’s was dark brown. Belinda was the prettier of the two, her face was a little chubby like most girls before they blossom into womanhood, with stunning eyelashes, accentuating her beautiful brown eyes. Joanne’s face was a little angular, having already shedded her puppy fat, but still pretty with sexy full lips. Belinda was wearing a striped zip-up top over her jeans, which did not quite reach down to the hips of her jeans, leaving a small expanse of her rounded belly exposed, as is the fashion. Joanne was wearing a blue denim blouse, which she had tied together at the front, leaving her smooth flat belly exposed.

“We really need to make money sir,” Belinda continued, she was clearly the spokesperson, “there is a prize for the team that brings in the most money; shopping vouchers that have been donated by a lot of the shops in the mall, and we really want to win them.”

“Well, let me see if there is anything you can do,” I said, “I don’t think there is much for you to do here, sorry girls. Because I don’t work, I do everything around here that needs doing.”

“We will do anything sir, anything to earn money,” Joanne cut in, finally finding her voice. “We will do anything for you, that you can’t do yourself,” she added, smiling, emphasizing the word ‘anything’.

“Like what girls?” I asked them laughing, “as I told you, I do everything that needs doing around here myself.”

“We will suck your cock for you, if you want,” Belinda said quickly, “that you can’t do for yourself, and when did you ever have two young girls offering to suck your cock for you?”

I was flabbergasted, this was not exactly what I had expected. “Never, actually,” I replied, “OK, I’ll pay you $100 each if you suck my cock. But you cannot breathe a word about this to anyone, you’ll get me into a lot of trouble if anyone finds out.”

“Deal,” they said in unison.

“Now you sit down on that couch and prepare yourself for something special,” Belinda said to me, “there are a couple of ground rules. First, we will show you our tits, and you may touch them if you want to. Secondly, we will not be removing our jeans, so you can forget that. Thirdly, you can forget about fucking us, we are both virgins and intend staying that way. Try to fuck us and we will scream ****. Other than that, you can touch and even suck our tits. That is the extent of your contact with our bodies. The deal is that we will suck your cock until you cum, okay?”

“Agreed,” I said, it was still a good deal, “and please my name is Steve, I would prefer it if you called me by my name.” I sat down on the couch and looked up at the two young girls standing in front of me. “Show me your tits,” I ordered, “I want to see your little tits.”

Belinda and Joanne smiled at each other, and then Belinda reached down and pulled her top up, revealing her tits to me, while Joanne undid her blouse, before pulling it open to show off her little tits. Belinda had the bigger tits, full, but with not a hint of sag, hardly surprising in someone so young, with small little pink nipples crowning each tit. Joanne’s tits on the other hand were just little bumps on her chest, but her nipples were larger, sticking out and accentuating her small tits. What her tits lacked in size, her nipples more than made up for. “How old are you girls?” I asked, “you have such beautiful tits, so different from each other, but so lovely.”

“We’re both eighteen,” Belinda replied, giggling, “our birthdays are a month apart.”

“Almost eighteen,” Joanne added, “I’ll be eighteen in two months.”

“Come kneel next to me on the couch girls,” I told them, “I want to touch and feel your exquisite tits.” They obeyed, Joanne kneeling down on my right and Belinda on my left. I put a hand on each of their bellies, before moving it upwards towards their tits. I cupped one of Joanne’s hard little mounds easily in my hand, squeezing her small tits gently, feeling her large nipple in the palm of my hand. I cupped my other hand underneath one of Belinda’s larger boobs, lifting it and weighing it in my hand, feeling the heavier firm tit in my hand. I rubbed her firm tit against her chest, pushing her large firm mounds against her ribcage, her small nipple barely discernible in the palm of my hand. I removed my hand from Joanne’s boob, slipping it behind her back and pulling her small chest towards my waiting mouth. I tenderly traced the outline of one of her large nipples with my tongue before sucking it into my mouth, licking and sucking on it gently, feeling it grow harder inside my mouth. I moved my mouth to her other tit, repeating the same procedure on it, but this time, opening my mouth as wide as I could, and sucking her whole boob into my mouth. Joanne gasped as I gently nibbled on her small tit inside my mouth. I reluctantly let go of her boob with my mouth, and turned my head to find Belinda offering her larger boobs to me, her hands cupping her tits on either side and pushing them towards my face. “Here. Suck my titties too Steve,” she offered, “suck my tits like you did Joanne’s.” I put my head between her large tits, nuzzling my face between her firm mounds. Belinda pushed her boobs against my face, enveloping my head in the soft flesh of her tits. I started licking the cleavage of her boobs, turning my head towards her right tit, as she proffered it to me. I opened my mouth and took in a mountain of her soft flesh, feeling a large mound of her titty-flesh inside my mouth as my tongue sort out her small nipple. I sucked gently on her nipple as I felt it inside my mouth, gently nibbling on the small point on the end of her boob. Her nipple grew as I sucked on it, but never to the same extent as Joanne’s nipples. I pulled my mouth from her tit and turned my head, to find Belinda pressing her other tit against my face, and I opened my mouth and sucked it into my mouth.

While I was sucking on her other boob, I felt a hand moving around in my crotch. It obviously belonged to Joanne, who was feeling left out at this point, and she was gently stroking the outline of my stiff cock beneath my shorts. “WOW!!” she exclaimed, “I can feel a really huge cock here Belinda. Steve has got a massive cock here by the feel of this, this is not going to be that easy.” Belinda pulled away from me, pulling her tit out of my mouth, and moved so that she was kneeling opposite Joanne on the floor. Her eyes grew wide in astonishment as she looked at the large mound underneath my shorts. In unison, the two of them reached up and pulled my shorts down to my ankles, releasing my stiff cock from the confines of my shorts. My cock sprung free and upright, and the two girls looked at it in amazement, their jaws dropping as they stared at my cock. “WOW!! You’re right Joanne,” Belinda said, “this is the biggest cock I have ever seen.” She reached up and wrapped her small hand around the base of my stiff cock. “My hand can hardly fit around it,” she giggled, “it’s so big, how the hell are we going to suck this Joanne?”

I smiled, pleased that the two young girls were so impressed by the size of my cock. “Well, get to it girls. Suck my cock like you promised, that’s the deal,” I told them.

“We will, we will,” Belinda replied, “we’re just figuring out how we are going to do this. Neither of us have ever seen, let alone sucked such a big cock before. We are just unable to believe our own eyes, that’s all.

“Yes,” added Joanne, “your cock is enormous Steve. The guys we usually suck off have such small cocks, in relation to this. I don’t know if it will even fit inside my mouth.”

Belinda meanwhile, took the plunge. Holding my cock steady at the base, she began to move her mouth up and down my shaft, licking my hard cock as she did so. Joanne followed her lead, joining her in licking the length of my shaft. Belinda paused when she reached the head of my cock, shifted her grip with her hand, and pulled down, pulling my foreskin back completely, leaving the large bulbous head of my prick exposed. She began licking the darker sensitive head of my cock, joined shortly by Joanne, and I gave myself over to the moment, feeling their two tongues moving over the head of my cock. They each took a side of my cock, and I could feel Belinda licking away at the head of my cock, while Joanne tentatively flicked her tongue over my cock. “Yeah, that’s it girls,” I groaned, “lick my cock. Feel how hard you little girls have made it. Suck my big cock.”

“I want to try and suck it, ok Belinda?” Joanne said, “but I don’t know how much I will be able to get in my mouth, if any.” Belinda nodded, and removed her mouth from my cock, pushing the head towards Joanne’s mouth. Joanne took a deep breath, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and lowered her hot little mouth down onto my cock. She managed to get just the helmeted head of my cock inside her mouth, her lips stretched tightly around my large shaft, and she began to suck. Her cheeks hollowed from the f***e of her sucking mouth, and she began to bob her head slowly up and down on my cock, her tongue licking the sensitive underside of my cock. Belinda meanwhile, wrapped her hot lips around the shaft of my cock, and began to move her mouth up and down the length of my cock in time to Joanne’s bobbing motion. The sight and experience of these two young girls, barely in their teens, eagerly sucking and licking my cock together was incredible, and I knew that I would cum quite quickly. They may have been young, but they sure as hell knew what they were doing. I wondered for a moment, where and how they had perfected their expertise.

“Aaah, that’s it girls. Suck my big cock. I’m going to give you a mouthful of my cum very soon,” I groaned, as they toiled over my cock. Their reaction to my groans was twofold. Joanne began to move her mouth faster over the head of my cock, sucking harder and taking more of my cock into her small mouth; and Belinda to press harder against the soft underside of my cock with her mouth and move her mouth faster up and down the entire length of my shaft, until her mouth pushed against Joanne’s. I felt my orgasm build up from my balls. “Here it comes girls, drink my cum,” I groaned as I came. Joanne held her mouth still over my cock, as I shot my first spurt of cum into her waiting mouth. As my cum exploded into her mouth, she deftly slid her mouth off my cock to give herself a chance to swallow, to be immediately replaced by Belinda’s avidly sucking mouth. I continued cumming inside Belinda’s mouth, until she too slid her mouth off my cock, to be once again replaced by Joanne’s talented mouth. Belinda quickly swallowed her mouthful of cum, and rejoined Joanne as I shot the last of my cum inside Joanne’s mouth. Joanne removed her mouth to swallow while Belinda adroitly milked my cock of the last of my cum with her hand, licking the last few drops of my cum as she squeezed them from my cock. The two of them proceeded to lick my cock dry, not a drop of cum spilt or wasted between the two of them. They both looked up at me, licking their lips as they stroked my cock.

“That was yummy,” Joanne said, “your cum tasted really nice Steve.”

“Yes, and there was so much of it too. I didn’t know someone could cum so much,” Belinda added, “but we didn’t spill a drop of it.”

“You two are good little cocksuckers,” I told them, “you did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed that, thank you. If ever you want a real man’s cock, you know where to find me. I would love to show you a bit more, and make you feel as good as you have made me feel.”

“You never know Steve, we might take you up on that offer,” Joanne laughed, “I love the idea of your big cock making a woman out of me.”

“Me too,” Belinda added, not wanting to be left out, “I would rather play with a man’s cock, than the boys’ cocks we have messed around with up until now.”

The two of them got up, straightened their clothing, and prepared to leave. They each kissed me goodbye as I paid them for their endeavours, and went on their way. I wondered how much money they would make in the neighbourhood, and if they were going to be sucking many more cocks.

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Good story. Some guys have all the luck.