Fucking Another Friend’s Hot Mom

I don’t know what it is with me and my friends’ mothers, I just can’t seem to keep away from them! Maybe it is because they are generally more sexually available, and I just find older women incredibly attractive. They will also do their best to satisfy a younger lover. A couple of years later, I stopped by a friend’s house to see if he was at home, and wanted to go out partying that night, and a similar experience happened to me again! I had just rung the doorbell, and there had been no answer. I had just turned around to leave, when his mom drove up in her brand-new Mercedes sports. Her name was Beverly, and she had obviously just got home from playing tennis, as she was still in her tennis kit. She got out of her car, showing a lot of leg in the process, which is kind of unavoidable dressed in a short tennis dress. I noticed that her legs were well-toned and tanned as she got out and strode over to where I was standing.

“Looking for Luke, I suppose,” she said, “he has gone away for the weekend, to some friends, I’m afraid Dave. Didn’t he tell you?”

“Actually he didn’t,” I said, pissed off, “he could at least have told me, and saved me the drive.”

“Well, it’s just me at home this weekend,” Beverly said, “Would you like to come in and have something to drink. I’m dying of thirst after my tennis, and I’m sure you could do with something to drink too.”

I had been to Luke’s house many times before, and his mom had always been pleasant to me, but I had never been there alone with her before, Luke had always been around. I didn’t find anything odd about her invitation, so I readily accepted. “Sure Beverly, that would be really nice, thanks,” I said, standing back and waiting for her to unlock the front door. I followed her inside, and into the lounge.

“Just make yourself at home,” Beverly said, going through to the kitchen, “I’ll go get us something to drink. What would you prefer, a beer or cold drink?”

“A beer would be great, thanks,” I said, watching her walk through on her shapely well-toned legs. She obviously spent a lot of time on the tennis court or in the gym to keep her body in shape. Beverly came back into the lounge carrying two beers, and handed me one, before taking a long swig herself, straight out of the bottle. I drank my beer, following her example, taking a long swig. “That really hit the spot,” I said to her, “I just can’t get used to this heat in Durban. It does give one an excuse to drink a lot though.”

“From what I hear, you do drink quite a bit Dave,” Beverly said, looking at me knowingly, “and smoke quite a bit of grass too. Luke told me you smoke quite a lot of grass. Do you have any on you now? It’s alright if you have, I was wondering if we could smoke some together. It has been years since I last had a puff, and I really feel like some. Luke tells me you always have pretty powerful stuff.”

“Actually, I do,” I said to Beverly, “Are you sure you want to try it? It’s pretty potent stuff.”

“I wouldn’t have asked, if I wasn’t sure.” she said to me, “Now if you could roll us a nice fat joint, I’ll go get some more beer.”

I was stunned. My friend’s mother was asking me to roll a joint in her house, and she wanted to smoke with me. I was also wondering where this would all go, so I dutifully got out my kit (the best grass available) and began rolling a long fat joint, a definite two-blader. Beverly came back into the lounge with a couple more beers, just as I was finishing off rolling the joint, and her eyes lit up when she saw the size of the joint in my hand. “That looks promising,” she said, “Let’s get that thing lit up, and give it a try.” She sat down on the arm of the couch next to me, and watched me as I lit up the joint, taking a long drag of the smoke into my mouth, before passing her the joint. She took the joint out of my hand, our fingers brushing momentarily as I passed it over to her. I watched as put the joint to her lips, and inhaled deeply, drawing the smoke into her lungs, her ample chest swelling as she inhaled. Beverly held the smoke in her lungs, before blowing it out through her nose, taking another long drag of the joint as she did so, before passing the joint back to me. We bounced the joint back between us, taking swigs of beer while the other was toking, until it was finished. The air in the lounge was thick with the sweet, unmistakable smell of grass. It really as good stuff, and I could feel that I was already buzzing. Being a regular smoker, I could only imagine how she was feeling if it was giving me such a kick.

After finishing my second beer, I watched as Beverly was swaying where she sat on the arm of the couch. She was already onto her third beer by now, trying to quench the thirst that the grass was causing. “How do you feel Beverly?” I asked her, “It’s good stuff hey?”

Beverly turned to look at me, her eyes bl**dshot, and little slits from the grass. “I feel good Dave,” she slurred, “really good! That is powerful stuff alright. My body is tingling all over, and I can’t control it. Grass doesn’t normally make me feel like that, but it has been so long since I last had some, maybe my body is just overreacting to it. It’s a nice sort of tingle though, it makes me feel funny. My skin feels so hot, and it feels like it is moving around on its own, coming up into little goose bumps that are rubbing up against my clothes. How are you feeling?”

“I feel really, really relaxed Beverly,” I said to her, “Plus I feel like I always feel after some good grass, horny as hell!”

Beverly giggled at my last comment. “You know, I’m feeling the same way Dave,” she said standing up in front of me, “I wonder if I got rid of this dress, if that tingly feeling on my skin would go away...” I watched as she reached behind her and unzipped her dress, allowing it to fall at her feet, leaving her standing there in her full white panties, and sports bra. I noticed how her sports bra was battling to contain her ample tits, her cleavage distinct between the straining cups. I had been right earlier, her body was in good shape for a woman her age, and she clearly spent a lot of time in the gym to keep it that way. I whistled softly as I took in the sight of her well-toned body. Beverly smiled at me appreciatively as she saw me admiring her body, reaching behind her back and undoing her bra, and shrugging it off. My eyes zeroed in on her large tits, amazingly without any noticeable sag for a woman her age, and I noticed that her left nipple had been pierced with a ring. Beverly noticed me taking in the nipple ring. “Like what you see Dave?” she asked giggling, cupping her large tits in her hands, “Shocked about the nipple ring? There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.” She quickly hooked her fingers into her panties, and pulled them down over her hips and down her legs, so that she was standing naked, except for her tennis socks in front of me. My eyes moved down from her tits towards her crotch, taking in her taut flat belly with a belly ring, and I noticed that her pussy was completely shaved clean of any hair, and that she had a tattoo of a cat halfway between her pussy, and her right hip. “My cat down there,” Beverly giggled, “just to keep my other pussy company!’

“You’re really hot Beverly,” I said to her, “I’d always thought you were in good shape, but never thought you would be as hot as you are naked! You’re one hot mommy. How old are you anyway?”

“I’ll be forty next birthday Dave,” Beverly replied, shivering slightly, running her hands over her body, “Now its your turn! It’s not fair that I am the only naked one here. Get those clothes off, I want to see if you have a nice juicy cock for me.” I quickly stripped off my clothes where I was sitting, dropping them on the floor next to me. Beverly’s eyes were fixed on my stiff cock, poking out in front of me. “Mmmm, I am so stoned and my mouth is so dry from that grass.” she giggled admiringly, “I really need something juicy to suck on. Would you mind if I pop your cock in my mouth and give it a little suck Dave?”

“Mind? I’d love you to Beverly,” I said to her, “get down on your knees, and suck my cock!” Beverly obediently got down on her knees between my legs, stoned out of her mind, and took hold of my cock in her hand, gazing at it, stroking my cock slowly with her hand. “Put your mouth to some use Bev,” I told her, “lick and suck my cock.”

“Oooh I will Dave,” she slurred, “I’m just admiring it first. I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock before. I’m Jewish, and I’ve only ever had circumcised cock up until now. I’m just seeing how your foreskin stretches over your cock when it’s so big and hard like this.” Bev gave my cock a couple more strokes with her hand, studying it intently in her stoned state. I watched her as she opened her mouth, and dipped her head down into my crotch, tentatively licking my straining prick. I felt her tongue moving up the length of my shaft, over the soft underside of my cock, and then she swirled it around the sensitive head of my prick, licking the juices already leaking out of my cock. Bev was making a great show of this, licking my cock, and slowly lapping up my pre-cum leaking out of my cock. I rested a hand on her head, moving her head around on my cock, enjoying the special attention she was giving to me.

“That feels good Bev,” I told her, pushing her head down onto my cock, “now open your mouth wide and suck my cock!” Beverly once again surrendered to my wishes, allowing me to push her mouth down onto my cock, sucking for all she was worth as I slowly pushed her head down onto my cock. I watched her pursed lips wrap tightly around my cock as she slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth. She was not as accomplished as I had hoped, because she only managed to get about half my cock into her mouth, but she more than made up for that deficiency by the power of her sucking. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked absorbedly on my cock, her lips sealed around my shaft as she sucked and slowly took more of my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue rubbing against the soft underside of my cock as she sucked, teasing the V at the top of my glans. “Mmm, you really know how to suck cock Bev,” I said to her, “it feels like you’re trying to suck my balls out through my cock. I love how you suck cock!” Showing her appreciation for my praise, Bev suddenly dipped her mouth down further on my cock, my cock momentarily banging against the back of her throat as she did so, eliciting a groan of approval from me.

Beverly shifted her position between my legs, grasping my cock in her hand as she steadily licked it, looking up at me, and talking to me between licks. “Do you,” lick, 'think you,” lick, “could,” lick, “put this,” lick, “beautiful,” lick, “big,” lick, “cock,” lick, “inside,” lick, “my pussy,” lick, “and fuck,” lick, “me?” she asked me haltingly between licks, “My pussy,” lick, “is so hot,” lick, “and yearning” lick, “for your cock!” Bev took her mouth away from my cock for a moment and looked up at me imploringly. “I need your cock in me now Dave,” she begged, “I’m so horny now, I need to feel this stiff slab of man-meat inside my pussy now!” I was not about to argue. Here she was, my best friend’s mother, who had been sucking my cock so devotedly for the last while, begging me to stick it inside her pussy and fuck her. I nodded, and lifted her to her feet, guiding her to the couch that I had just vacated, and easing her down onto her back on the seat, her head propped up against the backrest.

Realising what I wanted from her, Beverly eagerly spread her legs, and lifted them up so that her knees were almost touching her shoulders. She was still remarkably supple at her age. I moved forward, aiming my cock at the slit between her legs, opened up so beautifully for me. I ran my cock up and down her slit, teasing her with my cock, feeling her juices that were leaking out of her pussy coating my cock. “Fuck me damnit!” Beverly cursed as I teased her, “Stick it in and fuck me Dave!” I shifted position slightly, lining my cock up with her cunt, and suddenly without warning, rammed my cock deep into her pussy. Beverly cried out as she felt my cock plunge deep into her pussy, filling her up completely, as I felt my cock push against her cervix. “Oooooh,” was all she could say through gritted teeth, glaring up at me surprised, as I began to thrust repeatedly in and out of her pussy. I began to saw my cock regularly in and out of her, banging against her cervix with each forward thrust, feeling her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock.

“You like that Bev?” I demanded, “Do you? You’ve got what you wanted. I’m fucking you hard, like you wanted me to. Is this what you want?”

Beverly somehow managed to reply through clenched teeth, “Yes Dave. Fuck me, fuck me hard! I’m just a worthless slut for you to do what you want. Use my body however you want.”

I gave her a couple more thrusts for good measure, feeling her pussy clench tightly around my cock each time I thrust it into her. I disengaged myself from her, easing my cock out of her pussy, noting the disappointment in her face as she felt my cock slip out of her pussy. I picked Beverly up, and laid her down on the floor on her back, grabbing a cushion off one of the couches and slipping it underneath her butt. Beverly smiled knowingly, spreading her legs for me once again, and allowing me to ease my cock once again into her pussy. I began to thrust slowly in and out of her pussy, making each inward thrust sharp and hard, enjoying the sight of her large tits bouncing with each thrust. Beverly ran her hands down between her legs, over her pussy to where we were joined, feeling my hardness as it entered her body. She moved her hands up, and began to stroke her pussy as I fucked into her, rubbing her clit as I thrust into her. I could see that she was getting really turned on, as I fucked her, and she rubbed her pussy, but I didn’t want her to cum yet. I still had other plans for her. I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her pussy, leaving just the head inside of her, and began short stabbing little thrusts into her, only pushing about an inch of my cock in and out of her pussy. Beverly, feeling my short incomplete strokes at the entrance to her pussy began to rub her clit frantically, begging me to give her more of my cock.

“Please Dave,” she pleaded, “More, give me more of your cock. I want to feel you all the way inside of me, like you were earlier. That feels good, but I want to feel your cock filling me up completely.”

I slipped my cock out of her pussy, and lifted her legs once again, up towards her shoulders. I began to rub my cock up and down over her slit, teasing her again, coating my cock liberally with her plentiful juices. Beverly was moaning with frustration now as she felt my cock sliding over her pussy, but never quite penetrating her, rocking back to f***e my cock into her. As she rocked backwards, my cock slipped down from her pussy, and pressed against her asshole. She was trapped, and she knew it! If she rocked forwards to her previous position, she was going to impale her ass on my cock which she clearly didn’t want. She couldn’t move. I kept my cock there, pressing against her asshole, steadily applying more pressure against her asshole. “Please no, not there,” she begged, “not in my butt Dave. I’ve never done it like that before, and your cock is so big you’ll tear me apart there.” My only response to her was to wiggle my hips slightly, pressing forward with my cock, and easing it slowly into her incredibly tight ass. Beverly clenched her teeth and cried out in pain, as she felt my cock slide inexorably into her ass. “Owwww,” she cried, “You feel so huge inside me like that Dave. Take it out, take it out. I’ll do anything for you if you take it out now!”

Knowing that the angle I had penetrated her at was probably causing her pain, I dutifully slowly extracted my cock from her ass, hearing her sigh with relief as she felt my cock leaving the entrance to her bowels. I got Beverly up into a kneeling position with me, facing her, kissing her face as I said to her, “I did what you asked, because I don’t want to hurt you Bev, now you must keep your promise. I still want your ass, but I’m going to let you fuck me with your ass, instead of the other way round. I’m going to move behind you, and I want you to reach behind yourself, and line my cock up with your asshole, and then slowly ease your ass onto my cock. Do you understand?”

Beverly nodded at me, her eyes clouded with lust and the grass we had smoked earlier. I moved behind her, my cock nestling between the firm cheeks of her ass. I began thrusting slowly, moving my cock between her ass cheeks, feeling her firm ass pressing against my stiff cock. I brought my hands around to her chest, cupping her large firm tits in my hands, squeezing them gently as I moved my hands in a circular motion around on her tits. I felt her nipple ring beneath my left hand, and began to flick it back and forth playfully causing Beverly to go “Mmmmm,” as she felt me playing with her nipple ring. She was grinding her ass back against my prick, rubbing my prick with her firm ass. I grasped her nipple ring, and tugged at it gently to remind her. “Remember what I said earlier Bev,” I whispered into her ear, “Reach behind, guide my cock towards your asshole, and then slowly push back with your ass against my cock.” Bev nodded, reaching behind her ass, taking hold of my cock firmly with her hand, and guiding it against her asshole. I felt my cock pressing against the clenched little rosebud of her ass, but resisted the temptation of pushing forward, and driving it into her ass; I wanted her to do that herself. I squeezed Bev’s tits gently. “Now push back with your butt, and ease my cock into your ass Bev,” I whispered again into her ear, “I want to feel my cock sliding into your ass, with you pushing it in there! I squeezed her tits harder and harder, moving my hands around on them, feeling their fullness in my hands. I felt Bev’s ass pushing back against my straining prick, the tip of my cock battling against her tightly clenched ass muscles. She groaned with the effort, and pushed back harder, and I felt my cock sliding past her resisting asshole, and the tip enter her tight anal passage. “That’s it Bev. Very good,” I whispered to her, “Now push back harder, you’ve only got the tip inside of you now.”

Bev clenched her teeth, and leaned her head back, pushing back harder with her ass, my cock easing little by little into her ass. I could feel her entire ass gripping my cock tightly as it slid past the tight ring of her asshole, and moved relentlessly further and further into her ass. Beverly was grunting loudly with the effort now, and I squeezed her tits tighter, and only now began pushing against her backward thrusting ass, assisting my cock to move deeper into her ass. “Oooh, your cock is so big inside of me!” Bev groaned through gritted teeth, “It feels twice its size inside my ass. It feels like it’s splitting me in two Dave! How does it feel for you? Does it feel good?”

“You wouldn’t believe how good it feels for me Bev,” I said to her, thrusting sharply into her, causing her to wince as my cock moved deeper inside her ass, “Your entire ass is gripping my cock like a vice. A very hot and tight vice. Your ass is like a furnace around my cock!” I began to thrust sharply into her, easing my cock back slowly before driving it back quickly into her. Beverly was groaning continuously now, her entire being centred around the cock moving unrelentingly in and out of her ass.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” Bev moaned to each of my thrusts, “I don’t know how much more I can take Dave. Are you going to cum soon, because my ass is on fire, and I can’t take much more back there. If you want, I’ll suck your cock until you cum if you take your cock out my ass. You’d like that wouldn’t you, to cum inside my mouth?”

I weighed up my options. I could continue fucking her ass mercilessly, but that also meant I would never get to fuck her again, or I could let her do what she was offering, and know that I could have her again any time I wanted. It was an easy decision! I slowly withdrew my cock our of her clutching ass, easing it slowly backwards, until it popped soundlessly out of her. Beverly sighed in relief as she felt my cock slip out of her ass. I stood up, and moved around next to her, my stiff cock bobbing around in front of her face. Beverly didn’t need any prompting, she was so relieved to have my cock out of her poor ass. She leaned forward, instinctively taking my cock into her open mouth. She licked the head meticulously, and I wondered if she had spared a thought for the fact that my cock had just vacated her ass. If she had, she didn’t show it, and my cock was treated to a tongue bath of note! “Suck it Bev! You promised to suck me until I cum,” I reminded her, pushing my cock into her mouth, “Fuck my cock with your mouth until I cum!” Bev closed her eyes and pushed her mouth slowly down my cock, her lips wrapped tightly around my cock as she sucked it into her mouth. I rested a hand on her head, guiding her mouth further and further down onto my cock. She began to pull back as my cock pushed against the back of her throat, but I wouldn’t let her, I held her firmly there as my cock pushed against her throat. While my cock was deep inside her mouth, she was running her tongue up and down the ridge underneath my cock, massaging it with her tongue as she sucked. I released her head and allowed her to ease her mouth up the length of my cock, and as her mouth approached the bulbous tip of my cock, I pushed her head back down onto my cock, causing my cock to slide back into her throat. Bev, taking her cue from my directions, began to move her mouth up and down on my cock, fucking my cock in and out of her mouth. It felt good, almost as good as having my cock up inside her ass, although nothing could really compare to having your cock inside a virgin ass, but she was really trying her best.

I gazed down at her, the mother of my best friend, sucking my cock, almost religiously. My cock that just a few minutes previously was rooted deep inside her ass. She didn’t seem to mind, she was obviously so relieved that it was no longer inside, and stretching her ass, she would do anything for me now. I thought about how fortunate I was, sure she was almost forty, but she was still very attractive, and had an incredible body, which she was quite willing to share with me, in any way I wanted I now knew, and at present she was busy sucking my cock as if her life depended on it. I looked forward to broadening her sexual knowledge, for what she lacked in technique, she sure made up for in enthusiasm. “That’s it Bev,” I directed her, “a little faster, and a little deeper into your mouth, and I’m going to cum.” Bev followed my instructions immediately, her mouth moving faster and deeper down onto my cock, her mouth now a mere receptacle for my cock, and soon, my cum. I felt my cock banging against her throat each time her mouth lunged down onto my cock, her nose pushing against my groin each time her mouth moved down onto my cock. All this time, she was still sucking fervently on my cock, her cheeks hollowed from the effort of her sucking. I could feel that I was going to cum pretty soon, and spray her mouth with my cum. I silently debated whether I should warn her when I was about to cum, and decided that I should. After all that was her goal, that was what she had promised me, and I didn’t want her spluttering when I suddenly flooded her mouth with my cum. “Get ready Bev!” I warned her, “I’m going to cum soon! I’m going to shoot my cum into your mouth, and I want you to drink all of it. Don’t waste a drop Bev, drink it all, feel it sliding down your throat into your tummy!” The words were no sooner out of my mouth, when I felt my cock begin to spurt into her mouth, wave after wave of my cum shot into Bev’s mouth. She moved her mouth up my cock, so that she had about half of it inside her mouth, sucking on it frantically, her tongue still massaging the underside of my cock as I shot into her mouth. I sensed that she was somehow managing to swallow some of it, even with her mouth plugged full of my cock, but she never stopped her wonderful sucking, sucking ever last drop of my cum out of my cock. As my orgasm, which seemed to last forever, ended she slowly moved her mouth down onto my cock, sucking my cock back into her mouth, and then slowly moved her mouth back up my cock, sucking and squeezing every drop of cum out of my cock with her mouth and lips. When my cock finally popped out of her mouth, she gave it one last appreciative kiss, before looking up at me and saying, “That was wonderful Dave! Do you have anymore of that grass? Another joint of that stuff, and I’m sure we could do this again! This time I really want to feel you in my ass, I’m sure I’ll be more relaxed after some more grass.”

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2 years ago
good story
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bomb story
3 years ago
Damn wish I had friends that had mothers like this when I was growing up....
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gd gd
3 years ago
Well written and feeling genuine. I had that same experience once but I think I was a little more sensitive!!