Friendly Neighbor's Daughter - Parts 1 to 3

Part 1
I had always been friendly to the young girl who lived across the road, chatting to her when I saw her around, and she had always taken the time to chat to me too. Her name was Julie and she was 18 years old, which made it surprising that she had made time to chat to me, since most girls her age would not have given the time of day to a man my age, but I suspected that she enjoyed and preferred more adult company than k**s her own age. She came knocking on my door one day after getting home from school, saying that she had lost her home keys and could not get in until her parents came home, and would it be alright if she waited at my house. I told her that of course it would be fine, and she was quite welcome to stay at my place and make herself right at home. I had been sitting around drinking beer and I offered her one which she accepted. I was also smoking grass, and offered her a joint, which she took as well. We chatted about all sorts of mundane things while sitting on the sofa drinking and smoking, and I mentioned that I found Julie rather unusual, but a nice name all the same; which made her blush. I could see the alcohol and dope was having an effect on her she sat there still dressed in her school uniform. I must admit that I did not find her quite as attractive in her school uniform as I did when she was in her normal clothes.

Julie had told me that her parents would not be home for at least another 4 hours, so we had a lot of time to kill. I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and she said that she did not, which I found rather surprising as she was an attractive young girl, and I mentioned this to her, which made her blush again. She told me that she was not interested in the guys who were interested in her, because she found them c***dish and immature.

“So do you prefer older guys then Julie?” I asked her.

“Actually I do Dave,” she replied, blushing.

“How much older?” I asked.

“Men, not young guys like the guys who are always chasing me, Dave,” she replied shyly, her inhibitions obviously drastically reduced now by the beer and dope.

“How about men my age Julie?” I asked. She did not reply, but the look on her face told me what I wanted to know; she found me attractive. “I have always thought you were a very striking girl Julie,” I told her, “but I always figured you must have a lot of young guys interested in you, and you never really noticed me. I always thought our chats were you just being polite and being your normal charming self.”

“Oh no Dave,” Julie insisted, “I have always liked you, that is why I always speak to you when I see you, I just did not know how to tell you how I felt about you. I find you incredibly sexy and good-looking.”

“How about showing me how you feel about me Julie,” I said, making my pitch, “whenever I have seen you, I have always imagined what you look like without your clothes on, but I am sure I have never even come close to imagining your real beauty in my imagination.”

“You mean you want to undress for you Dave?” Julie asked apprehensively.

“Why yes my girl. You said you liked me, and I think you are so young and sexy, but I would like to see you without that horrible old school uniform on,” I told her. “If you really meant what you said, you will do this for me,” I added, “I am sure my mind has not done justice to your true beauty.”

“Okay Dave, you have convinced me,” Julie replied giggling (she was really stoned now), and she began to unbutton her school uniform. Once she had undone all the buttons, she shrugged it off her shoulders and allowed it to drop at her feet, before stepping out of it, picking it up, and dr****g it over an arm of the sofa. I watched her carefully as she performed these tasks, and then she turned around to face me again, clad only in a flesh colored bra, and (I was surprised to note) leopard print panties.

“Mmmmm, gorgeous,” I told her, “far more beautiful than I had ever imagined, but will you take off your bra too. I want to see your beautiful, firm young tits. I have dreamed about seeing them, and I would love you to show them to me.”

Julie smiled and nodded nervously, and demurely reached for the clasp holding her bra together at the front. She undid it and removed her bra, throwing it at me playfully. “Well…. do you like what you see?” she asked, leaning her head to one side coquettishly.

I gazed at her beautiful youthful tits, so firm and yet ripe, with small pink areola and nipples. I longed to plant my mouth on her perfect cone-shaped tits, and suck them until she begged me to stop. “Ah yes Julie, such beautiful tits,” I told her, “come closer, I want to suck your sexy young tits.”

Julie moved closer to me as I moved to the edge of the sofa. I rubbed my face over her firm boobs, enjoying the sensation of the soft unyielding flesh against my face, kissing her nipples as I did so. I opened my mouth and sucked a nipple into my mouth, sucking and teasing it with my tongue, feeling it grow hard inside my mouth. Julie gasped as my mouth closed over her tit, but gave herself over to the sensations I was giving her. I moved my mouth from one boob to the other, paying equal attention to each one. She moaned with pleasure as her nipples grew like hard pencil erasers in my mouth. “Mmmm, that feels good Dave,” she moaned, “my boobs are so sensitive. I normally play with them myself because it feels so good, but you do a much better job.”

“I just love sucking your lovely little boobies Julie,” I moaned, “it really turns me on too. Here feel this.” Saying this I took one of her hands in mine and pulled it down towards my groin, and pressed it against my hardening erection. “Do you know what that is, and why it feels like that?” I asked her.

“Of course I know what it is, it’s your dick,” Julie replied, “but I have never felt one or seen one before, I am still a virgin Dave. May I see your dick Dave, I’ve never seen one before?”

“Well, its getting hard like that because of you Julie,” I told her, “your sexy young body is turning me on so much, and sucking your wonderful tits is making my cock harder and harder. You are going to have to do something to relieve me of this hard-on if I show it to you. You can’t leave me like this.”

“I will, I will,” Julie promised, “please show it to me.”

I undid my pants, and removed my pants and underwear, discarding them to the side. Julie’s eyes widened in amazement as my erect cock came into view. “Wow, it’s beautiful,” she sighed, “Can I touch it please Dave?”

“I was hoping you would Julie,” I told her, “why don’t you kneel down here between my legs, and be more comfortable, so that you can see it better.”

Julie knelt down between my legs and reached out, taking my stiffening cock in her hands, weighing it carefully in her small hands. “Wow, its hard, yet still soft and warm in my hands,” she gasped in surprise. “What do I do now Dave?” she asked me excitedly.

“It feels good for me if you wrap your hands around my cock, and then stroke them up and down,” I told her, “that’s what is known as a hand-job.” Julie immediately began to move her hands up and down my shaft as I instructed her to do. It felt good, watching this hither to virgin, touching and stroking her first cock. “If you keep that up, I will eventually cum,” I told her, “that means my semen will shoot out of my cock.”

“I know that Dave,” Julie giggled, “I do sex-education at school, and my mom has taught me about sex. That’s the stuff that makes babies, right?”

“That’s right Julie, but I don’t want you to bring me off like that with your hands. I have a better idea,” I told her.

“What’s that Dave?” she asked, “what would you like me to do?”

“Do you know what a oral sex is Julie?” I asked her.

“That’s having sex with your mouth, isn’t it Dave? You want me to perform sex on your dick with my mouth, yuck!! And besides I don’t know what to do, I have never done this before,” she whined.

“Don’t worry Julie, you will enjoy it, and I will tell you what to do, and how to do it,” I reassured her, “what's more, once you get into it, you will know what to do, what will feel good for me. Now start by examining my cock, and then kissing the head.”

Julie leaned closer, her mouth hovering just above my stiff cock, examining it closely, and then she dropped her mouth onto the head of my cock, and planted a very chaste kiss on the head. She looked up at me and smiled mischievously. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” I said, “now run your tongue over my cock, licking it like you would a lollipop that was melting in the sun, paying special attention to the head of my cock which is very sensitive.”

Julie held my cock steady in her hand, and proceeded to lick my cock, up and down the length of my shaft, then lovingly licked the underside of the head of my cock, gazing up at me to see my reaction to what she was doing. “Am I doing it right?” she asked.

“You are doing very well Julie, it’s hard to believe you have never done this before, you are a natural,” I told her, causing her to smile from my praise.

She began to run her tongue around and around my cock, licking it completely and then circling the head of my cock with her tongue. I groaned with pleasure as the touch of her little pink tongue sent jolts of pleasure right up my spine. She kept returning with her mouth to the head of my cock, and then kissing it, wrapping her lips fleetingly around my cock as she kissed me; she had obviously noticed that I enjoyed that immensely. She then proceeded to move her mouth up and down the soft underside of my cock, towards my balls, examining them closely too, giving them a gentle lick every so often. I could not take my eyes off this 18-year-old virgin, eagerly licking my cock and enjoying it so much too.

“Mmm, I like doing this Dave,” she cooed, “and it doesn’t taste bad at all, in fact I kind of like the taste, salty and sweet at the same time. I can see you enjoy it too,” she joked.

“That feels so good Julie, but I want you to suck my cock. Just open your mouth and suck it in, take as much into your mouth as you feel comfortable with,” I told her, “obviously the more you take in your mouth the better it feels for me, but only take in what you feel comfortable with. Watch out with your teeth as well, you could hurt me if you are not careful.”

Julie opened her mouth and tentatively took my cock into her mouth, playfully biting on my cock with her teeth, looking up at me to see my reaction. “You are going to pay for that my girl,” I told her laughing. She slowly fed more and more of my cock into her mouth, sucking and moving her tongue around my cock as she did so. “Now move your mouth up and down on my cock as you suck Julie,” I told her. Julie followed my directions, moving her mouth up and down my shaft. My cock grew more inside her mouth as I looked down at this young girl, sucking her first cock. “Can you feel my cock growing even more inside your mouth Julie? That’s because you are doing such a incredible job,” I told her, “you are sucking my cock so well. I am so proud of you, you are an incredible cocksucker.” On hearing my praise, Julie took more and more of my cock into her hot mouth, wanting to prove to me just how good she could be. Her mouth was stuffed full of my cock, and I realized that she really was enjoying sucking her first cock, and giving me such pleasure at the same time.

She took her mouth off my cock for a short while, looked up at me, and said, “I just love sucking your cock Dave. It’s so big, bigger than I had ever imagined, and it tastes so good too. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I am, but it is making me all wet.”

“You mean your pussy is getting wet from sucking my cock Julie?” I asked her.

“Yes, this really turns me on, knowing how much you are enjoying what I’m doing to you,” she replied.

“Well, if you carry on like that, I’m going to cum soon,” I informed her, “do you want to taste my cum, or should I warn you and you can just finish me off with your hand and watch me cum?”

“Oh Dave, I want to taste your cum, cum in my mouth please,” Julie said, “just warn me when you are about to cum so that I can prepare myself for the exquisite experience of tasting my first cum.” As she said this, she got up off the floor and sat on the couch beside me, her head leaning down into my lap, giving her better access to my cock. She took my bulging cock back into her mouth, moving her mouth up and down my stiff pole. I groaned as her inexperienced mouth provided me with pleasures far beyond its capabilities, what she lacked in technique, she made up for with enthusiasm. She held my cock steady at the base with her hand as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft, taking me deeper and deeper into her avidly sucking mouth. “Ah yes Julie, suck me like that,” I moaned, “suck my cock, take it deep into your mouth. Eat my stiff cock! Faster, faster, and I will cum for you, filling your mouth with my cum.”

Julie began to bob her head faster and faster down on my cock, urging me on, wanting me to shoot my cum inside her mouth. “Aaah yes baby,” I moaned again, as I felt my orgasm beginning to approach, “I’m going to cum soon and shoot my cum into your lovely hot mouth.” Julie responded by taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking even harder, fucking her mouth down onto my cock, wanting me to cum quickly so that she could taste and drink my cum. “AAAAH, I’M CUMMING JULIE!!!” I cried out as I felt my cum boil up from the base of my cock. Julie paused with her mouth sealed around my cock, about midway up my shaft, sucking intently as my cum shot out into her waiting mouth. She swallowed quickly as my first spurt hit her throat, awaiting the next spurts excitedly. I continued shooting my cum into Julie’s ardently sucking mouth, filling it with my cum and forcing her to swallow in between my bursts of cum. As my orgasm subsided, Julie began to move her mouth slowly up and down the shaft of my cock, still sucking intently, trying to coax still more cum out of me, willing me to deposit more of my cum inside her mouth. “Aaaah baby, that was so good,” I groaned, “but as good as it feels, I don’t think you’re going to get much more out of my poor tired cock now.”

Julie looked up at me smiling and licking her lips, “I loved that Dave,” she said breathlessly, “the feeling of power over you, knowing all your attention was focused on me as I sucked your cock, as your cum shot into my mouth. It tasted so good too, I just love the taste of your cum, it tasted far better than I expected it to. Mmmm, it was delicious!”

“Thanks Julie,” I said to her, “and talking of delicious. While my cock is having a rest, I think I ought to return the favor to you.”

“What do you mean Dave?” she asked puzzled.

“I mean that I am going to eat that scrumptious young pussy of yours,” I told her, “it’s only fair after the magnificent blow-job you have just given me. I want to eat that delectable sweet young pussy of yours and make you cum, so that you feel as good as I just felt, that’s only fair.”

Julie giggled, “I don’t know exactly what you intend doing Dave, but it sounds like fun, and I’m sure you know what you are doing and will take care of me.”

“I will Julie, just lie back on the couch, relax and enjoy what I’m about to do for you,” I reassured her.

Julie lay back on the couch demurely, a small smile on her face in anticipation of what was to come. I leaned over her and kissed her on her pretty mouth, her soft lips meeting mine, her mouth opening to accept my tongue. I kissed her deeply, our tongues entwining as we kissed, I could detect the faint salty aftertaste of my cum in her mouth as we kissed. As we kissed, she brought her arms around my neck, pulling me towards her, our lips sealed together as we kissed. I extracted my mouth from hers, and moved down her body, kissing her soft neck, and making my way downwards towards her perfect tits. I kissed each tit in turn, rolling my tongue around each hard, little pink nipple, sucking it into my mouth and nibbling it gently between my teeth, causing her to groan with pleasure as I did so. I moved my mouth around the soft mounds of her tits, kissing and licking the soft skin underneath her perfectly shaped tits. I planted soft little kisses on her ribs as I moved down towards her belly, noticing once again that she had a piercing in her belly button. I kissed the soft skin of her flat belly, teasing her belly button ring with my tongue before advancing slowly downwards.

I paused as I reached her soft downy pubic hair, she did not have a lot of pussy hair, but what she did have was soft and velvety as only a young girl like her could have; it would no doubt her thicker and coarser as she got older. “Aaaah, beautiful,” I whispered, “so soft and beautiful, just like you Julie. Reach down and spread your pussy for me baby, I want to examine your beautiful pussy.” Julie giggled, but reached down and did what I told her, putting her hands on either side of her pussy and pulling her pussy lips apart for me. I gazed in wonderment at her beautiful young pussy, glistening already from her own juices, her small pussy lips framing the entrance to her pussy and still covering her clit. “You have a gorgeous pussy baby, I can’t wait to taste your sweet juices,” I told her, “I want to eat your pussy all day.” I moved closer, running my tongue up her slit, causing Julie to groan with pleasure as she felt my tongue make contact with her most private region.

I began by just running my tongue up and down her slit, pausing at the top to probe for the nubbin of her clit, still enveloped by her lips. Julie groaned each time my tongue made contact with her ultra-sensitive clit, and I knew that I would be able to make her cum very easily. I felt her clit harden beneath my tongue and proceeded to roll her clit around with my tongue, causing her entire body to shudder from the sensations she was experiencing for the first time. I moved my mouth lower, probing at her virgin pussy with my tongue, tasting the sweet nectar of her pussy, drinking in her young juices. I moved my mouth still lower, running it over the soft, but tight skin of her perineum, that piece of skin separating her pussy from her asshole. Julie gasped with pleasure as she felt my tongue touching her down there, barely millimeters away from her asshole. I returned my tongue back up her slit, darting it into her pussy as I moved upwards with it. I clasped my mouth over her pussy, pushing her hands away now as I clamped my mouth over her pussy. I was teasing her clit continuously now with my tongue, flicking my tongue over it as I sucked it into my mouth. Julie’s entire body was shuddering now as I sucked her clit, and she was panting loudly, “Oh yes, oh yes Dave. That feels so good. Eat my pussy Dave. Make me cum too.”

I continued with my relentless teasing of her pussy until I felt her cum, her entire body getting as taut as a bow as her back arched and she pushed her pussy up towards my mouth, grinding her pussy against me. Julie cried out as she came, “AAAAAAAAAH YES!!! Eat my pussy Dave, I’m cumming!!!!!” I sucked harder and harder at her pussy as she came, her orgasm building up stronger and stronger instead of subsiding. Her orgasm seemed to last forever until finally her body flopped back down on the couch exhausted, but still I did not stop. I moved my mouth lower, clamping it around her virgin hole, probing at her pussy with my tongue, my tongue darting in and out of her virgin pussy, lapping up and drinking the flow of her sweet juices. Julie reached down, taking my head in her hands, pulling my mouth harder against her pussy as I moved my tongue in and out of her. I could feel another orgasm building inside of her, which was exactly what I intended, and began to alternate with my tongue, probing her pussy, and then moving back upwards and teasing her clit once again. Her second orgasm took longer to build up, and I slipped a finger into her tight pussy, rubbing the walls at the entrance of her virgin pussy as I sucked on her clit. I probed deeper and deeper into her pussy with my finger, circling it around the walls of her pussy as I did so. Julie came for a second time, her tight little pussy clamping around my invading finger as she came, clasping it firmly as her entire body shook from her orgasm. “AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE,” she cried out as she came, and I moved my mouth from her clit and slipped it next to my finger inside her pussy, drinking her pussy juices from the source as she came. Her second orgasm lasted even longer than the first, helped along by my attentions to her pussy and clit at the same time. I didn’t want it to end, and I am sure she didn’t want it to either, I wanted her to remember this for the rest of her life. Finally she stopped cumming and flopped down onto the couch.

“No more please, no more Dave, I don’t think I can take anymore,” she groaned, pulling my head away from her pussy, “ that was so intense, but I don’t think I can take anymore of that or I will die. Come here and kiss me,” she begged. I moved back up her body, hovering over her tits and sucking each one momentarily into my mouth, causing her to groan with pleasure once again. I moved up until our mouths met, kissing passionately, sucking each others tongues into our mouths. Julie pulled our mouths apart looked up at me with glazed eyes and said, “That was incredible Dave. I have never cum like that before. Thank you! Thank you for teaching me the pleasures of oral sex. Now what is this poking into my belly?” she continued, reaching down and grabbing hold of my cock, once again swollen to full hardness, “What are we going to do about this?” she giggled.

“Well, you could suck it for me again,” I suggested helpfully.

“It felt so good when you had your finger inside of me earlier,” Julie replied, “I wondered what it would feel like to feel your cock inside of me like that.”

“Your mean you want to fuck me?” I asked incredulously, “even though you are a virgin.”

“Of course silly, but I am a bit scared, your cock is so much bigger than your finger,” Julie giggled, “do you think it will fit inside of me?”

“Of course it will Julie,” I reassured her, “your pussy is designed to allow a baby to pass through it, it can stretch to accommodate my cock.”

“Well then, how are we going to do this?” she asked, seeking my guidance.

“Let me sit down on the couch and you climb on top of me, that way you can control the penetration so that I don’t hurt you,” I suggested, “the last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

I rolled off her and sat down on the couch. “It will be better if you sit on top of me, facing away from me,” I suggested, “the angle of penetration will be easier for you, and I can also watch your gorgeous ass while you ride my cock,” I added.

Julie giggled, but did what I said, kneeling astride my legs, her pussy hovering inches above my erect cock. “Alright now Julie, slowly lower your body down onto my cock. I will help guide my cock into your pussy, it should slide in easily because your pussy is so wet now, and you can take it as fast or as slowly as you like,” I told her, taking hold of her hips and guiding her until the tip of my cock was brushing against her wet pussy. Julie began to slowly lower her pussy down onto my cock, and I could feel the tip of my cock sliding easily into her tight wet pussy. “God, you are so tight,” I groaned, “such a beautiful tight young pussy that you have Julie.”

Julie groaned in agreement, “Oh yes Dave. I can feel you moving inside of me, it feels wonderful, but I want more, I want to feel you deeper inside of me.” She began to push down until my cock began to press against her hymen, and could go no further.

“That’s your hymen that my cock is pushing against Julie,” I told her, “my cock has to break through it to get deeper into you. You can break it two ways, slowly – which may be more painful, or quickly – in which case the pain will be over quicker, but either way it is going to be painful, and you are likely to bleed a little. It’s your choice.” Julie nodded slowly in understanding and began to bear down on my cock with more pressure, forcing my cock against her hymen. She gave a little cry of pain as my cock suddenly broke through and she sank deeper onto my cock, “OWWW. Aaah, that’s better. I can feel your cock filling me up now Dave.” She sat motionless for a while, recovering from the pain, and allowing her pussy to become accustomed to feeling a stiff cock inside of it. “Mmmm, you feel so good inside of me Dave. I can feel your cock stretching my poor little pussy,” she groaned, lowering her pussy further down onto my cock. I groaned in agreement as I felt my cock sliding into her tight pussy.

“Push down on me with your hips Julie,” I told her, “take me as deep as you can inside of you, it will feel better for both of us.”

Julie pushed down on me, taking my cock as deep inside of her tight pussy as she could. Her vice-like pussy was clamped tightly around my cock, as she wiggled her ass around, getting comfortable on my cock. I admired the soft contours of her ass as she moved, especially the two clefts just above her ass, which only young girls seem to have. “Your have a beautiful ass Julie,” I told her, “and it looks so nice nestled her on top of me.” Julie looked over her shoulder at me and smiled lovingly. “Now ride my cock Julie, move up and down on my cock, keeping it inside of you, but so that it moves up and down inside your pussy. Quick question before we go any further, are you on the pill yet? I don’t want to cum inside of you and make you pregnant, and I don’t have any condoms.”

“Of course not Dave, I am only 18,” Julie answered me, “so you better not cum inside my pussy and make me pregnant. We will both have a lot of explaining to do. When you are ready to cum, tell me, and I will suck your cock again for you.”

“Okay Julie, we can do that, or we can try something else,” I suggested hopefully, “so that you can feel me cumming inside of you, feel my cum shooting into your body.”

“What do you mean Dave,” she asked baffled, “how can I feel you cum inside of me, if your cock is not inside my pussy?”

“Just before I cum Julie, we shift position slightly, and I put my cock inside your ass, and shoot my cum inside your ass,” I told her, “you can’t get pregnant that way, and it will feel really, really good for me.”

“Put your cock inside my bum Dave? How gross. It will never fit, it barely fits inside my pussy now,” Julie said.

“It will fit,” I told her, “I have done this before. Remember, your ass expands when you take a shit, you must just push down as if you are taking a shit when we put it in, and it will slide right in. It’s not gross at all, it feels really incredible, and we can both feel my cum pumping into your body this way. I am not going to pressurize you, you can make the choice when the time comes. Now start moving around on my cock.”

Julie began to slowly bounce up and down on my cock, my cock moving slowly in and out of her pussy. I remembered that she did horse-riding and she was apparently using what she had learned riding horses in practise now, riding my cock like a pro. She was moaning softly as my cock stretched her small pussy to the limit, but she was clearly enjoying every minute of it, because she did not slow down, but was pushing down harder as she rocked back and forth on my cock. I ran my hands up from her hips, over her narrow waist until they were resting on her ribs. Julie leaned back slightly, and I reached around her until my hands were cupping her small tits once again. I held them firmly, covering them with my hands, teasing her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She gasped as my hands made contact with her super-sensitive tits, and began panting loudly as she rode my cock and I manhandled her tits. I pulled her backwards, towards me, so that she was lying on her back on top of me, restricting her movements somewhat, but it would not matter. I was now able to thrust upwards with my hips, assisting her by driving my cock into her from underneath, fucking into her pussy. I moved a hand down, through the soft fluffy hair above her pussy, feeling for where we were joined together, where my cock was moving into her. Julie gasped as she felt my hand making contact with her pussy, not knowing what to expect from me now.

I moved my fingers lightly up her slit, seeking out her clit as we slowly fucked. My fingers roamed over her erect clit, teasing her with the lightest of touches, eliciting a loud moan from her at this exquisite stimulation. My cock was stroking steadily in and out of her pussy, driving deep into her, touching her where I know she had never been touched before, and my fingers were strumming over her clit. Julie began to moan and pant louder and louder, and I knew another orgasm was imminent. I pushed her pussy down towards my cock, feeling it clasp tightly around my cock as I thrust into her, yet retaining the movement of my fingers over her clit. Julie shifted her body slightly downwards, cramming as much of my cock inside of her as she could as her orgasm built up to a climax. I was thrusting my cock as hard as I could into her tight pussy, all the while maintaining the stimulation of her clit with my fingers.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH,” Julie screamed as she began to cum, “I’M CUMMMMMMMMING DAVE!!!!!!!! Fuck me, fill me with your cock as I cum!! I can feel you deep inside of me, moving inside of me, fucking me!! AAAAH AAAAAAH AAAAAH!!!”

I rammed my cock deep inside of her pussy, and held it motionless inside of her as she came, still running my fingers over her clit, pushing and pulling it, massaging her clit as she came. Julie’s entire body was trembling as she came, her pussy gripping my cock impossibly tightly, all the way from the base, right up the stem of my cock. She was pushing her pussy down towards me as I pushed upwards into her, trying to get more of me inside of her. I could feel her pussy juices flowing out of her, down my shaft and onto my balls, covering me with the secretions of her orgasm. I did not attempt to thrust in and out of her as she came, but rather just pushed upwards into her, filling her with my cock, because I knew any more stimulation for me would make me cum too, and I could not cum inside of her pussy. Julie was still cumming wildly as I rubbed her clit, when I whispered into her ear, “I am going to cum soon to baby, you had better get my cock out of your pussy before I shoot my cum inside of you.”

“Don’t stop what you are doing Dave,” she panted back at me, “put your cock inside my bum, I don’t care. I want to feel your stiff cock inside of me, fucking into me, and shooting your hot sperm inside my body.” Julie quickly shifted up, dislodging my cock from her clasping pussy. “Put it into my bum, shove your cock inside my bum, and cum inside of me Dave,” she begged.

“Just lift your legs slightly Julie, so that I can move my cock to where we want to put it,” I told her, and she quickly obeyed, lifting and spreading her legs, allowing me better access to her ass. Using my other free hand I reached down and positioned my cock so that the head was pressing against her tight little shitter. I was rubbing her clit furiously now, and said to her, “Remember what I told you, pretend you are having a shit, and push down against my cock.” Julie grunted in acknowledgement, and began to push against my cock with her ass. I could feel my well-lubricated cock pushing against the tight muscles of her asshole as she pushed against me. Suddenly the head popped into her ass, causing Julie to cry out with surprise and satisfaction at the ease at which I had penetrated her asshole. “That’s it Julie,” I reassured her, “my cock is inside your ass. Just give yourself a chance to accustomed to feeling something stiff inside your ass, then you can take a bit more inside of you.”

“Aaaah Dave, this feels good,” she groaned, “it didn’t hurt too much, less than when your cock moved into my pussy for the first time. I want to feel you deeper inside of me, like when you were inside my pussy. I want to feel your cock moving inside my ass, filling it, and then shooting inside of me.” Julie began to push down against me, forcing more and more of my cock bit by bit into her ass, moaning at the exertion of having her ass stretched to accommodate my cock. Her ass was incredibly tight around my cock, so tight that it felt like it was going to tear the skin from my cock, as my cock moved relentlessly into her. I intensified my rubbing of her clit, causing Julie to moan uncontrollably, “Ungh, ungh, uh, uh,” she grunted as I fucked into her ass. I could sense that she was completely out of it now as her orgasm continued where it had left off, just before I had stuffed my cock inside her virgin ass.

“Aaaaah Julie,” I groaned as I felt her ass squeezing my cock tighter, “your ass is so goddamn tight, even tighter than your pussy. Aaah this feels so good, your ass squeezing my cock so tight.”

Julie was moaning, “Uh, uh, uh,” as she pushed down harder with her ass, her body shuddering as she came. I had one hand over her tits, squeezing and kneading them roughly, and the other on her clit, rubbing it vigorously, as I thrust into her tight asshole. “Ohhh, fuck me Dave, fuck my little ass. Cum inside of me and fill me with your cum,” she moaned, “I want to feel you shooting inside of me.” I could feel her ass squeezing and releasing my cock as she came, allowing me to push deeper into her asshole, my cock now sawing in and out of her clenching asshole as she pushed back against me. “AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Julie screamed, as she came for the fourth time that afternoon, but this time with a hard cock stuffed deep inside her asshole. I slowed down my thrusts as she came, wanting her to finish her orgasm before I shot my cum inside of her. Julie’s body was as stiff as a board, shaking from head to toe, as she came. I waited for her orgasm to finish, and as I felt her body relax above me, resumed my plundering of her asshole. As her body flopped back against mine, I thrust harder and harder into her unresisting body, my cock moving easily in and out of her relaxed asshole.

“Gonna shoot inside your ass Julie,” I told her, “gonna fill your ass up with my cum baby.”

“Ah yes Dave,” she moaned dreamily, pushing down against my thrusts, “cum inside of me, fill me up with your cum.”

I thrust harder and faster into her asshole, generating a contented grunt from her with each thrust. My orgasm began to build up all the way from my balls and I could feel it approaching rapidly. I began to thrust even harder and deeper into her ass, driving my cock into the depths of her ass. I came suddenly, forcing my cock deep into her ass as my cock erupted inside her asshole. “AAAAH, feel my cum inside of you baby,” I moaned, “feel me cumming inside your perfect ass.”

Julie pushed down with one final effort as she felt me cumming inside of her, her ass gripping my cock like a vice as my cum spurted into her ass. “Oooh Dave. I can feel your hot cum inside of me,” she sighed with satisfaction, “filling my ass with your cum. You were right, this is incredible. I can feel your cock expanding as you cum, and your hot cum splashing against my insides as you fill me up.” My intense orgasm finally ended with a couple of smaller spurts inside of her.

We lay like that for a while, both of us catching our breath, my cock still lodged firmly inside her ass. Julie leaned back, offering me her mouth, we kissed long and hard, savoring the moment after orgasm. “Thank you Dave, you have taught me so much this afternoon,” she whispered to me as our lips parted, her eyes clouded over sl**pily, “I’ll never forget this moment for as long as I live.” I knew that she was right, she would never forget losing her cherry, and the intense feelings that went with it. She had sucked her first cock, lost her virginity in her pussy and ass, all in one afternoon, and she had enjoyed every minute of it. I glanced up at the time, it was already 5 o’clock. “Shit Julie, its almost 5 o’clock. You had better get going, your folks will be home soon, and you better get cleaned up before they get home,” I told her.

Julie slowly got up, my cock popping out of her ass as she moved, and got unsteadily to her feet. “Can I have a quick shower before I put my school clothes back on?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied, as I watched her nubile young body as she walked naked, on wobbly legs towards the bathroom, “you know where it is.”

“I hope I can walk properly after getting so well and truly fucked this afternoon,” she joked, looking over her shoulder at me, “otherwise I shall have to think up an excuse for walking funny for the next few days. But I promise you, it was worth it,” she continued, winking at me as she made her way to the bathroom. Julie showered quickly, dried herself off, returned to the lounge were I still lay exhausted, and got dressed. She leaned over me and kissed me goodbye, “Maybe I will pop over for some more homework sometime in the future,” she teased, “if you think there is anything more you can teach me.”

“You could always come over to practise,” I told her, “no-one is ever too good to practise.”

Part 2

The following day my doorbell rang. I answered it to find Julie standing at my front gate, in her own clothes this time, grinning shamelessly. “I have been thinking about you all day Dave,” she said to me smiling, “every time I moved, and my pussy and bum ached, I thought of you. May I come inside?”

“Of course Julie,” I replied, standing back to allow her to pass me and come inside, admiring her sexy ass as she sashayed past me. She looked over her shoulder, noticing me admiring her sexy ass. I closed the gate and followed her inside my house. She turned to face me as I closed the front door behind me, putting her arms around my neck. “I have been thinking all day about what we did yesterday afternoon,” she said, looking up at me, “it was amazing, but thinking about it has made me so horny. I am so horny now, but my bum and pussy is still a little tender, and I don’t think I could enjoy doing it again today. So…. I thought that I could come over here and give you a really good blow-job,” she continued smiling wickedly, “I’m dying to feel your cock again, and I didn’t think you would mind a good suck, or say no.”

Was she k**ding? Who in their right mind would decline an offer like that? A 18-year-old beauty offering to suck their cock. “I would love you to suck my cock again Julie,” I told her, “how can I refuse an offer like that?”

“Oh goody,” she giggled, dropping to her knees immediately in front of me as I stood there in the doorway, “now let’s get your beautiful cock out, so that I can see it. She pulled my shorts right down, underwear and all, leaving my soft cock exposed. “It looks so cute when it is soft like this Dave,” she said, looking up at me and smiling as she took my cock in one of her small hands, “the head covered like this. I’ll just give it a small kiss, and see what happens.” Julie pulled the skin back from my cock, planting a soft kiss on the head, before sucking my soft cock into her mouth. She began sucking my cock, pulling it into her mouth as she sucked, and then sinking her mouth back down onto my stiffening cock. My cock began to get harder and harder as she sucked and stroked it earnestly with her mouth. Once my cock was fully erect, she pulled her mouth off it and looked up at me, while still stroking my stiff cock in her hand. “I loved feeling your cock get hard inside my mouth like that Dave. Did it get hard like this because of little old me?” she teased.

“You know damn well why it got hard so quickly you little scamp,” I told her, “now you’d better do something about it.”

“Oh, I intend to Dave, don’t you worry,” she giggled mischievously, “I’m going to give your cock a good sucking. I’m going to take your big cock inside my mouth and suck it until you cum.” And saying this, she immediately popped my cock back inside her hot mouth, sucking it voraciously.

I leaned against the wall, looking down as she hungrily sucked my cock. “My god, this can’t be happening to me,” I thought, “my beautiful sexy teenage neighbour, down on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock. I must be dreaming.” I wasn’t though, it was true. Julie was kneeling at my feet, eagerly sucking my cock, her mouth stretched tight around the shaft of my cock, her cheeks bulging as she moved my cock around inside her mouth. “Ah yes Julie,” I groaned, encouraging her, “suck my cock like that. Push it against your cheeks, I want to see your cheeks bulging from my cock. Take my cock deeper and deeper into your hot mouth, make me cum inside your mouth.” Julie’s eyes were closed as she diligently went about her task, concentrating carefully on the pleasures she was giving me, all her attention focused on my cock. “Take me deeper inside of your mouth Julie,” I instructed her, “I want to feel my cock pushing against your throat.” Julie began to push her mouth harder down onto my cock, taking me deeper into her mouth, until I could feel it pushing against the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, not being accustomed to what she was doing, but nevertheless bravely continued taking my cock deeper into her throat.

“That’s it Julie, take me deep into your mouth,” I encouraged her, “relax your throat, and concentrate on breathing through your nose. That way you’ll be able to take my cock deep into your throat. You are sucking my cock so good, it feels so good inside your mouth.” The sight of this young teen, on her knees in front of me, eagerly stuffing my cock down her throat until she almost gagged was an unbelievable turn-on for me. I had my hands on her head, my fingers running through her lustrous hair, keeping it out of the way so that I could see my cock moving in and out of her widely gaping mouth. Julie had only the top of my cock inside her mouth now, and was sucking it feverishly while she moved her energetic tongue around the sensitive tip. I groaned with contentment, her hot mouth was sending little darts of pleasure from my cock all the way up my spine. Julie took her mouth off my cock, and holding it up in her hand, began to lap at the soft underside of my cock with her little pink tongue, moving gradually downwards towards where my cock was joined to my balls. She began to lick my tight hairy scrotum, her tongue rasping over the skin of my balls, moving my balls around within their pouches. She pushed her open mouth up against one of my balls, gently sucking it into her mouth, and then playing with it inside her mouth with her tongue. She shifted her attention to my other ball, repeating her performance, sucking it into her mouth as she had done with the other one.

Julie popped my ball out of her mouth, and began to lick the root of my cock, pushing her tongue hard against the soft underside of my stiff cock. She was moving her mouth little by little up my cock again, increasing my pleasure as her mouth moved towards the ultra-sensitive tip. Once she had reached the bulbous tip of my cock, she began to circle her tongue around, teasing me with her hot little mouth. I just loved watching her, her eyes wide-open now focussed on my cock and her hot pink tongue flicking over and around the tip of my cock. She moved her tongue around my cock, licking it with both the top and underside of her tongue, until she came to the hole at the tip of my cock. She flicked her tongue over my piss-hole, tasting my pre-cum that was constantly leaking out of it, probing at the hole gently with her tongue. I was groaning with pleasure almost constantly now, and saw her steal a little glance up at me to see what affect her special treatment was having on me.

Julie took a deep breath and suddenly popped my cock back into her mouth, pushing her mouth down on my cock, her lips sliding down to the base of my cock, as my cock pushed against the back of her throat. She bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock a couple of times, driving my cock into her throat, before moving her mouth back up my cock in order to catch her breath. “Aaaah fuck baby, that felt good,” I moaned, “I love feeling what you are doing to my cock. Suck my big cock baby, suck me deep into your mouth.”
Julie’s mouth was moving constantly up and down my cock as she sucked, and every now and again, she would shove her mouth down onto my cock, forcing my cock into the back of her throat, knowing that this gave me incredible pleasure. Watching this sexy 18-year-old sucking my cock deep into her mouth like that, I knew that I was not going to be able to last much longer before I splattered my cum against the back of her throat. “If you keep that up Julie,” I moaned, “pretty soon, you’re going to feel my cum shooting into your mouth.”

Julie grinned as best she could, with my cock stuffed inside her mouth, and continued with what she was doing, but increasing the regularity that my cock was pushed against her throat. Her mouth was moving faster over my cock now, urging me to fill her mouth with my cum. I began pushing back against her advancing mouth as I pulled her head into my groin, driving my cock into her throat, feeling her throat closing around the head of my cock. I came in her mouth, my cum pumping out of my cock and spurting against her throat. Julie valiantly tried to swallow it all, but found swallowing difficult with my cock pressing into her throat, and my cum soon filled her mouth, overflowed and ran over her lips and down her cheeks and chin. She kept her mouth firmly down on my cock until I had finished cumming, breathing heavily through her nose, and as she felt the last of my cum spurt into her mouth, withdrew my cock slightly from her throat, allowing herself to swallow the cum that had accumulated in her mouth. Once she was able to swallow, she plunged her mouth back onto my cock, enthusiastically sucking it again, sucking the last of my cum out from my cock. I watched Julie as she took my cock out of her mouth and began using it to gather the cum that had leaked out onto her face, wiping my cock over her cheeks and chin, spreading my glistening cum over her face. However, most of it was gathered on my cock, which she then took back into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean.

I looked at Julie, her brow had little beads of perspiration peppered over it from the effort she had expended on sucking my cock, and her cheeks and chin were shining from my cum that had been spread over them. The sight of this 18-year-old beauty, her face shiny from my cum, still sucking intently on my cock was a remarkable sight. My cock refused to soften, such was the pleasure she was giving me, but I knew that I need to rest, so I reluctantly and gently pried her mouth off my cock. “That was incredible Julie,” I told her, “but I need to rest. I need to sit down before my legs collapse, they feel so weak now. What you are doing feels wonderful, but I am not a young man anymore, I need a break. Sorry.”

Julie looked up at me smiling, still stroking my cock in her hand, “That’s OK Dave, I understand. You came so much, more than I expected, so I couldn’t swallow it all. Your cum was so powerful, I understand why you feel weak now,” she chuckled, “besides my jaw needs a rest too, it’s sore from being stretched so wide open so that your big cock can fit inside it.” With that she gave my cock one final lick and kiss and stood up to face me. “I love tasting your cum in my mouth Dave. I love feeling the essence of your love spurting into my mouth,” she told me, “I’ll suck your cock for you whenever you want me to, all you have to do is ask me.” By now, most of my cum that had been spread over her face had begun to dry, leaving her with a sticky face-mask that was beginning to crack. She rubbed her sticky face-mask and chuckled, “I suppose I had better wash this off, although it is supposed to be good for the complexion, according to one of my mom’s magazines that I read.”

“There is nothing wrong with your skin Julie, you don’t need it, although you do look good with my cum on your face,” I told her, “you’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Julie disappeared into the bathroom to wash her face, allowing me to pull my shorts back on and get seated on the couch. She came back through to the lounge drying her face on a towel, her face still flushed with lust. She leaned over and kissed me, long and hard on the mouth. I could still taste traces of my cum in her mouth, which was not unpleasant. “I feel better now, not so horny anymore, but I had better be going Dave,” she said, “I’ll be seeing you soon, I hope.” And with that promise of future get-togethers, and before I could reply, she turned, let herself out and went home, leaving me to think over what I had just experienced.

Part 3

Two days later Julie arrived on my doorstep again, dressed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt, smiling mischievously. “Quick, let me in Dave,” she said, “I don’t want the other neighbors to see me coming and going here so often, they might say something to my day, and then I time together will be ruined.” I quickly let her in, glancing up and down the street to see if anybody had seen her arrival. It appeared as if there was no-one about so our secret would be safe for a while still. When I got inside Julie was standing there grinning, swinging something between her fingers. “Guess what I have got here today Dave?” she teased. I quickly realized she was holding a couple of condoms in her hand.

“Where did you get those?” I asked.

“At school,” she replied, “they are freely available. I guess they know that a lot of the pupils are having sex, so they encourage safe-sex, and condoms are left in all the cloakrooms, so you can just help yourself. I want you Dave, I want to feel you inside of me, and now we can be safe from any accidental pregnancy. You can cum inside of me, without fear of making me pregnant. Ever since I picked these up and put them in my blazer pocket, I have been dreaming about you, about feeling you inside of me again.”

“Oh Julie, you are such a sweet girl, so young and pretty. You should not be wasting your time on me,” I said to her, “you should find a guy more your own age, and not worry about an old man like me. You have so much going for you, you could have anyone.”

“But I love you Dave,” she replied resolutely, “you’re such a wonderful lover, you give me the most amazing orgasms. You are experienced and can teach me things. You are gentle and considerate, you don’t f***e me to do things I don’t want to do. A younger guy would do none of those things for me, and he would probably be bragging to all his friends about how he is doing me. With you, I feel safe and secure, and you are not going to tell anyone about us.”

I could not argue with her reasoning, she was probably right, and who was I to turn some nice fresh young pussy. As long as we both enjoyed what we were doing, no-one got hurt, what harm could there possibly be. I got us both some cold drink from the kitchen and we sat down on the couch and chatted, Julie half-lying down on the couch, her smooth brown legs d****d over my lap. I was running my hands over her smooth legs as we chatted, not paying too much attention to what I was doing, when Julie grabbed my hands and pulled them higher towards her crotch. “Higher Dave,” she murmured, “I was already so hot for you when I came over, and the way you have been stroking my legs has made me even hotter.” I moved my hands onto her thighs, feeling the soft silky skin on the inside of her thighs. Julie sighed contentedly as I stroked her thighs, opening her legs a bit so that I could caress her thighs. I could see her panties through a fold in her shorts, and was not surprised to see a damp patch over her pussy. I slipped a hand in through the leg of her shorts, touching the damp spot on her panties. Julie moaned with satisfaction as I touched her pussy through her panties. “Do you feel how wet I am Dave?” she asked, “I need you so badly.”

“I know you do baby,” I said to her, “but think we need to get rid of these pesky shorts.” I hooked my fingers around the waistband of her shorts and pulled them, panties and all, down over her round hips. Julie lifted her ass up to allow me to remove her shorts. I pulled them right down her legs, and she pulled her feet up to disentangle herself from her shorts. I dropped them on the floor, and turned my head to see Julie pulling her t-shirt up over her head. She was not wearing a bra today, and her sexy little tits were immediately exposed to my eyes. I removed my t-shirt as well, but left my shorts on. I did not want to lose the moment and they would come off in good time. I ran my eyes up and down her nubile young body d****d over my lap, drinking in her innocent beauty.

I noticed her, watching me inspect her body. Julie smiled at me. “Do you like what you see?” she asked, batting her eyelids at me playfully.

“Of course Julie,” I replied, “you are so beautiful. So young and fresh. Your body is so ripe and tender. I can’t believe that I am such a lucky man to have you here with me.”

“Well Dave, although I like you looking at me like that, I was kinda hoping you would do a bit more than look,” she teased, “make me feel good Dave. I am so hot for you, I need you today.” Julie lay back, closed her eyes, and surrendered her body to me, to do whatever I wanted to do to her.

I moved one of my hands over her chest, gently stroking the soft skin of her chest, moving it over the small mounds of her tits, delicately brushing my fingers over her nipples. With my other hand, I brushed my fingertips over the pouting lips of her small pussy, my fingers touching her there with feather-like delicateness. Julie sighed as she felt my hands moving over her body, spreading her legs to allow me full access to her pussy. I cupped her pussy-mound in my hand, feeling the heat of her pussy underneath my hand. I noticed that her sparsely covered pussy seemed to have even less hair than it had done on our first encounter.

Julie, sensing my hesitation, giggled, “I trimmed it for you Dave. I figured you would like my sweet young pussy even more without any hair, so I cut it as short as I could for you.”

“I love it Julie,” I told her, “I love a hairless pussy. You must let me shave it for you one day. A bald pussy on a young girl is so sexy, it makes you seem even younger.” I moved my hand down over her pussy, spreading her pussy lips with two fingers, while I gently slipped the middle finger into her slit. Julie groaned with pleasure as she felt my finger move into her pussy, lifting her hips up and pushing her pussy-mound against the palm of my hand. At the same time, I cupped one of her small tits in my hand and squeezed it gently, pushing it against her bony ribcage. Julie was moaning now as I played with her tits and pussy, her small body writhing beneath my hands, enjoying what I was doing to her. I was eager to pleasure her, but I was going to make sure that she did not cum yet.

“Oh yes, yes, yes,” she moaned, as my hands moved over her body. She was panting loudly now, squirming in my lap as I aroused her even further.

“Do you like this Julie? Does this feel good? Do you want to feel my big cock inside of you now?” I teased her.

“YES!! Oh yes Dave. That feels so good! Put your big cock inside of me and fuck me please,” she begged.

I rolled her off my lap so that she was kneeling over the edge of the couch. “Don’t move,” I told her, “I’m just getting undressed.” Julie looked over her shoulder as she knelt there, watching me as I quickly stripped and picked up the condoms from the table where she had put them. My stiff cock sprung free as I pulled my shorts off, eliciting an excited moan from her when she saw it. I removed a condom from its packaging and rolled it down over my cock, encasing my cock in a thin layer of latex. I moved behind Julie, spreading her legs wide apart with my knees. She quickly moved her knees wide apart as I guided her. I pushed her body down flat against the seat of the couch, and gazed down at her sexy upturned ass, presented to readily to me. Using my hands I spread her asscheeks, drinking in the sight of her juicy young pussy and ass in front of me. Unable to help myself, I leaned lower and planted a kiss on her pussy, licking up and down her slit, tasting the sweet nectar of her young pussy. She wiggled her ass back at me as she felt my tongue making contact with her pussy, and wanting to surprise her even further, I moved my tongue upward and began to lick her tight little asshole. I was aware of her making a loud groan as I wiggled my tongue against the tight little rosebud of her ass, probing her asshole with my tongue. Julie was still pushing back against my tongue, enjoying the sensation of my tongue against her asshole. I moved upward, moving my cock until it was just brushing against the lips of her pussy, moving it up and down her slit, teasing her with the tip.

“For fucks sake Dave, stop teasing me,” she begged, as she wiggled her ass back against me, “put your cock inside me and fuck me please.”

I pushed the head of my cock slowly into her tight pussy, and she stopped wriggling, waiting for me to plunge my cock into the depths of her pussy. Keeping just the head inside of her, I slowly fucked her, just with the tip of my cock, teasing her with my cock. I pushed her down against the couch, restricting her movement completely so that she was totally under my control. I felt her body relax beneath me as she surrendered herself totally to my control. I fucked her slowly like this for quite a while, teasing her, building up her excitement and frustration at the same time. Then, without warning, I lunged forward, driving my cock deep into her tight young pussy, feeling her pussy grab my cock as I thrust it into her. Julie cried out with pleasure as she felt my cock ploughing into her. I pressed myself against her, my belly pushing against her sexy ass as I thrust my cock as far as I could into her pussy. Keeping my cock embedded inside her pussy, I began to rotate my hips, my groin mashed against her pussy lips at the base of my cock, as I screwed my cock inside of her. Julie was thrashing beneath me now with pleasure, in vain though because she was unable to move as I had her trapped between me and the couch. I screwed my cock into her, driving her insane with pleasure as she felt my cock reaching all parts of her pussy. She was wailing with excitement as I minced my cock into her, moving her head from side to side at the frustration of not being able to respond as she wanted, to the sensations I was giving her.

I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy, keeping just the tip inside of her, and she stopped squirming beneath me, waiting – not knowing what to expect next. I drove the full length of my cock back into her, but this time withdrew it again, before shoving my cock back inside of her. Julie’s back stiffened as I drove my cock in and out of her tight pussy, her entire being concentrated on where we were joined. I fucked steadily into her pussy, my cock plunging deep into her each time I thrust into her. “AAH YES!!” she screamed, “fuck my little pussy. Pound my pussy with your big cock.” I was in total control and I was going to drive her insane with desire, keeping this randy little bitch on the edge of orgasm, before I allowed her to cum. I began to vary my strokes inside of her. I would sink my cock deep into her pussy, and then withdraw, giving her a couple of short quick strokes without pushing my cock completely into her, so that she could just feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I knew that she wanted to feel me deep inside of her, and I was not going to give her that satisfaction yet. I looked down to where my cock was moving into her pussy, watching her bl**d-engorged pussy lips enveloped around the shaft of my cock. Julie was trying to push her ass back towards me to f***e my cock deeper into her waiting pussy, but I was too strong for her and she did not have enough leverage to succeed.

I continued fucking just the top part of my cock into her pussy, spreading her ass-cheeks with my hands so that I could see my condom-covered cock moving in and out of her, glistening with the mixture of our juices. Spreading her ass-cheeks wide open, exposed the wrinkled little rosebud of her asshole to my eyes, the small brown hole looking ever so inviting. As much as I wanted to, I was not going to fuck her ass today, although she would not have stopped me from doing so, considering the state I had worked her up to thus far. I was going to cum inside her pussy today, I wanted her to feel my cock swelling inside her pussy for those moments before I came, I wanted her to feel her pussy stretched and filled to the maximum by my cock as I shot my cum into the condom. However, for the moment, I was content to allow her to feel just the top part of my cock inside her pussy.

I let some of my spit drop out of my mouth, aiming it for the crack of her ass. My aim was good! The glob of my spit dropped into the crack of her ass, just above her little brown hole, running slowly downwards towards her asshole. Using my thumbs, I pulled her asshole apart, allowing my spit to run slowly into her ass. I put the middle finger of my right hand inside my mouth, covering it with more of my spit, before taking it out and running my finger over and around her tight little asshole, probing gently at her tight muscle of her asshole. I relaxed my hold on her, allowing her to move slightly, if she wanted my finger inside her ass, she could push back against it, forcing my finger inside of her. Julie sensed the relaxing of my hold on her, and began to push back against me. I moved my hips backwards, still teasing her with the top section of my cock, but kept my finger in the same place, probing her asshole with the tip of my finger. Julie hesitated, realizing that I was not going to give her the satisfaction of moving onto my cock fully, that I was going to continue fucking her with just the top half of my cock. She wormed her hips back at me, pushing back onto my finger, skewering her ass onto my finger. The tip of my finger slipped easily into her tight asshole, causing her to moan as she felt my finger penetrating her ass. I twisted my finger around inside her ass, stretching the tense muscle of her asshole, but did not attempt to push it any deeper into her. Julie was pushing back harder against me now, forcing my finger deeper into her tight asshole. I pushed my finger back against her movements, screwing my finger into her tightly clasped asshole. I could only imagine how good it would feel if it was my cock penetrating her tight hole like this.

I could feel my cock moving in and out of Julie’s pussy, through the thin membrane separating her pussy and asshole. I began to alternate the movement of my cock and my finger, withdrawing my finger slightly from her ass when I thrust my cock deep into her pussy, and then withdrawing my cock and pushing my finger deep into her ass. The dual sensations that she was feeling now was too much for her, and her body tensed, she pushed herself up onto her arms so that the top part of her body was now off the seat of the couch. I was now thrusting hard into her pussy, and was delighted to see the firm cheeks of her ass wobbling each time my hips bumped with them. Julie’s head was up now, eyes closed, and she was moaning constantly now, “Ah yes, yes!! Fuck me Dave! Fuck my pussy. Cum inside of me.”

I could sense that she was about to cum and I was too. I withdrew my finger from her asshole, keeping just the tip inside of her ass, while I hammered my cock into her pulsating pussy. Julie came, and I felt her pussy clench tightly around my cock as I thrust into her, and even the tight ring of her ass tightening around my finger. She screamed as she came “AAAAIIIIIEEEE, CUMMMING!!!”, and I continued pounding my cock into her tightening pussy, forcing it through the tight walls of her pussy. I came too, shoving my cock as far as I could inside her pussy, my cock swelling as I shot my seed inside of her, to be caught in the condom. Julie’s body froze as she felt me cumming inside of her, and then her whole body began to shake as her second orgasm overpowered the first one. I chose that moment to shove my finger deep inside her tightly clenched ass, skewering her pussy and ass on my cock and finger. Her entire body was shaking as she pushed back against me, taking me deep inside of both her orifices. I began thrusting my cock and finger in and out of her in unison now, prolonging the almighty orgasm that was washing over her body. Julie was screaming with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her body, her entire body a mass of quivering flesh as she pushed back harder and harder against me, forcing my cock and finger deep into her two orifices.

Julie’s body suddenly stopped shaking, her back arching, her head up, her body stretched as tight as a string on a bow, every muscle in her body tensed. I did not relent. I continued fucking into her, enjoying the sensation of feeling my cock plunging into this tight young body that had become so rigid beneath me. She was making little mewling sounds now as I fucked my cock into her tense pussy, but not moving at all, allowing my cock to plunge into the depths of her pussy, my balls slapping against the lips of her pussy as I ground myself into her. Julie suddenly flopped down onto the couch beneath her, her body all of a sudden losing its tight stiffness, all of the muscles in her body suddenly relaxing, and I realized that she had passed out. The stimulation had been too much for her, and her brain had closed her body down to protect itself. I could feel the muscles inside her ass and pussy relaxing as she slumped into a state of semi-consciousness, and withdrew my finger from her ass, but continued fucking my stiff cock slowly in and out of her pussy. I looked down at her head resting on the seat of the couch, her damp hair swept back over her ears, her eyes shut in a relaxed state of bliss, and her cute mouth open slightly, moist lips parted as she breathed deeply.

I withdrew my cock from her pussy, quickly removing the cum-filled condom, and put it on the table, my cock covered with my cum. I took the head of my semi-erect cock and pushed it against the relaxed muscles of her asshole, feeling her asshole open easily in her relaxed state. I eased my cock into her ass, enjoying the sensation of my cock slipping so easily into her ass. Julie’s hips were resting on the edge of the couch, supporting her, and propping her ass up at the ideal angle for my assault. I thrust my cock slowly in and out of her ass, the muscles of her ass totally relaxed, but still tighter than her sexy young pussy. She was still out for the count, not moving beneath me as I fucked into her ass. Her breath became more ragged as I thrust into her, but she was powerless or reluctant to react to my attack on her ass. Remarkably, I felt my cock once again growing hard inside of her, and realized that I would soon be able to cum again inside of her. Julie was lying there, propped up over the couch, grunting quietly each time I thrust my hardening cock into her ass. I picked her petite, lithe body up, still keeping my cock lodged inside her ass, and carried her around until I was standing behind the couch. I lowered her torso over the back of the couch, leaving her ass d****d over the top of the backrest of the couch, her feet off the floor so that her entire weight was supported by her hips where they were d****d over the couch. Julie had barely stirred as I shifted her, and was still out cold. I thrust steadily into her ass, enjoying the angle of penetration that this new position presented to me. I thrust harder and harder into her unresisting body, lifting one of her legs up and placing it on top of the backrest, spreading her legs as wide apart as I could. Her pussy was yawning wide open I had spread her legs so far apart, her ass cheeks spread away from each other so that I no longer had to use my hands to separate them to see my cock spearing into her ass. I lifted her other leg, propping it up on the backrest so that she was almost doing the splits on the backrest of the couch. “Thank goodness for young supple bodies,” I thought. I had to hold her like this to prevent her from falling forward onto the couch, but it was worth it. In this position, her ass spread like that, served to tighten her sphincter muscle, gripping my cock in an excruciatingly tight ring as I thrust into her. I was also able to see my cock as I speared into her unresisting ass. I watched as I thrust into her, amazed at how I was able to bury the entire length of my big cock inside her little anal passage.

I was aware of Julie grunting softly each time I thrust into her, but she did not react physically at all to the cruel fucking of her ass. Her sphincter muscle was gripping my cock unbelievably tightly, it felt so good that I was fucking into her with long deep strokes, taking pleasure in the excruciating tightness of her ass. I watched her ass gripping my cock tightly each time I withdrew, distended around my cock, before I lunged back into her. This was the most incredible ass-fucking I had ever had, and she was totally oblivious to it. I had to cum soon, I needed to cum soon. Her ass was gripping me like a vice, almost painfully it was so tight. I hammered my cock into her, battering her insides with my cock, hoping that I was not doing any damage to her as I fucked my big cock into her ass. I came again, shoving my cock as deep as I could between her widespread ass cheeks, burying my cock inside of her ass up to the hilt, as I shot my load into her ass. Julie’s little grunts had changed into groans as she felt me cumming inside of her, but she was still to far out of it to do anything more. As I felt my orgasm receding I withdrew slightly from her ass, feeling her tight ass milking my cock, before shoving it once again deep into her, releasing the last of my cum inside of her. I held my cock inside of her, until I felt it begin to soften, before slowly withdrawing it from her tight ass. It plopped easily out of her ass, and I noticed the reddened ring of her ass did not close easily after I had withdrawn. Even in this position, her battered little asshole had been stretched so wide-open, that it was reluctant to assume its usual closed state.

I moved backwards, and brought her legs back together, before lowering them gently onto the couch so that she was stretched out on her back on the couch. I moved around and sat down on the couch, lifting her head and resting it on my lap as she dozed. Julie shifted onto her side, using my leg as a pillow and slept like a baby. I used one hand to brush her damp hair away from her face so that I could gaze at her beautiful face as she slept. She had slipped one hand between her legs and had brought the other to her face and was busy sucking her thumb as she slept. I looked over her sexy young body as she slept, marveling at her beauty, and wondering what I had done to deserve it. I too fell asl**p with her head in my lap, and my arm d****d over her shoulders.

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21 days ago
Good work.
1 year ago
WOW – so well written, it was as if I was the one there doing the fucking – thank you so much, I just couldn’t stop playing with my cock all the way through that.
2 years ago
hm, i love your gently story :-)
2 years ago
That goes into my favs,straight away
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very hot & good
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3 years ago
Reminds me of...nah, it's just a really well written story. Thanks.
3 years ago
Another great story. Must have missed it earlier. Brought back some great memories of many years ago. Thank you.
3 years ago
One of the best I've read here! Keep up
3 years ago
Great story set*
3 years ago
Very told, Beautifully written.
3 years ago
Aww I loved it. Thanks for writing a story about me. Saving this one for later. :) I "enjoyed" myself several times
3 years ago
very hot
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mmmm i just love it
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great story Well Told