I Give My Economics Teacher Extra Lessons

One day, after the final two periods of economics, my teacher asked me to help her carry all the books she had to mark that evening to her car. I obliged, helping her to carry the mounds of economics books out to her car, and helped her to put them in the boot. As she closed the boot, she turned to me and asked if I would like her to give me a lift home, because it was on her way anyway. I got in the car with her and we drove off. I quickly noticed that she was not taking me home, and asked her where she was going. “I just thought that since you were so kind to help me to carry the books to the car, that you wouldn’t mind carrying them into my house for me,” she replied, “I’ll take you home afterwards, it won’t be a problem.” I was not going to argue, I was getting a free ride home and it was saving me the walk. We pulled up in the driveway of her house, and we both got out, and got the books out of the boot. She walked ahead with some books, and unlocked the house. I followed her with a pile of books and followed her inside. “Just put them there on the dining-room table please,” she said. I put them down, and told her that I would go back out and fetch the rest of them that were still in the car, and bring them inside too. “Thanks so much Dave,” she said, “Would you like some Coke, I’ll get it while you finish up there.” I said I would, since it was a hot summers day. I went back out to the car and returned inside the house, and noticed that she had drawn all the curtains while I was outside. I put the rest of the books down on the dining-room table with the others, and looked around the house. “Here is your Coke,” I heard behind me, and turned to find my accountancy teacher standing there, holding out a glass of cold Coke, clad only in a red g-string.

My eyes almost popped out of my head. I would never have expected this from her. I had no doubt in my mind what she wanted. She was older than the other two teachers that I had already fucked. She was in her mid to late forties, not unattractive, and had a pretty good body for a woman her age. “Shocked?” she asked laughing, “Accountancy teachers need to be fucked as well.”

“Why, yes,” I replied quickly, “Mrs ..…”

“Please Dave, my name is Zara,” she said, “I overheard a conversation in the staff room the other day. I’m sure you know who I mean, and I thought I would see if what I heard was true. Apparently you have been servicing a couple of lady teachers already.”

“Well….” I said smiling, not wanting to betray the trust of my other lovers.

“Judging by the look on your face and your reaction, it seems that what I heard was true,” Zara said, “now get out of that uniform, I want to see for myself. Don’t be so shocked Dave, even though I’m married, my husband doesn’t pay me enough attention, and I’m hoping you can give me what I’m missing. And have some of your Coke, you’ve been standing there with your mouth open for so long, I’m sure you’re parched.”

I wasn’t going to argue with her too much, here she was offering herself to me, and I was pretty sure that fucking her would do my accountancy marks a world of good, like it had for my Maths and English marks. I realised straight away why she had drawn the curtains, she did not want anyone looking in and seeing us naked together. I quickly stripped out of my uniform and sat down on the couch where she indicated I should sit. Zara stood in front of me, running her hands over her body. “Do you think I’m sexy Dave?” she asked, “not bad for my age eh? I just wish my husband would notice sometime, he doesn’t know what he is missing.” I looked up at her. She was right, she was not carrying much extra weight, and she had nice tits with very little sag, topped with beautiful little pink nipples. Zara knelt down on the couch next to me. “I’m going to suck your lovely young cock until it is nice and hard,” she told me, “and then I want you to fuck me. I want you to put your lovely hard cock inside my pussy and fuck me until I cum, I’m so horny now it shouldn’t take long.” Zara leaned over, her head in my lap, and began stroking my cock in her hand. “I didn’t know you were uncircumcised, I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock before,” she said, “it’s so cute how your foreskin covers your cock like that.” She began stroking my cock, and I felt her tongue flicking out, licking my soft foreskin as it bunched at the tip of my cock. My cock began to harden from her caresses. “Mmm, this feels promising,” she murmured, as she sucked my stiffening cock into her hot mouth.

Zara was by far the most talented cocksucker I had ever experienced in my short life, she took her time, making sure that every thing she did increased my pleasure. She sucked and nibbled on the head of my cock, running her tongue around the large tip, teasing me mercilessly. Every time I thought I could take no more of her teasing, she sunk her mouth down onto my cock, sucking my entire shaft into her mouth. Even as her mouth plunged down onto my cock, she still massaged my cock with her tongue, moving it around my shaft lodged inside her mouth. Her entire attention was focused on my cock, and pleasuring me. Every now and again, she would take her mouth off my cock, and drop it down to my balls, sucking, kissing, and licking my tight balls. “Mmmm, so full of lovely cum for me,” she whispered, admiring my full balls, “I can’t wait to have this cum inside of me.” She would then latch her mouth back onto my cock, sucking the tip into her mouth as she teased me with her tongue, each time slowly lowering her mouth further and further down the length of my prick. She seemed to sense each time I was close to cumming and would pull back from her teasing and allow me time to recover. She obviously wanted to make sure that when I came, I deposited all my cum inside of her. I watched her highlighted hair on her head bobbing down in my crotch, enjoying the sensations I could feel on my cock, wishing I could see her sucking my cock so intently. Zara held my cock steady in her hand as she pushed her mouth down the shaft. At one point, I could feel her lips moving all the way down my cock until they were touching the fingers of her hand where they gripped me tightly. She had my entire cock enclosed inside her hot mouth, and that was when she sucked hardest, her lips tightening around the base of my cock as I felt incredible suction power around my cock. I groaned with pleasure, but she just gripped the base of my cock tighter with her fingers. The incredible sucking I was getting stopped, and then I felt her push her mouth down even further until her throat closed around the tip of my cock. She then began to massage my cock with her tongue, rubbing the soft underside of my cock as she moved her head around on my cock. Her throat was opening and closing around the head of my cock, massaging it too. It felt like heaven!!

Unexpectedly, Zara suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock, and looked up at me smiling. “It seems what I heard was true Dave,” she smiled, “you have a damn fine cock there for such a young boy. Did you like the way I was sucking it for you? I just love sucking cock, I was enjoying feeling your big hard cock inside my mouth like that, and I could tell you were too! That’s enough for now though, I want to feel your big hard cock inside of me. Don’t you want to stick that big hard cock of yours inside of me, and fuck me, fuck your old ugly and boring Accountancy teacher?”

“You sucked my cock better than anyone before Zara,” I said, “I want to fuck you. I want you to give you a fucking you won’t forget in a hurry. You are not that old, and you’re certainly not ugly and boring! You’re in good shape for your age, and you know how to please me. If you fuck half as good as you suck a cock, it’ll be incredible.”

While I was saying this, Zara peeled her g-string off and tossed it on the floor. Zara smiled at me and rolled over onto her back, her legs spread in a wide V, the gash of her cunt exposed to me for the first time. “Well my boy, what are you waiting for? Climb on and fuck me, my cunt is already so wet, you can just shove that big beautiful cock of yours straight in,” she said, “No need for any preliminaries, just fuck me.” I climbed on top of her, supporting myself on my arms, looking down at her. Zara’s hands darted between her legs, guiding my cock towards her pussy. Once she was satisfied that it was lined up, she looked up at me and said, “Stick it in me Dave, please. I need your cock so badly.” I pushed forward with my hips, pushing my cock steadily into her slick wet pussy. It glided into her pussy, her pussy was already so wet, and I was surprised to find her pussy a lot tighter than I would have thought. Zara groaned with pleasure as she felt my cock sliding into her, her eyes screwed tightly shut, abandoning herself to the moment. “Do you like my tight pussy?” she asked, “I do exercises to keep my pussy tight like that. I thought you would like it.” I didn’t answer her, but began to thrust away into her pussy, causing her to moan with pleasure each time I drove my cock into her. The way I was kneeling between her widespread legs did not allow Zara sufficient movement to wrap her legs around me, so I was able to control the pace and depth of my thrusts into her. I thrust steadily into her, with long hard strokes, our groins mashing against each other where we were joined. Zara’s breathing was already ragged, and she was arching up her hips to meet my thrusts, she wasn’t k**ding about how horny she was, she was already about to cum and we had barely started fucking. Knowing this, I drove my cock hard into her, our groins mincing together, my cock buried inside her. I held my cock inside of her, feeling her hot tight cunt gripping my cock tightly, our groins rubbing against each other. Zara opened her eyes and looked up at me, “Don’t tease me please Dave,” she begged, “Fuck me, fuck me hard. I want to feel your cock thrusting inside of me.” I withdrew my cock slightly, and then drove it back into her, causing Zara to groan with satisfaction and pleasure as she felt my cock moving inside of her. I continued thrusting away into her, watching her face closely, watching the pleasure expressed on her face as I drove my cock relentlessly into her pussy. Zara’s eyes were shut tightly now, her mouth open as she breathed heavily, her tits bouncing each time my cock slammed into her pussy. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock, and knew that she was on the brink of cumming, but this did not deter me, I continued pummelling her pussy with my cock. “AH, AH, AH, AH!! YESSSSSSS!!! I’M CUMMMING,” Zara screamed, her entire body trembling and shaking, her pussy clamping tight around my pounding cock. I drove my cock hard into her clenching pussy, holding it inside of her, allowing her to feel the entire length of my cock inside of her as she came. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter and tighter as she came, and began to thrust into her with short rapid strokes, increasing her pleasure even further. Zara was continuously moaning with pleasure now, her orgasm continuing as I drove my cock into her. “Aaaaaaaaaah,” she moaned as her orgasm finally ended, and she opened her eyes and looked up at me, “That was wonderful Dave! You made me feel so good, I really needed that! You really know how to please a woman, and I can feel that you haven’t even cum yet yourself, your cock is still hard as a steel rod inside of me. Get off of me, I want to sit on that lovely hard cock of yours for a bit, while I recover.”

I climbed off Zara’s body, and sat down on the couch. She slowly got up and came and knelt astride me. “I want to sit on your wonderful cock for a while Dave,” she explained, “I just want to feel your rock-hard cock inside my neglected pussy for a moment longer. I’d like you to kiss and suck my tits, if you want, whilst I hold your cock inside of my cunt.” Without waiting for me answer, Zara began to lower her pussy down onto my cock, guiding my stiff cock into her. “Mmmmm,” she moaned, “it’s back where it belongs, deep inside of me.” She settled herself down onto my cock, mewling with pleasure as my cock moved once again within the tight confines of her pussy. Once she was settled on my cock, she cupped her tits in her hands, offering them to me. “Suck my tits please Dave,” she begged, “suck mommy’s tits while mommy sits on your lovely big cock.” She pushed her one tit towards my mouth, and I opened my mouth, sucking her nipple into my mouth. Zara gasped with pleasure as she felt me sucking on her tit, sucking her rubbery nipple into my mouth, feeling it grow harder inside my sucking mouth. “Yes baby, suck mommy’s tit, suck my nipple like that,” she moaned, “suck me, while I hold your dick inside of my pussy.” I reached up and took hold of her other tit, rubbing and squeezing it in my hand, before guiding that one to my mouth too. Zara leaned forward, allowing me to move my mouth from one tit to the other, sucking and nibbling each one in turn. She was getting off from me sucking her tits, while she had my hard cock imprisoned inside of her cunt. I could feel her pussy clenching and unclenching around my cock, as she milked my cock with her pussy muscles. She pulled my head tightly into her chest, mashing my face against her lovely tits. “Yeah baby, do you like sucking mommy’s tits while mommy sits on your big hard cock?” she moaned, “Mommy loves feeling your big hard cock inside of her pussy, but I want to feel that lovely hot cum of yours shooting inside of me too. What do you want me to do next? I want you to cum inside of me, and I’ll do whatever you want me to.”

I pulled my head away from her tits and looked at her. “I want to fuck you from behind, doggy-style,” I told her, “I want you on your hands and knees in front of me, so that I can see your sexy ass while I’m fucking you.” Zara smiled at me, and said, “Of course baby, anything you want. You’ve pleasured me, and now I want to please you, I’ll do anything you want me too, as long as get to feel you cumming inside of me.” Zara climbed off me, and knelt down on the couch, her ass up in the air. I got up and moved until I was standing behind her. I rubbed my stiff cock over her ass, leaving a trail of wetness across the smooth skin of her ass. Zara shuddered in anticipation. “You’ve such a sexy ass,” I told her, “I’m going to enjoy this.” Zara looked back at me and urged me on, “Put your cock back inside of me and fuck me Dave, fuck me until you cum.” I pushed my cock against her pussy, pushing forward as it easily slid into her, like a well-greased pole. Zara moaned with pleasure as she felt my cock entering her once again. I pushed my cock about halfway into her and held it still inside of her, while I looked down and caressed her lovely ass. She had a beautiful compact ass, well-shaped with smooth flawless skin, and two little dimples above her ass, like a young girls. “You’re teasing me again Dave,” she pleaded, “put your cock all the way inside of me.” I pushed forward again slowly, easing my cock further and further into her waiting pussy. Zara’s body shuddered with pleasure as she felt my cock moving all the way into her. “Oh, that feels so good Dave,” she moaned, “I love feeling your big hard cock inside of me.” I began to thrust into her pussy, watching as my groin pushed against her upturned buttocks each time I thrust into her. Zara moaned with pleasure each time I pushed my cock into her. “Yeah baby, fuck mommy. Fuck mommy’s pussy hard,” she moaned, “Mommy loves feeling your big hard cock inside of her.” I continued thrusting away into her pussy, enjoying her words of encouragement, but I was busy formulating other ideas in my head. Fucking Zara from behind like this and watching her sexy ass had given me an idea, I wanted to fuck her ass too, making it a triple ass-fucking with all the teachers I had fucked.

I thrust away into her pussy, enjoying the sensations I was feeling, and the fervour Zara was displaying as she pushed backwards with her ass to meet my thrusts. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, causing her to groan with disappointment, and began to rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips. “Put your cock back inside of me,” she begged, “Please Dave, I’m begging you.” I watched as I rubbed my cock over her pussy, frustrating Zara’s efforts to get it back inside of her. I pulled her ass-cheeks apart and pushed my cock between them, rubbing my cock over her little brown wrinkled asshole. Zara moaned with satisfaction as she felt my cock making contact with her again, despite the fact that it was not exactly where she wanted it, deep inside her pussy. I continued rubbing my cock between the cheeks of her ass, spreading the mixture of our juices over her asshole. I moved my cock back to her pussy, easing it slowly back into her, triggering a series of groans and shudders from Zara as she felt my cock once again moving inside of her. I slowly withdrew my cock again, and once again rubbed it up and down over her pussy lips. Zara pushed back against me, trying to get my cock back inside of her pussy. I pushed her body forward, and lined my cock up with her asshole, ready for backward push that I expected when I relaxed my hold on her. Zara did not disappoint me, and immediately pushed backwards again as I released her, stopping suddenly when she felt my cock pushing against her asshole. “It’s in the wrong place, not there, in my pussy,” she moaned, wriggling her ass back against me, trying to guide my cock back into her pussy, but I moved my cock with her movements, and all she achieved was to actually move the tip of my cock partly into her tight ass.

“Is it Zara?” I asked, “you want my cock inside of you, and I want it inside your lovely ass. You said you would do anything for me.”

“Yes, but not there Dave,” she whined, “that’s not the right place. I want you inside my pussy.”

“I want to fuck your ass Zara” I told her, “besides your pussy is getting a little loose now, and I want something tight to fuck. I’m sure your ass is really tight. You’ve never been fucked in your ass before, have you?”

“No, never,” Zara whimpered, “nobody has ever wanted to do something so disgusting before. I’m such a good lay and good cocksucker, nobody has ever asked me to do that before. I can’t do it.”

“You’ll let me fuck your ass Zara,” I told her, “or I will tell the school board and your husband how you seduced me, you’ll lose your job and your marriage.”

“Please, don’t do that,” she begged, “I’ll do it. You can fuck my ass Dave.”

“Good,” I said, “now push back against me, push your ass onto my cock.”

Resigned to having my cock inside her ass, Zara began to push back against my hard cock, and I watched as the head of my cock moved into her asshole. Zara stopped pushing against me as she felt the tip of my pop inside her ass. “Very good Zara,” I told her, “it’s not so bad is it? Now keep on pushing, I want to feel all of my cock inside your ass. Take it in your own time, but don’t try to pull your ass off my cock, or I will shove it in myself, with little thought to your comfort.”

“Ungh,” Zara moaned, as she pushed back again, taking my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. I watched as my cock moved steadily into her ass. She stopped momentarily, probably to gather her resolve, and allow herself to grow accustomed to feeling a big hard cock inside her ass for the first time. She resumed her pushing until my cock was firmly lodged inside her tight ass. “Good girl,” I said to her, “that doesn’t feel so bad does it?”

“It hurts a little,” she moaned, “I’ve never had a cock inside my ass before. However, it also feels kind of nice, I feel so full of your cock, crammed to the hilt with cock, which makes it pleasurable. I hope it feels good for you.”

“You have no idea Zara,” I said to her, “your ass is so hot and tight, I’m going to cum so quickly.”

“Please do,” she begged, “I don’t know how much I will be able to bear.”

I moved back and then thrust my cock slowly into her ass, hearing her moan as she felt a cock being thrust into her ass for the first time. I began to thrust slowly in and out of Zara’s tight ass, loving the extreme tightness of her ass around my cock. Zara was moaning as my cock moved in and out of her ass, whether from pain or pleasure I wasn’t quite sure. I savoured every moment I had my cock inside her ass. “Mmmm, you’re so tight,” I moaned, “I just love your ass.” Zara grunted and pushed back with her ass to meet my thrusts, squeezing her ass tight around my cock. I held her by her hips and began to thrust steadily into her, enjoying the sight of her tight ass-ring clamped firmly around my cock as it moved in and out of her. I pushed my cock deep into her, feeling the extreme tightness of her ass around my cock, from the tip to the root, holding it still inside of her enjoying the moment. Zara began to push back against me, urging me on. “Fuck me,” she begged, “fuck my ass and cum inside of me Dave. Fuck mommy’s ass like you fucked her pussy.” I resumed my thrusting, moving my cock in and out of her tight ass, pleased by her encouragement, meeting her pushing with each thrust. I quickly felt my cock swelling inside her ass. “I’m going to cum,” I cried out, “I’m cumming!” Zara began to quickly push back and forth with her ass, urging me on, as she felt my cum begin to shoot inside her ass. “YES!! Cum for me baby,” she cried, “cum inside mommy’s ass for me.” I shoved my cock as hard as could into her as my orgasm reached its peak, emptying my cum inside her ass. My body shook as I emptied my load of cum inside her tightly clenched ass, her ass milking my cock as I shot into her. Zara pushed back against me, “Mmmm, fill me up with your cum,” she moaned. I thrust one last time into her as my orgasm ended, depositing the last of my cum inside of her, holding my cock inside of her as it slowly began to wilt.

I pulled my softening cock out of her, watching with pleasure as it popped out of her ass, and then collapsed on the couch next to her. Zara turned and sat down next to me, her arms around me. “Mmm, that was nice,” she purred, “I wasn’t so sure in the beginning, because it hurt at first, but I liked it Dave. I’d like to do it again with you sometime. You have an incredible cock, and you know how to use it. I’d like my daughter, Candice, to experience what I’ve experienced too. I’ll set it up for you.”

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3 years ago
Very nice. Please more to come in part two! ;-)P
3 years ago
3 years ago
wow soooooooo hot
3 years ago
id love my teacher doing this x
3 years ago
good story. I helped a few of my teachers in school LOL got a few sweet rewards that way