The temple

I am sweating and wet. My hair hangs in coiling long ropes and strings down my back and face as I stop and catch my breath. Suddenly I feel him behind me, arms sliding around my waist – pulling our slippery bodies together in a wet seal. Lips press against the bare skin on my shoulder and neck, moving to my jaw. I curl into his embrace and kisses - a vessel for his passion. My hands move up around his neck and into his dripping hair and he groans softly as my fingernails rake his scalp and grab the sweat-spiked strands.

This is our fire and water ritual. Each slippery caress a testament to the passion we share. We slip and slide together, him tipping me back for a long liquid kiss, hands moving across me in a slow wet grip. I - am - a - frond - swaying in the f***e of his tide, each rolling wave reshaping me. I spin in his arms and find myself at the far reaches of him only to be pulled back into a tightly coiled embrace, our breath audible over the enveloping music.

When we entered the Life Dance temple earlier both of us knew what kind of ritual this would be, it was the Great Rite of Lifes Water. We had both prepared carefully for weeks-months, clearing our heads, our hearts, and our bodies of things that did not serve us. And we cleared up all our misunderstanding and miscommunications with each other. This was not a lightly taken bonding ritual and it would demand of us a huge amount of life f***e energy.

Face to face, storm cloud eyes meet my red earth gaze and the hunger makes my stomach flutter. I am spun around again. Fingertips trace the line of my collarbone toward the tip of my fingers. Hands clasp, and I am stretched wide open by his longer reach. I want to crack my shell - I want to become larger than I am, I want to burst all the things that bind me inside myself. Arms loosen their grip and hands slide along my torso, moving up to palm my dripping breasts, playing with each nipple. I want so badly that I am quivering in anticipation of whatever might happen next. I melt back into him and once again his lips are on me and my hands are in his hair.

Oh goddess how I love his lips, his tongue and what they do to my body. Each lick, each suck from those glorious pleasure-giving extensions of his heart make me groan with desire. I cannot help the way my body undulates against his, nor the way my breath raggedly inhales and expels from my chest. My hands grasp his thighs and slide up along his hips and then grasp his sweaty forearms sliding up to his shoulders. I twist my torso demanding his lips on mine and he does not rebuff me. Our tongues duel in, out, around, lips slanting one way then the next - I suck and bite his lower lip and taste sweat in his kisses - it makes me want to lick all of him. His mouth makes a wet trail from my mouth to my nape and I shudder. This part of me is so responsive to his delicious wet tongue. “Mmmm… salty, good…” he murmurs.

He slides down my back, his lips and tongue making a slow trail. When he reaches my lower back he slows down even more and licks me to the top of my crack. I shudder with pleasure. He positions my legs further apart and continues the lick all the way down through my parted thighs up to my wet lips and clit where he sucks and licks me until my hips are rocking and my hands are grasping his hair roughly with the intensity of it. He chuckles and slowly slides through my legs and continues to lick up to my navel which he teases for a while, then slowly slides his sweaty body up mine.

I feel the f***e of his rising passion between my legs, its upward thrust causing the tip to press against my clit. My head drops to his shoulder giving him greater access to my willing body as he continues to ravage my neck, shoulders, jaw and breasts. He starts moving his hips slightly back and forth, teasing me, and soon his cock is covered in more than just sweat as my arousal increases. His hands flow down to my hips where he steadies and guides me to tease both of us with the motion of our simple gliding dance.

I am lost - maybe more in the anticipation of what is to come than the sensation of now. I am being pushed toward complete surrender, and -- surrender I do. He feels it in my body and I sense a low rumbling growl in his chest. Oh, oh, oh please I want this to last forever and don’t even realize I’ve said it aloud until I feel chuckle from him vibrate us. “Yes,” is all he says in a husky whisper.

There is a chair along the wall, perfect for the purpose and he slowly pulls me back to it, where he pulls us down. I slowly slip around to face him as I straddle his lap, kissing him with a wild passion from the depth of my soul - his answering fire and the pulse of his cock cause me feel as if a waterfall has started inside my pussy. I touch as much of his body as my hands and arms can reach, they are liquid flame on his slick skin and his body raises to meet them.

We are feral and revel in this ferocity that keeps pushing us closer to the brink of madness. His prick is now rubbing my pussy lips more firmly and his fingers have dug into my thighs - buttocks and thrust up inside of my wet, wet cunt as he consumes me with his mouth. I am melting - I cannot take much more of this teasing and I shift my hips – ever – so - slightly.

The tip of his cock lodges just inside of me. He stops, pulls away for a moment and gives me a wicked, wicked smile. In this moment he is the source of all my passion, all my attention and I feel a spurt of moisture coming from me making my cunt into a welcoming river. I love the way he teases me, reminding me how much of a dance this is. He leads - I lead, the exchange is what is truly intoxicating.

He taunts me in the absolute perfect spot for a long time with his tip coupled with his divinely gifted kisses. I am going mad. I want – no I NEED to feel him deep inside – NOW! Intense impatience swamps me for a moment, firestorm, flood, but - no, no, no – absolutely no rushing this dessert. I’m moaning with desire, I don’t even know what I am saying or what he is saying anymore. My insides feel swollen and hungry. The hunger is overwhelming me and reason is fleeing me faster than my breath.

He lifts me slowly off of him and turns me around. Aha, yes, this is the treat tonight. He slowly, slowly lowers me down the length of him. I feel every blessed inch and and my swollen cunt pushes outward and alternately grips him in a delicious caress that intensifies my pleasure. I am groaning (or is that him groaning) long, low and softly as he presses me down to the very base of his rigid shaft. We are sealed together as tightly as two beings can be. He holds me in that position for a long minute and I feel his muscles gently flexing inside of me as counterpoint to my hungry internal movement. I don’t want to move, I want to feel this exquisite anticipation forever, but then he lifts me slowly and almost completely off of him, with a sudden slick movement he pushes all the way back into me and my breath, which I didn’t even realize I was holding, shudders out of me.

Now the fucking really starts. He sets a maddening pace. I am held on the cusp of shattering into pieces by the long slow pace of this glorious fucking. I keep ejaculating in little spurts and his soft groans of encouragement and pleasure in my ear sensitize me to the very edge. My pussy is, once again, gripping and pressing him in a rhythm that truly makes me mad, and mad, and mad, and mad, and mad again. I cannot stop cumming, the orgasms roll over me in waves and I am riding the crest of each of them while he is now fiercely thrusting into me and whispering something in my ear. I can feel he is close himself, his body and breath a series of earthquakes and shakes that are leading up to a seismic explosion. I am completely caught off guard by the gloriously huge orgasm that disintegrates me into nothingness at the same moment his whispers stop and he cries out loudly with his release - his cock quiver inside of me - wetness drenching us where our bodies join while the pleasure seems to go on, and on, and on. I wail to the Universe like a newborn babe, it seems such pleasure should be forbidden.

When we both land, it is softly. I am sprawled across his lap, my back resting against his chest while he is gently petting us where we are still joined – one arm still tight around my waist. He raises his hand to offer me the scent of our combined juices and I inhale deeply – but the earthy scent of our lovemaking lingers all around us. Neither of us is in a hurry to separate and end the dance - for a long while we bask in this afterglow.

At some point I find myself horizontal and still tightly in his embrace – back to chest. I love his smooth strength and purr happily in his arms. I’m so relaxed that it doesn’t dawn on me for a long while that he is still hard, and his thick length is seated deep inside of me. There is a subtle pulsing in my pussy as he involuntarily (or not?) gently and rhythmically flexes and releases. I gasp in surprise and pleasure, my body shuddering a little bit. He is not done with me.

This time there is a subtlety to our energy, something that makes my heart quiver. This is no longer the quick fiery outburst, but something altogether more intense and demanding. This will be lovemaking of the kind that sears your soul and make you weak in the knees with its memory -- years later.

One of his hands rests above my heart and its steady-gentle, pressure suddenly bursts onto my awareness, as does the rhythm of our breathing. We breathe as one, rise and fall. The barest of caresses from his lips on my ear, the constancy of his embrace make me aware that he is sharing his very essence and opening up to accept mine – if I will allow it. And what choice do I have, because I love him, but to say - yes?

If it is possible to feel this - I feel as if the electrons between our bodies have become denser and we are now tightly locked together. I feel him pour his love into that strange atomic space. I feel his need and vulnerability, his strength and solidity. With my heart shaking in my chest I meet him in that sacred space and suddenly - we feel - together. We feel our souls being etched into each other and we both take a deep breath in unison. I am not even sure how to truly describe this, but it is profound and a fire lights in my heart that fuels my pussy.

As I ignite so does he, and if possible he gets even harder and then goes completely still. The sweetness of this moment is incredible and I think I may understand suddenly some small dust-mote-corner of divinity. Tears are pricking my eyes and all walls are melting inside of me. I feel a powerful and resounding, “YES!” in the depth of my soul and my voice cries it out loud.

He slides around so he is above and facing me. The expression on his face is beyond wonder. He looks at me with something resembling adoration and surrender and begins to move inside of me, slowly, slowly, so slowly. His eyes gaze into mine and his cock keeps stroking me in the most exquisite spots (or has all of my cunt become exquisite in this revelation?) My hands reach up caressing his dripping face, brow, lips and chin.

I do not want to cum, I want to feel. I want to feel this loop of “us” that keeps raising my pleasure meter. I feel him, truly see him. I want him. And it is mutual. He is giving me everything that is possible to give in this sharing, and I AM seeing heaven and all the angels. Our lovemaking is extraordinary - long, slow, deep.

And I shake in the seat of my soul, this is drawing me out and exposing me – all of me. I see a rivulet of sweat slide down his brow to splash somewhere in my damp hair. My hands drop down to my side then lift up to brush over his stomach, his side, his chest and I watch as he shudders as I caress his nipples. I watch him as his face is etched with excruciating ecstasy and know that it is a reflection of my own expression.

My pussy filled with drumbeat pleasure as old as life itself. He rolls us around so I am on top. Now it is my turn to drive this train. My hips undulate against his, the sweat making the glide almost too smooth. I feel his fingers dig into my hips and ass to help control the sweaty glide. His eyes close briefly and he groans softly as my fingers curl into his shoulders. We are consumed by sensation, sensation upon sensation. There is no hurry - this will be a long pleasurable ride.

For a long time we glide like this and I rub my full breasts on his chest and kiss his hungry mouth. Our eyes lock again and I feel a mini shudder in my wet hungry cunt followed by an answering shudder from his heavy cock. The way he is looking at me fires up my bl**d and I continue to sway and rock in the cradle of his arms. I lengthen my torso and he grabs my large breasts anointing each erect nipple with his tongue. Soon he is drawing on them so strongly with his mouth that my body begins to buck on him.

I swear I can cum just from his mouth on my breast. But he stops and sits up, folding his legs under him. His hands and arms help guide me up and down on his cock. I am so close to exploding but I don’t realize it until I feel the unmistakable rush from my crotch to my crown and then back down again to center on the spot where we are joined.

My head falls back, gasps erupting from my chest and he quickens his pace just a little so I am moaning and moaning in pleasure. My mouth seeks and finds his willing one and he is consuming, gentling, loving me as I peak and crash down to a blissfully exhausted state. My head rests on his shoulder and he is still moving inside of me. I feel his pace quicken even more and he grips me tighter then suddenly he is shouting out his release deep within me.

He falls back onto the pillows pulling me with him. Both of us lay stunned in a pool of sweat and cum. I raise my head, a lazy smile on my face, to look down into his blissfully happy, relaxed face and he grins back up at me. We smell like sex and sweat. Delicious.

The ritual beginning it’s finale only when we slowly recover and he pulls me up towards the bath. Jugs of water line the tiled hallway and my warm-eyed lover, looking softly at me, offers one, holding it in his hand while I take a long, long draughts whispering, “May you never thirst.” I take the jug into my own hands, eyes never leaving his beloved face and return the loving courtesy, “May you never thirst.” I say as his eyes briefly close while he drains the jug. I look questioningly at another full jug and he shakes his head negative while smiling.

I set the jug down and he tucks my hand under his arm again keeping me close to him as we resume our walk toward the pools and showers. The cool tile feels chilly on my feet. The sweat has dried and our combined juices coat my pussy lips and inner thighs. As is the custom he leads me toward the showers.

We enter a beautiful one with plants hanging down two of the brown and cream tiled walls. Their fat glossy leaves happy from all the wetness. My lover turns on just one shower and pulls me into his embrace under the streaming water. His lips gently play with mine as the water washes away our exertions. I wash his hair, his neck, his chest and back, and pay lavish attention to his cock and ass as he leans back in pleasure to my exploring hands.

My mouth finds his glorious cock and I lick and suck on the tip until it is once again magnificent in its hardness. The water runs down my back as I play with the little ridges underneath the head with the tip of my tongue. But I want more, I want all of him, so I suck down the entire length until my lips kiss the skin around the base of him. I hear a gasp amplified by the tiles and showers and look up at his now completely vulnerable and open face - paralyzed by pleasure. I grab the base of him and gently fondle his balls while I leisurely suck lick and play with the entire length of him. His eyes are watching me as I keep doing interesting things with my tongue and mouth until his body begins to shudder and tense, his eyes glazing over and each breath held longer. Soon he is crying out in long low groans and his cum is spraying the back of my throat. I swallow every last drop. He slumps against the tile for a minute eyes closed. When his eyes open again they are glowing. He pulls me up to his embrace for a deep long kiss and we share the taste of him in my mouth.

He then begins to wash me, starting with my hair, which he gently untangles with those long talented fingers of his. He turns me to face the wall, placing my hands up on it and then spreads my legs apart and proceeds to “wash” me. I love how he scrubs my scalp and draws his fingers down my back while washing all the soap out of my hair. His nimble fingers covered with soap begin to play with my nipples and pussy and soon I am the one gasping in pleasure. He pulls me under the spray of the water his arms pulling me firmly against him as he kisses and plays with me until my juices begin to flow again. I am pressed back into the cool tiles with my legs spread for him to feast on me. He licks slowly around my clitoris and gentley between my folds soon he is sucking and licking my clit so intesely that I am shuddering into release. My legs buckle and his arms catch me keeping me in place as I whimper and finally scream from the intensity of the orgasm. He slides up my body still supporting me, until he can kiss me and I taste both of us on his tongue. I am leaning against the tiles and he is pressed against me, his body preventing me from sliding down the wall into a puddle at its base.

Strong arms surround me and pull me back into warm shower and I am shuddering and shivering still. His lips are caressing my cheek, my chin, my jaw, my lips and my forhead, imprinting the taste of me into his memory. I am barely able to move and just cling to him. Tenderly he caresses me and then lifts my still shuddering body into his strong arms and carries me out to the pool area. I snuggle into his shoulder with a very contented smile and sigh.

The large pool is softly lit and surrounded by plants, smaller pools and a variety of alcoves. There are large windows high in the wall across and they open to the inky night sky, stars twinkle and wink at us as we enter the space. He sets me gently down then leads me down the stairs into the steaming water holding me in his arms while I recover, and then we frolic and laugh like c***dren for a while. This is one of our most beloved spots in the temple.

to be continued...
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1 year ago
I know, I know... I need to do it soon.
1 year ago
you need tp do this for a living babe xxxxxxxxxx
1 year ago
girl, you got to get this published!
1 year ago
Ohhh my, such a classy, passionate, sensual and simply a wonderful story. A beautiful picture was created by your words. Nicely done!
1 year ago
very erotic
1 year ago
I love it! It's beautiful