Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 3)

I handed him a piece of paper with my cell on it.. "just text me when its clear". I needed to call my k**s and do a few things, besides, I really didn't want the road manager to see me hanging around like I was in heat. I love my job and the last thing I want is to get fired for sl**ping with a basketball team for Christ-sakes.
The Dunkin Donuts across the street was a place I knew well. One day the BF and I were driving around and had stopped there to do it in the bathroom ;-) lol, always go with the feeling! About 40 minutes passed, and I began to wonder if I wasn't the butt of a nasty joke. I mean I wouldn't be the first milf to get shutdown by a younger guy, right then my phone vibrated "Meet me around the back door in 5 minutes"(instant moisture)I'd already slipped into a pair of thigh highs and some slutty 6 inch pumps, a quick primp and it would be show time. Crossing the street I ran into one of the girls from work, she looked at the shoes and then back up to my makeup "You just got fucked..or you're going to get fucked, which is it"? We both cracked up and I told her she'd hear the gory details on Friday, "How gory"? she asked... We laughed again.

As he led me through the carpeted halls I started wondering exactly what would be waiting for me in the room, what was I really getting myself into? Truth be told I had never done anything that wild, 2 guys maybe 3... but a basketball team, what if something broke? As T slid his card through the lock I asked him "How many"? He smiled that smile and said "Just Me baby" he opened up the door and it was true, no one else was in the room. I went to the bedroom but there was no one there either. "What happened" I asked with more than a little disappointment in my voice. "Nothing happened" he said "I'm just not sharing you tonight, is that OK"? As he asked he pushed me onto the bed from behind, which was the perfect thing to do. Any loss I had been feeling a second before was now replaced with the excitement(terror)of knowing this Giant of a guy was about to drop it on me in a serious way.

Looking back over my shoulder at him I realized how really tall this k** was, he literally filled the doorway. Before I could utter another word he had his pants down and was stroking the biggest cock I had ever seen.. ever! I kind of half chuckled to myself as I watched him stroke this monster dark black dick,...it wasn't even fully hard yet! I also thought of my BF, he had always said "baby - you've had alot of black dick...but we still need to get you a monster" lo and behold it was "Monster time"! I looked at the wall and stuck my ass up in the air. I was still bent over on the bed where he had thrown me(yes people...I like it rough!)He pulled up my Skirt so that my ass was exposed, my pussy was already soaking wet. He grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them so that I could feel his breath right on my b-hole... I love anal, I love to get fucked in my ass and then right into my pussy, back and fourth. They say you shouldn't do it but I love it, that's why DP is extra hot for me as well, it stimulates all of me at once. He stuck the tip of his tongue into my ass as he jammed at least 2 fingers into my pussy.I wanted dick bad at this point... He had a great rhythm while fingering my ass and then pussy and doing the opposite with his tongue; back and fourth and rubbing my clit really hard. It was like he was reading my mind. I started to get the numbing feeling that you get when someone has real skills, this k** was a predator. He pushed my face down into the pillow and said "you ready for it"?... he dropped his cock on top of my back, I could feel how heavy it was. "oh no you're not putting that anywhere until I see how far I can get it down my throat" He laughed as he stepped back "I never even asked you your name" "Taylor" I said as I proceeded to move into my favorite position for sucking cock...on my knees....looking up at him....so he could see everything!

"oops wait a minute - I almost forgot!"....reached over into my bag and grabbed for the camera "there's no way I'm not getting this on film!" I handed him the camera....and went back to my prize. "What should I do with this" he asked as he flipped the viewer open "Hit record and watch me go to work". I swear this k**'s cock had to have been A TRUE 12 inches,or more...I was too turned on to really give it much thought but it was at least as long as my forearm. All I knew was my panties were SOAKED, I had started dripping an hour earlier in anticipation...and when he pulled his monster out it was all over,I needed that cock in my mouth! I started with licking the head of his dick and rubbing his giant balls, I sucked each of them as I jerked his veiny shaft, he obviously liked that because he began to get a lot harder. It was super thick at the base but bent off to the left and narrowed some as it went along. He was also uncut which made it all the more erotic sliding his foreskin back off the head. I love to suck cock and I know what I'm doing..he was a willing and grateful recipient and groaned and talked shit the whole time "Suck my cock you slut" 'Lick my balls again" he seemed to have a lot of pre cum which meant he was really excited.
I thought I might be able to get him to cum from sucking him off but didn't wanna lose the fucking if all he was good for was one so I asked him... "If I suck you until you cum are you going to still want to fuck me" without saying a word he threw the camera on the bed, grabbing the back of my head with his right hand he took his left and put it under my chin so that I couldn't really move and began fucking my mouth again. Because of the shape of it I was able to get it down my throat but at the base it was wider than my mouth could go..so now my lips were stretched all the way around the base of his cock as he held my head down.. the gagging was intense, I resisted the urge to Choke it was hard. I looked up at him with tears running down my face, he let me up his cock sliding back out of my throat..I pulled back to gasp for air; the strings of saliva dangling between my mouth and his swollen cock... before I could wipe my eyes he grabbed me again this time standing more over me so that I had to arch my neck back and began fucking my throat. He had been doing this on the bus too, and it was different than most men I've encountered. He seemed to understand where my throat began and was very gentle up to that point, but once he'd passed it, and was in my throat, he began to fuck my mouth hard, and it was really intense, almost overwhelming but super hot and dominant at the same time; again, I was helpless to resist. I began to feel like I might cum from this if he kept going my snatch was really juicing up. Pumping my mouth he started squeezing and pinching my nipples.. he pulled his cock out, I breathed and then back again his balls slapping on my chin and neck. If he worked my pussy and ass like this I was a dead woman. He pulled it out again, and dropped it on my upturned face, my eyeliner running down my cheeks, his balls filling my mouth..."you ready now bitch" he said with an evil crooked smile. I wasn't sure that I was but it didn't matter he pulled me up by my arm and stuck his tongue down my throat falling onto the bed with me... He was so Tall that when he got between my legs I was looking at his chest... he propped himself up on his hands and said "Put It In" I reached down feeling the weight of it and guided it to my soaking wet box.. I rubbed my clit with the tip a couple of times but T wasn't into that anymore, he thrust it in and stopped short, he repeated this a dozen times only putting in maybe 4 inches and then pulling it back out almost kind of teasing me.. on the 13th stroke he jammed it all the way in... OMG! My eyes rolled back in my head,I felt him up around my bellybutton. Now I have a dildo at home that's a "John Holmes" model and I've had that most of the way in my pussy and ass.. and the BF loves to stuff it in my pussy and then squeeze his cock in at the same time. so I'm used to girth... this was girth times 10. On top of the fact that it was as fat as a soda can it was also bent so that it just overstuffed my poor little pussy. Seeing my reaction triggered more aggression from him and he grabbed my throat.. not so hard that he was choking me but he owned me and there was no other way to see or feel it. Holding my right leg up while he kept his other hand on my throat he fucked me senseless pounding me, both legs back helpless against him.. he just punished my pussy stretching it out deeper than I'd ever felt it before... taking it out and dropping it on my stomach so I could see just how much cock was in me.. Again he just seemed to understand my thoughts.. seeing that black thing laying on my stomach just made me all the more wild.. I told him "Fuck my ass now" he had been fingering my ass while he was fucking me.. he stepped back and I bent over got up on my knees and squeezed my legs together so my ass would be sticking up in the air for him.. he stood over me on the bed and leaned on my back as he slipped it into my ass.. I groaned and asked that he please take it easy.. he seemed to understand and for the first few moments he gently worked his way in... once he felt me open up he began to pound. This monster dick stretching out my tiny asshole was the boiling point I felt myself beginning to tremble, I told him fuck my ass harder "You like that black dick in your ass slut" I said "yesss" "Do you love black dick"? "Yesss" "Huh"???? I said yes again and I meant it.. this is why I love BBC.. Not only do they fuck hard and bring a big dick, but they get off on punishing you and I need that.. I love a firm hand. At the base of this dick it must have been a solid 8 inches around like a root.. with him buried in my ass all the way I began to cum.."I'm gonna cum' He jammed it in even harder really rubbing my clit now and squeezing my left breast... pumping me with intense little sharp jabs but leaving it all the way in. As I came he started to long stroke me so that my pleasure just peaked and stayed at a climax point for what seemed like a very long time. My white cum all over his dick.. he pulled it out and stuffed it in my mouth "Clean it off"! I licked and ran my mouth along his monster dick which had softened a little bit so I grabbed him hard at the base around his nuts and began jamming him down my throat "WOW ma, you got it goin now" His dick started to get extra thick and hard again I pushed him back and climbed on.. I wanted the boy wonder to cum now. I got up on my shoes and rode him as hard as I could.. with a dick that big you can really swing it up and down and its a lot of fun. You can't do that with smaller men.. this lasted for a bit but T likes to dominate and he flipped me back on my side and lifted my leg so that he was fucking me sideways. My tits bounced as he went for it.. I love when A man is trying to cum, that's the best part of sex with men.. is that last 2 minutes where they just go crazy trying to get it off...from my side to my stomach he was now behind me again fucking my pussy and then pulling it out and popping it into my ass.. 20 strokes each spot. Jesus fucking christ I was going to cum again.. as he pounded my pussy I said to him.."I want you to shoot that load in me" this made his strokes even more intense and jerking "Cum in my ass baby..cum in my ass" I felt him tensing up as he slammed my ass and then he pushed it all the way in and twitched, again, all the way out and slammed all the way back in.. again twitch, I could feel the heat of his cum in my ass..again he pushed all the way in and shook this time. He laid on top of me for a few minutes, crushing me lol and then got up his semi hard dick slithering out of my very cummed in asshole.. "Get the camera" I said.. I want video of this coming out. He flipped the camera on and I fingered my ass.. spreading it for the camera..I was gaping more than I ever had.

He went off to the Bathroom I lay there for a good 10 minutes just feeling my aching body. He said laughing "How was it", I giggled "Oh My God.. what the fuck was that" he popped out looking like he was 15 with that shit eating grin... and said "That was the Brazilian Tornado".. and then he came out and did a classic 'flex" "with your's truly "T" the magnificent" Well "T' I said with a little matronly repose.. "what do you do for an encore"? "Tomorrow is another day Miss-You'll have to wait and see" I laughed to myself..tomorrow? I wouldn't be walking tomorrow, after that blacking I doubt I'll be able to get out of bed "T" seemed to read this and said

"Get some rest, tomorrows a long day baby, the team is waiting for round 2"
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6 months ago
great writing! cant wait for day 2!
7 months ago
great story.. oooo the team....mmmmm
2 years ago
Good story.
2 years ago
Great story...i pictured it the whole time
3 years ago
My fucking cock just exploded
3 years ago
are you gone to tell us about day 2?
3 years ago
3 years ago
cant wait for the next part! i wanna see u get gang fucked by all those huge cocks!