Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 2)

The guys played really well that first night with a 105 to 86 final score. My intuition about Thiago or "T' as his teammates called him was right on. It turned out he was the captain and apparently had played on the German Olympic team for several years before returning to the Brazilian leagues. He and I had been exchanging smiles all night and his athleticism was second only to his obvious sexuality... I could see this guy was a "Fucking" machine and imagined the scores of women he'd left sore and breathless. He was every married white woman's fantasy; young, foreign, polite, talented, black as pitch and enormous. Just how enormous, I wanted to find out.
As they exited the court he stopped and leaned over me "Are you riding with us to Buffalo" he said with a huge bright white smile... "I think so, my car is in the repair shop and its really too late to go get a rental" he leaned back and looked at 2 of the other players who were also smiling widely, and shot them a thumbs up."Why" I asked with an equally big grin? He laughed, "You know what you want right"? and with that he flipped his towel over his shoulder and trotted off to the locker room. This was turning out better than I had hoped.

My BF and I do most of my filming together and he's very cool about my sexual adventures. I had called him earlier to tell him about the job and also that I'd be traveling with the team for a couple of days; what did he want me to do or not do. He suggested that I bring the camera and the tripod just in case but was fine with me just having fun if that's all that the situation allowed for. I would never do anything without his consent. The road manager was American and seemed a little annoyed by my obvious friendliness with the team. He suggested I go home for the night and be there bright and early. I assured him that I'd be there when they were ready to leave and made like I was fishing for my phone, but that I still needed a ride at least to the hotel. The ride back was akin to being the only girl at a frat party.

As I did interviews with the guys they each and everyone answered politely and with a smile but were looking at my hard nipples and bright red lips. It was like they all knew how much I loved to suck cock and were visualizing me on my knees in front of them, I had the same movie playing in my head. I wondered if any of them recognized me from the swinger sites, which really got me wet; the thought of one of these guys showing all of his teammates one of my clips...
How Fucking hot would that be? At the back of the Bus "T' was laughing and talking on the phone to someone in his native Portuguese, he looked at me and said something to the person on the other end. Even though I couldn't understand the words I knew what he was saying or at least I thought I did. "I've got an American slut in front of me who's been cock watching for the last 5 hours... let me go I have to stuff my dick down her throat" As he hit the power button to hang up he put his hand hand on my inner knee and lifted up my skirt with his wrist. I was still standing and I felt myself wobble a little bit as he reached my soaking wet pussy with his finger tips. Staring me in the eyes he asked me if I was ready? I looked around and the whole team was waiting to see what my reaction would be... I smiled and said "Of Course" there was a short nervous chuckle and then everyone went back to partying and laughing with each other and on their phones.
T's middle finger was now all the way in my pussy as his thumb was swirling around over my hard clit. I spread my legs a little wider to make it easier for him and bent at the waste as I reached down and put my hand on his tool.. it was huge and getting harder. You could see it even in the dark of the bus, almost extending to the bottom of his shorts. I put my index and thumb around the head and began to slip back over his shaft but as soon as I got past his tip there was a flaring out and it was so thick I literally could not get my hand all the way around it. My excitement level was way up by now and the other guys were starting to feel their way as well.. someones hand was squeezing my tits while still another was starting to play with my asshole. T just kept looking me in the eye while he slipped his index and ring fingers in... OMG! Three very long and bony fingers in my wet pussy, another finger now making its way into my ass.. I pulled T's shorts up to reveal his cock, It was all the way hard and I didn't really have to even lean over that far to get it to my lips.. he really was a monster. He put his other hand behind my head grabbing a handful of hair as he f***ed my mouth down over his huge dick. I didn't want to sc**** him with my teeth but it was so thick I wasn't sure if I could actually get all the way around it. I opened up my throat and got ready, as he began to fuck my mouth more hands now were entering me and pulling at me. The bus braked and made a turn, we were back at the hotel already. As I composed myself, straightened my clothes and checked my makeup T said to me.. wait in the lobby when I get into my room I'll call down, we have to keep it cool in front of the staff. He put his fingers on my lips and impulsively sucked them, I could taste my own pussy on him and it made me even crazier than I already was. I didn't really know what to expect but I knew it was going to be a wild 2 days.
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6 months ago
that was hot!
2 years ago
fun story line
3 years ago
Good second part.
3 years ago
Always leaving us hanging I want more!