Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 1)

Here's a story... only the names have been changed..

I'm covering a visiting Basketball team for my local paper, they're Brazilian and I'm told they speak almost no English. The average Height of the team is 6'6 and the tallest guys are over 7 foot. Knowing that I'll be actually traveling with the team I pack some extras in my bag (lingerie, heels, extra batteries for my cameras) I figure that somewhere between here and there I just might get a chance to do a little nasty with one or more of the fellas... If not it'll be a great story and a lot of fun no matter what (Never have expectation/Never be disappointed). On my way to the airport my car breaks down (Chrysler's are junk) and I have to take a cab the rest of the way. The Team ended up giving me a ride to the dome. Apparently no one told the guys that Id be traveling with them and now I was actually going to be, at least for the first 2 nights on the bus, Darn it (yeah right).. you could see by the looks on their faces they weren't excited to have this blonde American poking a camera in their face and stumbling around with my horrible Portuguese trying to do interviews. So I did what any good reporter would do... I went right up to the biggest and scariest guy and asked him what his flight was like and if he was he excited to be in the states. He was very tall maybe 7'4, like duck or hit your head on the door frame tall, and thickly built with big arms and legs (Feet and Hands).. I won't lie my panties were already getting wet when he responded with a very deep voice in almost perfect English, "My flight was nice and I've always dreamed about visiting the states" He stopped short and took a sip from his water bottle.. as he angled his head up to drink I couldn't help myself do a full body scan.. My mind raced at what the size of his cock must be. He noticed me looking down and said even more deeply and softly "I've always been curious about American women" ..."In what way" I asked with a smile.. he smiled back and said "Well it seems that you are sexually very free especially the mature ones..you aren't afraid to go for what you want" ...

This whole exchange had caught me completely off guard. 3 hours earlier I had been baking cookies for my k**s and here I was standing with a 20 something giant who was obviously aware that I was feeling him with my eyes... I responded as professionally as I could muster "Some of, yes, we know what we want alright" and then I blushed like an 8th grader. I felt my face flush and looked over at 4 or 5 of the other guys, they were all smiling as well except now they were doing the full body scan on me.. my nipples were immediately rock hard and there was no hiding it in the dress I was wearing.. we all knew what was going on in that moment.

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6 months ago
nice start! don't understand all the dislikes..
7 months ago
this is a great start...mmmm
2 years ago
ok fast start
3 years ago
Interesting start to the story.
3 years ago
I wanna know what happens!
3 years ago
3 years ago
ohh sweet one sexy lady
3 years ago
I can not wait to hear what happened!