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SPECIAL offer for TRUE Taylor fans!!!

I am asking all my loyal fans/supporters to please help me in achieving my dream of getting my own website up!! I have had my page on here with my videos/photos for all to enjoy for several years now, and have never asked for a dime. I get inundated with emails from all over the world inquiring as to when I will have my own site...well I really want to make that a reality!!

I need some assistance in doing so however...any amount would be so so helpful, and while I have received some donations the last few months, I am still short of my goal.

Those who make a donation will get very speci... Continue»
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****PLEASE if you like my videos - give them a THU

Too many racist a-holes out there that give me thumbs down!!! Please help me keep my videos at 100%!! Thank you so much!!
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Who wants more hot videos????

I'm SO ready willing and able to film alot more hot videos like my latest one for all my freaky loyal fans...but need some help getting this done! Need new camera equipment...sexy new outfits...etc! I have dozens and dozens of huge monster black dickz across the country that wanna fill me up and stretch me out...give it to me like I want it...but travel is costly to be honest!

I want nothing more than to be able to do this full time guys...I'm horny 24/7 these days!!! and this last scene really pushed me over the edge!

Send me a message if you wanna help me get what I need...the sol... Continue»
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Hold Me Down and Fuck Me...

I'm dropping some new movies here, spring 2012...getting closer to having my site up and running. But Something I want to say.. I know there are lots of women out there that put an emphasis on a considerate lover. Don't get me wrong, I'm a romantic too, but there's a time and a Place.. If I'm meeting you at a hotel with a guy carrying Camera equipment, the time for romance is not then.

I want a man that's going to pin me down and fuck me till I can't breath, flip me on my back or stomach and keep going.. if there's friends there,... Continue»
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[Story] Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 3)

I handed him a piece of paper with my cell on it.. "just text me when its clear". I needed to call my k**s and do a few things, besides, I really didn't want the road manager to see me hanging around like I was in heat. I love my job and the last thing I want is to get fired for sl**ping with a basketball team for Christ-sakes.
The Dunkin Donuts across the street was a place I knew well. One day the BF and I were driving around and had stopped there to do it in the bathroom ;-) lol, always go with the feeling! About 40 minutes passed, and I began to wonder if I wasn't the butt of a nasty joke... Continue»
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[Story] Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 2)

The guys played really well that first night with a 105 to 86 final score. My intuition about Thiago or "T' as his teammates called him was right on. It turned out he was the captain and apparently had played on the German Olympic team for several years before returning to the Brazilian leagues. He and I had been exchanging smiles all night and his athleticism was second only to his obvious sexuality... I could see this guy was a "Fucking" machine and imagined the scores of women he'd left sore and breathless. He was every married white woman's fantasy; young, foreign, polite, talented, black ... Continue»
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[Story] Bus ride with a Basketball Team (Part 1)

Here's a story... only the names have been changed..

I'm covering a visiting Basketball team for my local paper, they're Brazilian and I'm told they speak almost no English. The average Height of the team is 6'6 and the tallest guys are over 7 foot. Knowing that I'll be actually traveling with the team I pack some extras in my bag (lingerie, heels, extra batteries for my cameras) I figure that somewhere between here and there I just might get a chance to do a little nasty with one or more of the fellas... If not it'll be a great story and a lot of fun no matter what (Never have expectation... Continue»
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The Disappointing "NO" BBC experience...

Ok so one of the biggest upsets for me in this scene has been the last minute flake. When I was first divorced I had no problem hooking up with men at all.. in fact all I had to do was open up my "new" messages on AFF any night of the week and I could be doing whatever I was in the mood for WITHIN HOURS SOMETIMES MINUTES (literally)... But this is different. Maybe because of the filming, maybe because of the distances sometimes, but I've been wracked by last minute "Oh wells" " I have to work" "I have car problems" "My dick is sore" ?????? I'm not k**ding I've heard it all.. and always after a... Continue»
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Why I Crave BBC..

I'm sort of a country girl.. I'm from Upstate NY and my parents were working class European immigrants. I'm one of 5 c***dren, second youngest. We grew up in a very "Normal" environment and even though I would say that my school and neighborhood was mostly white, we did have black friends. There was never any of the latent racism that seems so prevalent in my demographic. We were taught to believe that people were people. As I got older I began to understand what the real impact of societies attitude towards race meant. Again it always struck me as totally primitive. I married young (19) to an... Continue»
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