Only wanted to return the sheets

I took a room in a shabby guest house in Melbourne when i first arrived from New Zealand
the bloke that ran it was unfriendly and did not give me any assistance with my bags and was generally a real jerk
his wife was a little more friendly and asked if i was leaving in the morning could i bring my sheets back to her before i went
somehow i managed to sl**p in that dingy place and after a horrible coffee I remembered her request and went to the door marked
"Manager" which appeared to be a crappy room just like mine
i knocked and her voice called "it's open"
on opening the door there indeed was a room like mine had been, but full of day-to-day items
and the wife sitting in bed in a white satin dressing gown; as she was in her early 40's and had lipstick on i thought she looked quite hot,
respecting her dignity i hung back and said "i have brought the sheets back"
She invited me in
"don't be shy", and she added something like...Bob can be so rude can't he but he is not here anyway
in wonderment i entered the room and closed the door behind me
"have a seat"
so i sat on the edge of the bed
engaging in conversation she was very friendly with a lovely smile
and as things progressed her gown slipped open more and more revealing a pair of huge breasts encased in a sexy see-through black bra
that allowed me a view of her nipples which appeared to be erect
it was obvious that i was staring but then again it was obvious she did not mind
my lord those look good i said as I stared
why thank you young man
you can come closer
i moved closer without hesitation and feeling myself becoming aroused i decided to be totally unashamed and leaned in such a way
as to allow her a view of the bulge in my trousers, wishing i was just in my shorts so as to let her see all of me, so to speak
Without warming she placed her hand around my neck and pulled my head toward hers and kissed me in a seductive and luscious manner,
that was all i needed after feasting on her huge breasts for way too long
i kissed her mouth passionately
her lips and her neck to approving whimpers from her
pulling her gown completely open I kissed and sucked her nipples through that sexy bra, and felt her huge breasts, they were beautiful...
gazing into her lust filled eyes she appeared to be enjoying this thoroughly
but the best was to come
running my hands down her body i felt her open her legs for me
she felt smooth and shaved, and her vagina was so wet and creamy i almost came in my pants
she was moaning softly but as my hand stroked he under the sheets her breathing became erratic and she quivered and then thrashed
around as she orgasmed
i felt squirts of juice from her vagina touch my hand
by this time i had undone half my trousers and it took just a jiffy to get my erection free
her tongue in my mouth, our lips together, and her arms around me, my cock easily entered her soaking vagina and i felt her orgasm

again and tighten on my cock
i must have fucked her for 30 seconds before I ejaculated inside her, i was so aroused by how eager and desperate she was
oh my God she said, that was so good, thank you so much
Thank you i said,
and by the way, don't worry I am 110 percent safe i told her, which I was and still am I hope...hope she was too...
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4 years ago
wow that was dam good hope to here more
4 years ago