Yoga class

I have been going to Yoga for a few months with my girlfriends. I got out of step with my usual routine and then feeling guilty for not going i decided to go on a Tuesday to catch up
I wear tights and a body stocking top to allow for maximum range of movement and by the ebnd of a class I am usually wet with perspiration
In the Tuesday class at 0630 am there were different people who i had never seen there before. I noted a young male at the back of the class as i lay on my mat.
As the walls are covered in mirrors to assist us with our posture i couldnt help but notice his beautiful body. he must have been around 25, while I am 35.
my eyes drifted to his location from time to time and i struggeld to keep my mind on my breathing.
One time i am sure i caught him staring at me. After class i walked to my car and was moving off when i saw him walking in my direction, he smiled and nodded and i instinctively asked him if he needed a lift up the road. He said that would be great and jumped in.
He was in his shorts and slip-on shoes with a wet t-shirt and a loose jacket
his thighs were so gorgeous and right there in my car next to me. The sight of them took my beath away. my nipples were growing erect and i thought for a momen i could feel myself growing wetter between my legs. i wasnt wearing any panties just my tights.
we introduced ourselves as i drove, he said to drop him off up the road. I was able to pull into his underground garage and with the engine idling i turned and smiled. he looked relaxed and i could see a bulge in his shorts.
Barely able to speak i placed my hand on my own breast and smiled for lack of what to do next. My heart pounding in my ears.
God you look good, he said.
my composure collapsed and i reached out for the bulge in his shorts
he felt huge under my fingers and stiffened as i gripped him,
in a second his cock was out and i was holding it in my hand
my long fingers and red nails wrapped around the shaft, slowly masturbating him
I leaned forward and took the head of his cock into my mouth
oh my God he felt so good
there was a taste of cum on his cock and i sucked gently and felt his hands on my hair, and heard his moaning above me
his pelvis undulating, he was feeling my breats through my top, my nipples were so sensitive by now i was ready to do anything when he suddenly arched and spurts of cum wet my face, running down onto my top and breasts,
the cum disolved into the wetness and made my nipples even more visible through the soaked fabric
i was dissapointed he had finished so fast
we cleaned ourselves and one another and i drove home feeling very flushed and smiling
I have to revisit that class soon...
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1 year ago
Great story. I too love going to yoga class and find a sexy looking yoga girl between the ages of 18 to 70 and all races including Black, Hispanic, Asian, & Hindu that intersts me to get to now first and then fuck them later. Thanks friend you made yoga a more sensual exercise and a way too meet girls of any age.
1 year ago
Great story, Now you made me love yoga more than ever. I'm going to the next class and find a sexy looking yoga girl to fuck.
1 year ago
Good job, i llok forward to your next yoga lesson when you take him and his friend home who house you enter and ...
2 years ago
Loved it! Looking forward to reading more of your work. I do love an erotic, one off encounter
2 years ago
Great story! I need to take that class too.
2 years ago
You make me horny
3 years ago
Tried messaging... I can't. I don't know why... Sorry sexy. xx
3 years ago
nice feel good story 4.5/10
3 years ago
WOW! so sexy babe

you sound like the type of chick that i need in my gym class! :-)
3 years ago
Phewww hot story sexyyyyyy Can hardly wait for the next episode Stay well hot horny & WET! Mwa
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Very nice, well written with root for a part 2