Fast and furious

i'm only writing this because it is a wonderful story and i remain anonymous
i am a 33 year old married woman
not a cougar, maybe i am a milf
i love to dress up because i am blessed with a slim body and large breasts
i always wear high heels, and either stockings, pantyhose or leggings without panties to show off my sexy arse

then I usually wear a dress over the top and a see through bra which serves well as an extra little flirty bit
my friends say i am a cock teaser but i just like the feel it gives me

On Monday i went to coffee with my girlfriends as usual
what was different was the coffee waiter was a new boy
early 20s, maybe 24 tall and particularly good looking, but not too bright i thought because he couldn't get my coffee order right
then on Wednesday i popped in for a take away coffee and learned his name was Jason
the following week the girls and i decided to have lunch there and indulged or over indulged in white wine
Jason was our waiter and my girlfriends were flirting all lunch time with him
he was very gracious with this to his credit
after lunch the girls left, I was last to go as i wanted to use the rest room
after as i emerged from the room i literally bumped into Jason going into one of those little rooms cafes store brooms and cleaning

things in
and as i was intoxicated and wearing 10 cms heels i almost feel but Jason gallantly held me by the waist and saved the day
Feeling his hands on my waist was unexpectedly like electricity
A surge of something went right through me and i felt myself grow wet between my legs
Oops, i said and held onto his biceps with both hands, and for an intense moment we stared into one another's eyes
then without hesitation Jason swept me into the store cupboard closing the door behind us and we were in the dark together
i didn't have to hesitate as his lips were on mine in an instant, our tongues entwined, i was whimpering as my leggings became

saturated with my vaginal juices
after intense kissing during which his hands were all over me i managed to regain some composure and uttered...stop it, stop it, i am

a married woman for heavens sake...
Ignoring this Jason thrust me back against the wall as his tongue continued to probe my mouth, his hands now caressing me between my

legs and revelling in my wetness, making me more aroused.
As i reached down to make a feeble effort to stop his hands i felt his huge cock
he had released himself form his trousers and now his cock was hard and erect

He was so much bigger than my husband and i knew then that i wanted him
A gasp came from my mouth and I wrapped my fingers and long red fingernails around him and began to masturbate him urgently,
instantly Jason attempted to pushed my hand off then suddenly pulled my leggings down my thighs, his hand again caressing my soaking

Feelings of orgasm over-came me and Jason caught me as my legs buckled with the ecstasy I was experiencing
still holding his beautiful cock i felt it become instantly harder and then pulsate as spurts of warm fluid ejaculated over my vagina

and thighs, again I braced myself as I reached orgasm and my body lost control making me quiver and moan
Then as quickly as we had begun it was over and we pulled our selves together and returned to our tasks

We never saw one another again
87% (15/2)
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2 years ago
*gasps* mmmmmmm... what a hot, fervent moment!! Am looking forward to more of your 'adventures' :),
2 years ago
great story. i too love older ladies. my first experiances were with a neighbour who used to give me a lift to work......mmmm memories lol
2 years ago
Great Hot
3 years ago
just like to know why you dont make the storys a bit more indepth and longer there good story lines and they keep us intrested but sadly not long enough 5/10
3 years ago
Fabulous story...XX
4 years ago
Hmmmmm wonder when U gonna go all the way? Keep me posted ok?
4 years ago
wow, that is VERY hot...!
4 years ago
hi sexy we can do somthing like together too
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
hey babe i would like you in a cupboard myself mmmmmmmmmmmmm
4 years ago
wwwooooowww that was fast & hot
4 years ago
You've got a. Nice body I can tell.
4 years ago
u making me want u