My first time and my first orgy

Hi guys, my name is Tara, I'm a fifteen year old, white girl with largish breast and a fit body.
I was at a sl**pover with a bunch of my friends, four girls and seven guys. At these things we always end up playing strip over and tonight we decided to watch some porn beforehand. We had been playing strip poker for a while and one of the guys suggested that I take my bra off, we were all in our undwear. At first I refused but after a while I thought what the hell. I slowly unclipoed my bra and revealed my breasts to the rest of the group. They all stared at me and I crossed my arms over my chest. It wasn't long before all of the girls were topless and one of the guys suggested that I make out with another girl. I pulled a skinny brunette with average sized breasts aside and we made out. Our tongues danced around the inside of each others mouths and slid over each others tongues. After a while I slid my hand up her stomach and groped her right breast while fondling her left. After a few minutes we pulled away, I was disappointed that she hadn't groped me back and I saw that another girl with blonde hair was making out with a guy. As I watched I w her slide her hand down into his pants. This got me really horny and I approached one of the guys and started making out with him. We made out for about ten minutes, he was feeling my breasts for the while time and as I pulled away I saw the brunette girl completely naked and sucking off two guys. The blonde girl was having her pussy eaten while sucking off another guy and the last girl, who was quite overweight, was jacking one guy off with her boobs while another rubbed and fingered her ass. This all got me super horny and I reached into the guy in front of me's underwear. I gripped his rock hard cock and pulled it out. I stroked it and he gasped. I stroked him for a few seconds before slowly placing his cock in my mouth. I slowly began to bob my head up down the length of his cock. He started t breathe heavily and I bobbed faster and faster bringing my head off of his cock just as he cummed. My face was covered in hot sticky semen and I loved it! I licked my lips and looked behind me to see the brunette stripping off her panties and lieing on her back. I took off my own panties and guided the guy that I had just sucked head into my crouch. Goddam it felt so good! He pushed his tongue deep inside my pussy and flicked it around. I moaned with pure pleasure. I heard a loud moan and looked up to see one of the boys pushing his cock into the brunettes pussy. I pushed my boy away and rolled over into my hands and knees. I pushed my ass out towards him and crawled over towards the blonde haired girl wh was getting ready for penetration as well. I stopped in front of her and we made out for a w seconds. I felt two warm hands grab my ass cheeks and a long, warm object was pushed deep inside my pussy. My eyes watered nd I groaned. It hurt but it felt so good! After a while I started to moan and my penetrator began to slide his cock into and out of me faster and faster until he was slamming his cock into me again and again. I finally orgasmed and collapsed screaming on the floor, the blonde girl doing the same in front of me. The boy had cummed inside if me and I felt a warm gooey liquid sitting insi my pussy. I looked up as the brunette crawled over to me, she had cum in her left tit. She spread my legs and began to lick my pussy, sucking all of the cum out of it and swallowing it. I moaned and pressed her face deeper into my pussy. The blond got up beside me and instantly began to suck off two guys. I looked over t the overweight girl and watched as one guy cummed on her face, another penetrated her from behind and another received a blowjob. I pushed the brunette out of my pussy and guided one off the remaining boys cocks into my pussy while grabbing the other boy and saying "anal me" I lay on top of the boy penetrating my pussy while the other boy to behind me a spread my ass cheeks. The brunette was sucking off one boy and fucking another, both of whim had been getting blow jobs from the overweight girl before. The boy behind me pressed the head of his cock against my ass hole and grunted as he slow,y slid it in. It took a while and the boy beneath me had to sit still for it all. But finally the boy behind me slid his enti cock into my ass. I breathed out UN both pain and ecstasy and started to moan as both boys began to thrust deep into me. They re slamming both my pussy and ass and I screamed with pleasure as they both came deep inside of me. Their cum filled both my pussy and my ass and I rolled off of them. The brunette had finished fucking her boys and was busy putting on her clothes as was the other two girls who had finished their sex. I did the same and we slept through the rest of the nigh.
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