Hot, Wild Sex/Vacations, In L.A.

“The Hottest Sex, In My Whole Life !”

I just love it very much, when horny men like to use my body and mouth, for their sexual satisfaction. But most of all I love, when they cum in my mouth.

I just love it, when I feel their hot load filling my mouth. Their own heat, makes me hot too. And, of course, I enjoy to swallow all this hot, healthy, and protein-rich sperm. Sperm is actually very healthy and nutritious.

At this point in my life, I love to do real hot, and very dirty, and naughty things. Simple, “one-on-one,” is at this point n-o-t what I am looking for !!

Yes, I would also like to find a husband too, a very kinky, horny husband, sure.

My dream husband must love me with all his heart, and be very proud about me. I like it, if he is bragging about me, to everyone he meets, even showing some of the deep-throat pics of me in action. I like the humiliation, especially if he does all this in my presence.

He should like to present and offer me, totally naked, or maybe on a collar and a leash, to his friends, guests, visitors, and yeah, even to many, many strangers !

But he must be on my side all the time. I even want him to really “heat-up” the situation, when other men fuck me, deep-throat me, or fill my mouth with their hot cum. He shall encourage them, or even hold my head, so they can fuck my hot mouth in a way, that I can not resist at all !!!

One Example :

I have been in the USA only once. It was about two years ago, and I had an invitation from a black business man from Santa Monica, for a very hot sex-vacation in the USA. However, at this time in my life, I was not interested in relocating to the USA, and so I went back to Berlin, right after all this …

This truly was a very extremely hot, and exciting “vacation.”

It was so hot, and so I was thinking about this time a lot, and I could just never forget this real hot, extreme experience. Meanwhile I think, that this decision was wrong, in those days.

Let me tell you a little bit, “how” it was over there, so you see, “why” it was so hot for me, and why I yearn to experience this once again …

When I arrived at L.A. airport, he picked me up, and he brought me in his house in Santa Monica. He fucked me real hard for a few days, but then he told me to dress-up real,real slutty, and went with me in a black club in L.A.

Here he presented me as his “white-trash-slut,” to all the guy in the club, all horny black men. I got fucked there, as never before in all my life, and then I had to to kneel down, and to suck off one-after-the other, until I was real broken down. This was by far the hottest sexual experience I ever had in my whole life !

When they werde “done” with me, he “sold” me to another black dude, to get the money back, that he paid for the flight, and this stud was prepared to “whore me out,” as a real cheap cumslut. This was extremely thrilling, and exciting for me.

I had to sit in a gloryhole, and suck one black cock after the other, for 1.00 $ per load. It made me real hot, to be such a cheap cumslut, for a short while. In the evenings I had to do Interracial “Sex-On-Stage,” and after the act, I had to suck off anyone who wanted to cum in my white slutmouth.

I will never forget this hot “vacation,” and I would love it so much, to
have something like this happen again !!!

“Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested !”

But please try to understand, that I am at this point in my life, are n-ot interested in “one-on-one” sex actions …

Thank you for visiting my pages, and have a nice day,

- Tanja -
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3 years ago
Very good girl! Do you have any pictures or videos of that lovely vacation? It would be a great story for an adult film. Would have loved to have been present to watch all of this and lick out your pussy afterwards..
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
Hot story:):)
3 years ago
mmmmmmmm, you are so hot.
3 years ago
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