Anal with Annabelle

It started early on Saturday when I had a nice hot bath and shaved myself nice smooth. I followed that by dressing up and taking some very sexy photos of myself and then emailing them to the Tgirl i was going to have sex with later in the day. I left my holdups and leather and lace leotard on under my street clothes and got a train to London. It felt so nice to feel the tightness of the holdups around my thighs and the leotard chaffing my cock and balls. I arrived at my lover's house in north London and carefully applied my makeup and put on my latex mini dress over my leotard. Annabelle was waiting for me in the lounge in a nice slutty red dress. I paraded in front of her to show off my ensemble and the naughty girl immediately put her hand up my dress and inside my leotard. She expertly flipped my rock hard cock out and started stroking it. She has a full length mirror in her lounge so we could watch each other although i mostly had eyes for myself because i looked so godamm sexy! I then kneeled on a leather and chrome armchair which f***ed my ass high into the air. Annabelle gave me a nice spanking alternated with sucking my cock through my legs. We then swopped and f***ed my throbbing hot cock deep inside her and gave her a beautiful fuck. I was curious to check out Annabelle's toy collection and found much to my pleasure a thick solid metal butt plug with a ring on the end. I insisted that Annabelle insert it into my pussy and then tie a rope to the ring and then tie the other end very tightly around my balls. After she had done that I gave her a stunning blow job until finally she shot loads of hot milky cum into my mouth, and of course I swallowed all of it like the good girl that I am leaving no mess!
90% (9/1)
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3 years ago
That was hot I just know that cum tasted good the way it feels going down your throat but he should have experienced having her fuck him and feel that hot load blasting up his anus.
3 years ago
you horny bitch
3 years ago