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This is a real summary account of my 21 year old girlfriend (as of now, the only i been with technically) So i'll start off and say, i was around 24-25 year old at the time. In which i was still a virgin (thankfully i didn't reach the 40 year old statues, otherwise i was prepared to ship my dick to a random feminist group. To perform some ritual about a virgin man, while flapping it about in the air. I dunno, whatever.)

It all started on a OkCupid account. I was looking for any girl around my area, and basically came upon this Latina girl that we will call for now Meg. I call her Meg because she looks almost exactly like the f****y Guy character (Meg Griffen)but with a tan skin tone. She is very short (5'5'' or less) overweight, short hair, and wears glasses. She also has a tongue ring, which i thought was pretty hot... But i put that all aside and sent a nice message describing myself and the similar interests we shared. She responded a day later, and we talked back and forth about a few interests; she liked games, art, and spends her time on the internet (a 4Chan girl.) Anyways, the conversation moved to text messaging then an actual phone conversation. I was about as nervous as you get talking to a girl, and i have about zero conversation skills. So she basically carried the conversation and responded with my usual "Oh" "Oh okay" "Hehehe" "Large dick". What can i say, i do not elaborate much. Really.

I got her horny enough to send me a picture of her exposed titties, in which i sealed the deal with my large ding dong picture. We even did a bit of phone sex. It was pretty hot until the very end, where she does this creepy orgasm sound at the end of the conversation. I stayed deadly quiet for a moment, when she says "Oh!. You still there?." Was thinking of responded with "I had a moment of shear terror, but i didn't faint." But i played it nice and we talk a little while longer.

A few days pass by with erotic conversations. At the end, i said to her kinda jokingly "When i meet you at your place, i am going to whip my dick out. Hehe." We where ready to meet up at her place at this point. I put on my usual Dickies clothes that day; Black shirt, pants, underwear, and socks. I had to compromise by wearing black Reebok shoes, because i don't know if Dickies makes shoes too. To top it off with my black wallet with skull and cross bones badge on the front. All around death feeling. Once i got ready, i had to get my b*****r to drive me over there; he didn't seem to happy about it. We wear driving to the location, when my b*****r couldn't pinpoint the location. He looked at me like i was about to give him directions. So did not know shit about directions, so i called Meg to help me out with it, in which she failed within one minute. My b*****r got a temper tantrum like someone with anger issues, and i almost wanted to Cuban bitch slap him right there for being a baby.

After terrible experience, we got to the location and dropped me off in front of the hotel where she stays. My b*****r angrily speeded off back home, and i did not give one shit because i was determined to make the best out of the date. I called her right away and told her in a humorous manner "i'm coming up to the the door. Prepare for the dick exposed." She responded with "Haha. Sure i will see you there." So i started pulling my dick out once i got out of the elevator... Flopping about in the empty hallway of course. Before i snapped back to my senses and put my dick back into my pants and knocked on the door. She opens the door half way and says "My dog is out of the room. Wait a sec while i put him back in." I nodded, but got a slight glimpse of her face and shoulder area. She looked a bit more overweight then in her pictures. My nerves were shot right there, thinking that i am about to see the rest of her extra lard shape at any moment. I lost the erection i had, and once she open the door, i fixated at her face where i got a glimpse of her tongue ring. My dick sprang back into shape.

So we sat down in the living room. She was to my right side, and i was awkwardly sitting on the end of the couch, leaning my body on my elbow i put on the arm rest. I took another good look at her, just soaking in her fatness depressing into cushion she lay on. Either way, my dick stayed erect, and i moved closer to her. She turned on the TV, where she put on a reality TV show called desperate house wives. I was thinking "da fuk, is this girl married or...." She says "I like this show, its my favorite." So i just stayed there puzzled, switching between starring at the TV and her. Not sure of what to do, i got a little more closer and playfully patted her jelly thighs. She responded playfully by poking me with her finger at my chest. One thing let to another, and she noticed tent i had going in my pants. She again playfully reached over and this time poked the tent. I dick became even harder then it was before, thus i began pushing it down and happily grinning at the thought of what she did.

I built enough courage now to lean over and do my first kiss. It felt nice, in which i did it again but this time with tongue. The feeling of her tongue ring moving about in my mouth was awesome. After that, i started whipping my dick out, exposing my large erection. I grabbed it by the base and waggled it while leaning back with a smile. She smirked at me, and tilted her bean ball shaped body down to my lap. I Put my right hand over her and let go my dick. I now couldn't see my dick, because her head obscured my view. Additionally, she was kinda crushing my lap with her elephant weight. So i just sat there waiting for the new feeling to come about. When i felt the hot, moist mouth of her wrap around the head of my cock. It felt fantastic. Her tongue ring was rubbing all around the head of my now moist cock. After a few seconds, she lean back to sitting position and said "The position is uncomfortable, wait." She knelled on the ground, facing me between my legs and went to work on sucking me off again. A few minutes of pure joy went by. She stopped sucking by then, and suggested we go to her room for sex. I willfully agreed and went strait to her room, reaching for my wallet where i had my box of Troujin condoms.

Once inside the room, i noticed the smell of cat litter. I looked around the room for second and noticed the cat litter sitting there in the corner of the room. Also, to add to the smell where cloths s**ttered about like she was a teenage girl. The thought came to my mind "Damn it, i am going to have sex with meg inside an unclean room with the smell of cat s**t everywhere. I better not loose my erection." Not a moment to lose she and i took our clothes off, and i put on my condom. While Meg lay down in the doggy style position, i took a moment to lean in and rub her pussy slit. As an artist, i found it fascinating to be seeing it first hand. Once i had the curiosity out of the way, i began finding her love hole and plunged it in fairly quickly. Pounding my dick promptly, a fear starting to build as i noticed my erection was getting soft. Panic started setting in and thoughts started to flood my mind "What i am going to say to her. Oh shit pickle. The snake is returning to its den" I started tilting side to side to try to get more stimulus back to my penis, but it did eventually go soft.

I pulled out and just sat there at the edge of the bed in shame... When she turn to me and rubbed my arm and said "Whats wrong?" I responded "Got nervous. Haha..." So we just sat there, cuddling. We french kissed for a while before we put our clothes on and went back to the living room to watch TV. A few hours pass by and it was time for me to head home. I called by b*****r, in which he arrived moments later. I kissed her good night and went back to the car thinking about the lost of my erection. Once i got home, i talked to her a little more before going to sl**p.

All those first time jitters where passed me, and i redeemed myself the following week with great sex. We did it many times before the relationship was started to break apart months later. It almost lasted a year, and i was no longer a virgin. I felt like a accomplished my goal of no virginity, but now i am single again. Fuk.
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I'll answer any of your questions by the way. Thought i never share this story, but there you go. 8P