Husband SOLD my ASS and PUSSY

My husband I were almost broke and really had no place to stay! We had been working for this company that rehabed houses, etc., but they ran out of work after a few weeks and we didn't know what to do.
We were in a strange town, had no friends and were running out of money really fast and the crappy motel we were staying in was about ready to kick us out.

I was a really good looking girl according to everyone who saw me and I did have some really hot long legs, a nice tight ass and I had some tits that lots of guys had always said were nice, big and firm. My hubby and I had been married for 6 years and we had never even thought about me being with another guy at all and even the thought of that was too horrible to contemplate.

One night, I was sitting out on the front porch of our shitty motel room when a van load of guys drove by and started talking to me. There were about 6 guys in that thing and they were complimenting me on my legs, ass, etc. I was wearing some cut off jeans, flip flops and a tight t-shirt that made my nipples show through the cheap, thin cotten the t-shirt was made of. They told me how hot I was and asked if I was married or dating anyone. My husband was not there and for some strange reason I lied and told them that I was alone and divorced. I don't know why I said that to this day but I did and that seemed to get their attention.

One of the guys got out and asked me if I'd like to go party with them at a hotel just across the street but I told him that I was broke and couldn't afford to leave my motel room because I was afraid the motel manager would lock my door and I would be able to get back in my room (now THAT part was TRUE...LOL). The guy told me that he would be more than happy to pay my bill that night and I showed him the office and that fucker actually went in there and did it. I now felt a little obligated to him so I jumped in the van and we went across the street to another motel and parked in front of their room.

I got out and followed them to their place and once inside, a couple of them offered me some cold beer which I excepted and swallowed down. I sat on one of the two beds while they unloaded their shit from the van and apparently, they had two adjoining rooms with a couple of baths and a small kitchen.

After they had unloaded, the guy who had paid my bill asked me if I would like to party with them some and I told him that I didn't do any d**gs if that's what he meant and he said that he didn't mean THAT kind of partying but rather would I be interested in maybe getting naked with him and his friends if they paid me a little money! I WAS broke and since the guy actually looked pretty good I told him that that may be cool and what did he have in mind? He told me that if I did all 6 of them that he would give me $300 and to me, that was a ton of much needed money! I had NEVER done that before but my hubby and I were desperate and we needed the cash for sure. I told him that it would be fine but I was actually trembling and had NEVER had sex with anyone other than my husband before.

The guy handed me the cash and I put in in my purse. I really didn't know what to do next but he came over to me and pulled my t-shirt up and off and then told me to remove my shorts and then my panties! I was laying back on the bed by now, totally naked with my legs apart and my clean shaven pussy exposed to everyone in the room. He came over to me and pulled his pants off exposing his big cock. It was huge and a lot bigger than my husbands but I took it in my hand and guided it to my mouth! I placed my lips around it and while stroking it, slide my mouth down the shaft as far as I could and then back up again. He seemed to like it so I did it faster and faster until I felt him tense up and then cum in my mouth! His sperm was much like my husbands and had a similar taste so it wasn't too bad and I swallowed the load down and licked him clean just like I do with my hubby!

Another guy then came up to me and he seemed to like to talk dirtier though and called me several filthy names while I sucked his cock. He then pulled out of my mouth and stuck his hairy cock in my pussy and fucked me for several minutes until he shot his load inside of me. I could feel his hot warn cum in there and when he pulled out, he stood over my mouth and had me suck and lick his cock clean for him.

I was fucked by them all a couple time each over the next 2 hours and finally got out of there and walked across the street back to our motel room. When I got there, my husband had returned and asked me where I had been. I just handed him the $300 dollars, pointed down to my soaking wet pussy and told him that I had just made rent for the next week! He was pissed at first but then settled down and told me that we needed to do what we needed to do and that me. fucking for money, was ok, as long as I was ok with it! I raised my leg to show him the cum that was still dripping from my hole and he told me that he would help me clean up so he took me into the shower and with my douche bag, hosed my hole out till it was clean! We then fucked for a couple of times and went to sl**p.

The next day, he went looking for work but returned about 2 hours later with these two guys. He told me that they were interested in maybe fucking me if I was ok with it. I asked him how much they would pay and he told me that they would go $100 each. Well HELL, that was a better deal than the night before so I took them into our room, stripped naked and let them use my housewife hole all they wanted for an hour! They both fucked me a couple of times and one of them came in my mouth and the other in my pussy! It was kinda fun and when they left, my hubby came in and checked my pussy to make sure it wasn't fucked up or anything. I had a feeling that this was gonna be a money maker!

Later that night, he brought a few others over who I fucked or sucked off and what the shocker was that the last guy asked if he could not only fuck ME, but also have my husband suck his dick! My hubby has NEVER sucked dick before but I figured if I was selling pussy, he could sell his damn mouth! I took my hubby in the bathroom and told him that! When we got back in the room with this dude, I let him fuck me and then he stuck his dick in my husbands mouth and blew his load! I saw my guy gag for a second and I thought he was gonna puke but he didn't and he swallowed it all down and I licked the guys cock clean! He handed us $500 fucking dollars and I couldn't believe it! After he left, my hubby brushed his teeth, gargled, etc...I was laughing my ass off but we DID have the money and now HE was a WHORE TOO!!

Over the next week, he brought dozens of guys over to use me and I was even getting fucked in my ass now. The ass fucking of course cost them a lot more money and I didn't know my tight little asshole could take cocks that big! One night, three guys were in the room with me and had just finished butt fucking me and while I was laying there with jism dripping from my ass, one of them asked me about my pimp. I told them I didn't have a pimp but that was my husband! That's when the biggest of these black dudes stood up and told me that they had a better opportunity for me if he (my hubby) and I would work as a team. I didn't know what he meant but when my guy got back, the black guys were still here and told him that he was gonna be a male ASS whore and we were gonna work together! My husband told them to fuck off but they grabbed him and pushed him down on the bed, pulled his pants down and the two other guys stuck their cocks in his asshole, one after another! My man screamed a bit but they told him that if he was whoring me out, that they were gonna do the same to him but that they were now running our business for us. My man screamed a bit but after they fucked him and made him suck their dicks, he sat there starring at me and agreed to it all as long as we got paid for it,

For the next several weeks, they had gay and bi guys in one room fucking my husband and all the others fucking me. I could hear him screaming sometimes when a guy with a huge cock fucked his tight little ass!..LOL Now he knew what it felt like!

I was now a 3 hole street whore but making a living and my husband was a cock sucking ,butt fucked street whore too! We finally saved up enough money to leave town but me, as well as my husband have holes that are now three times the size they were form all the dicks shoved in us!

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