My Boss Punishes Me

After my first encounter with my boss, Id been left feeling dirty used and horny as hell, he had been nothing but totally normal with me ever since he had taken me over the table in the staff room.
I had been wearing more and more daring outfits to work, trying desperately to catch his attention, but to no avail I was starting to feel completely invisible to him and I did not like it one bit, however short of coming into work completely naked, I felt there wasn't really much more I could do about it.

It was not long before another man in the office caught my eye, Andy was not my normal type, younger than me, quite immature and bolshy, but he was great looking and had a gorgeous body that he clearly worked hard to maintain. We started flirting around the office, to start with because I Hoped it would make my boss jealous, but even if he noticed this, he never said anything to me

Things came to a head about a month later, Andy and I had been seeing each other casually for a few weeks and the sex was incredible, I tried to keep it quite around work but he was determined to make sure everyone knew we were intimate, I was standing at the end of the office waiting for a document to print out of the huge printer that dominated the small space between the office cubicles. Andy has gone out for lunch sulking that I did not want to go with him, when my boss appeared behind me, he looked me up and down appraisingly then came right up to me and pushed his lips to mine pushing his tongue roughly into my mouth, making me moan in desire as I responded to his hands wrapping around my waist snaking down on to my bottom squeezing and rubbing my bottom before pulling my skirt up so It bunched at my waist, and he could slip his fingers unhindered inside my silk panties, rubbing my aching clit.

"What have you been playing at" he growled at me under his breath, rubbing my pussy faster, I whimpered a response, unable to speak the feeling of his fingers stroking me was tying me up in knots.
"you know what im talking about young lady, coming into work in clothes better suited to a nightclub, prancing around with other men, you have been making me very.........disappointed in you"

I groaned his fingers still rubbing me closer and closer to my orgasm, suddenly his fingers were gone and I yelped at the loss, my pussy dripping.

"No young lady, you don’t get pleasure, you need to be punished, I expect you to stay late tonight after work, come find me in my office at 7pm....don’t be late, you have already made this bad for yourself"

The rest of the day dragged by....I tried to make it look like I was at least doing some work, as I stared aimlessly into my computer screen, my mind totally occupied with what would happen that evening, I was so wet at the thought of what might happen, actually doing any work was a complete waste of time.

The day dragged by, it seemed like I was looking at the clock every few seconds and that the hands never actually moved. Slowly the other people who worked on my floor began to go home; by about 6:15 the whole floor was empty apart from me sat at my desk in the corner, and the faint crack of light coming from under the door of the large corner office where my boss worked.
I wasn’t 7pm yet so I carried on sitting at my desk staring into space my pussy was soaking wet as I wondered what was in store for me that evening.
When the little clock on my desk finally flicked over to 7pm I stood up a little shakily, I smoothed my hands down the front of my skirt feeling the bumps of my suspender belt beneath the thin fabric, I took a deep breath and walked slowly over to the door in the corner, I tapped it lightly and heard him tell me to come in,
I peeked my head around the door and saw him stood there smiling slightly at me. “Come In” he repeated louder, I stepped through the door shutting it softly behind me, He beckoned me over to his desk and as I approached he stood up and took my face in his hands, He kissed me quick and hard, pushing his tongue roughly into my mouth, making me moan slightly and my panties get wetter, “I believe you need to be punished young lady” he murmured at me, I pushed my lips back to his kissing him again, he rubbed his hands over my breasts, and tweaked my nipples through my thin shirt, the sheer bra I put on that morning offered no protection from his fingers, he undid the buttons of my shirt and pulled it from my shoulders he moved back from me slightly so he could look at my exposed skin, His hands reached behind me and unsnapped my bra, pulling it from my shoulders, his head immediately dropped to my chest and started to suck and bite on my nipples, I moaned loudly and this seemed to snap him back to himself, He straightened up and looked me directly in the eye, he spun me round and unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor his eyes registered the black suspender belt and sheer stockings I was wearing and he groaned as he slipped his fingers inside my panties feeling how wet I was, “your not supposed to be enjoying yourself” he chastised me, “I’m supposed to be punishing you” and with this he firmly bent me over the desk pushing my ankles about a foot apart with his foot. I heard a strange snick snick snick noise and then realised he had pulled his belt free from the loops of his trousers, from the corner of my eye I watched him fold it in half, then hear the whoosh as he flicked it experimentally through the air a few times, The I felt his hand on middle of my back pressing me firmly to the desk, “Don’t Move” he growled at me, the he stepped away I heard a whoosh and a Crack before I felt the pain, It suddenly struck like a streak of fire across my bottom, I squealed in shock and my hands shot to my bottom to try and rub away the pain, he gripped my wrists tightly “Oh No you don’t, put your hands back on that desk, If you touch your bottom again I will give you an extra 5 strokes”
I whimpered, and suddenly felt the pain wash over me again as the second stroke came, then the third then the fourth, By the tenth, I was hardly distinguishing between the strokes, my bottom just felt on fire and I could feel the hot tears running down my cheeks, I heard him throw the belt across the room, then, felt his hands on my hot bruised bottom pulling me right open, Then he thrust his hard cock into my pussy and I squealed in pleasure as he fucked me harder and harder, I felt him pull his hard cock out of my pussy and I yelped at the loss, until I realised he had his cock pushing insistently into my arsehole
He Pushed in Firmly ignoring all the resistance there, and started to fuck me gently at first, then harder and harder, I heard him stiffen and groan the I felt the hot sensation of his spunk in my arse as he pushed in hard one last time,
We stayed like that for a couple of moments his cock starting to go limp still inside me, until he pulled out, leaving me splayed out over his desk my bright red arse sore and hot, the sweat on my body stinging the welts on my backside.
“you had better be getting home young lady” he murmured at me pulling me upright, and kissing me deeply, “Don’t let me catch you behaving like that again, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be punished again, now would you??”
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