My New Boss

I had been working for the company for about 3 months when my boss was promoted, for a couple of days we had people standing in, filling the vacancy until HE arrived.

My new boss was a lot older than me, im only 24 and he was only a couple of months away from his 50th birthday, but the sexual attraction between us was incredible.

For the first couple of months he was in charge nothing happened between us.....much to my frustration, he was clearly interested, often stroking my shoulders or hair, or brushing his fingertips against my skin just enough to make my pussy quiver with excitement, but all that changed one afternoon in July.

The office was quiet, recession had slowed orders and staff had been sent home early for the day, only me, my boss and a couple of other girls worked away on the whole floor, I was tucked away in the far corner by the big windows sitting at my desk, I could just see the desk where my boss sat about 10ft from me, he caught me looking at him, met my eyes and grinned a sly dirty grin at me, I felt an explosion of heat in my pussy and insane reaction to that smile, but I couldn't help it, my whole body quivered with desire under his intense gaze.

I quickly looked back to my computer embarrassed at my flushed cheeks and soaking pussy...sure that he knew exactly what I was thinking.

I went back to my work, but couldn't concentrate, I could feel the hot wetness between my legs and it was distracting, I moved my hips back and forth rubbing my clit against the lace of my panties and shuddered, I needed to clear my head, so I got up and went to the coffee machine in the staff room, the large room with its squashy chairs was deserted, I walked across the room to the machine and put a coin in the slot, just as I was about to press the vend button, I felt someone right behind me, felt the heat radiating from his body

I glanced over my shoulder, unable to turn around...he was so close he was brushing my back with his chest, without saying a word but with his eyes intently staring into mine he reached his arms around me and cupped my breasts, squeezing my hard nipples through my top he dropped his mouth to my neck and ran his tongue up towards my ear. before I could react he pushed me up against the coffee machine grinding his cock into my buttocks, my pulse went crazy, me heart threatening to jump out of my chest, my pussy grew moister, hotter as he ground into me, my breath was coming in short gasps.

He spun me round and yanked my shirt open, feasting his eyes on my breasts, he pulled my bra down exposing my hard nipples and took one in his mouth, I whimpered and his gaze shot to mine, in one quick movement he picked me up spun around and deposited me on one of the long tables, he pulled my panties down and yanked my legs apart. I felt his tongue on my clit hot, wet and moving furiously, I bucked and squealed, his had clamped down hard over my mouth as he continued to work on my pussy, I felt the waves of my orgasm hit me as he thrust two fingers into me, He stood up and kissed me, I could taste myself of his lips as he kissed me hungrily, before he flipped me over bending me over the table so my bottom was pushed into the air my pussy exposed. I felt his rub his hard cock over my pussy lips before thrusting into me in one quick smooth stroke, the feeing of his cock entering me was incredible I felt so full, stretched around his cock and he thrust hard in and out of me. I pushed back against his thrusts loving the feeling of his cock until I felt him pull out of my pussy, a second later I felt the head of his cock pushing insistently against my arsehole, I groaned as he pushed past the resistance his cock burying itself in my arse to the hilt, he started to fuck my ass furiously pumping in and out so quickly I though I may pass out from the pleasure, I could feel another orgasm building and he must of know this to as his fingers suddenly found my clit rubbing the little nub until I squealed in pleasure, writhing against his cock still speared in my arse, he began pumping away again until I felt him stiffen and gasp pumping his cum inside me.

He pulled his cock out of me and pulled me up so I was standing face to face with him and kissed me deeply, pushing his tongue into my mouth, my skirt dropped back into place hiding the shame of his spunk running down my legs.

"To be repeated" he promised me before walking out of the room without a backwards glance towards me.
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2 years ago
Awesome tale.More please.
3 years ago
Great story Tammy :-) And loved the other where you get punished well by the boss ;-) Keep em coming Tammy ;-) x
4 years ago
Keep em cumming!:p!
4 years ago
Really good made me horny
4 years ago
Loved it, well written too.
4 years ago
very good wonderful & yes more please
4 years ago
Excellent tale.... More please!! Xx