From Bromance to Romance

This story is the story of romance and genuine love.
There are alot of erotic firsts in my life but none are as dear to me as my first time with Jacob. We meet our junior year of college. I had just left the rugby team which was a club sport and he was openly gay and had just broke up with a long time boyfriend after he cheated on him. We were both changing and ended changing together. We had common interest like the outdoors. He turned me on to meditation and alot of liberal ideals. Everything about him made me infatuated with him. He has black hair and a permanent five o'clock shadow. An athletic build from yoga and eyes that hypnotized me that were usually hidden behind glasses. Not only athletic but very well read and smart which was what turned me on most about him. I had always considered myself to me straight and never questioned it. After spending alot of time together I began to realize that it didn't feel like a normal feeling of friendship. At no point did i feel confused or frightened. I embraced this feeling and felt no shame. Socially for me it would have been condemned so in alot of ways it was quite taboo for me, but that didn't matter. I began fantasizing about him. Daydreaming in bed, and before long pleasuring myself to the thought of our two bodies. After awhile I became comfortable with the fact that I might be bi.
He was always a caring soul and we talked about our feelings like I never did with another man. Not once did we ever hint around at a physical attraction. I was always to worried it would ruin whatever we had. I was also not sure how to approach it. It wasn't until two months before graduation that something happened. We both had our wednesdays clear and decided to go hiking in a nearby national forest that but right up against his parents house. Their house was modest size but the land was massive, at least 40 plus acres. We left his parents house about 9am having spent the night there. P.S. His parents had no idea he was gay. We hiked these unmarked trails and he knew where we were the whole time. I had no idea were i was but never lost. We walked around the rim of a gully and made it to the top with a small clearing. We sat next to each other in silence. This was the climax of the hike. It took forever to get to this spot but its beauty was unparallelled. We sat next to each other and he pulled out some pot from his duffel bag and without a word we shared a joint. This was not the first time we smoked together. In fact a good part of our friendship revolved around marijuana. It must have been the weed cause before long we were just laying there his head in my lap. We had not seen anyone the entire day. It was as if we had the park to our selves.
After a while we decided to start back. He told me about a neighbors house that had an hidden pond. We made a very long detour to this pond. He assured me that it was a vacation home and that they would have never been home on a weekday. This pond was huge and very secluded. It was buried in the woods. To this day I am not sure if this was his plan, but i don't know and don't care. We had no swimsuits with us so we decided to go naked. I watched him undress and it was probably the weed but it looked like he has seducing me while he was undressing. We dove in and it was very cool which helped after the long hot day. We swam laps for a while and before long began horsing around. Splashing and wrestling. Our naked bodies grappled together. All of the sudden our grab relaxed still in a dead lock hold our faces meet, our eyes dead locked. We both leaned in for a kiss. It felt like the longest most awaited kiss of my life. Like the first kiss I ever had. Our wrestling grab had went to a tender embrace. I could feel the pressure of our bodies joined. His muscled hairy chest pressed against mine. I leaned in and worked my way to his neck, followed by his hand on my thigh and grazing my pubic hair. His hand was wrapped around my shaft. We were in shallow water and worked our way to the shore line. He then got on my knees and took all 6inches in his mouth. I know 6inches doesn't sound like alot but I am very thick and he took me all in without gagging once. I remember just standing there in ankle deep water running my hands through his black hair hope to last as long as I could. I put both hands on his hand to bring him up for a kiss because I didn't want to cum early. He then took me by the hand and lead me to shore where we laid down. We locked lips and I let my hand work its way down to his cock. I then got on my knees while he was laying there and grabbed his cock getting a closer look made me tremble a little. He must have sensed this cause he looked at me in the eyes and said "You don't have to do anything your not comfortable with." That was all I needed to put all my trust in him. My first true love. It had been stiff for a while but since he was uncut I felt the joy and rush through my body as I gently peeled back his foreskin with my tongue. I worked my wrist as my head went up and down. I got a rush knowing that he has happy because of me. He had made me so happy as a friend that this brought me overwhelming joy. After two minutes into my first blowjob came. I let him cum in my mouth but let it ooze out. That was not my favorite taste but I was so caught up in the moment that i just let it happen. Plus this was really erotic. He laid there for a minute and i laid my head on his chest and I was still hard. I didn't care. This was weird anytime I was with a woman I would have never just laid there with a hard on. He didn't waste anytime before he reached down and started to play with me. He then asked if I have ever tried anal with a girl. I said yes and he asked if was interested. I said yeah but want to look into your eyes. That was all he needed he got up and squatted over my cock and took it all in. He used his own spit as lube. We never lost eye contact and after only a minute I couldn't take it anymore, told him I was cumming and he just let me cum in him. We laid on the beach what felt like forever. We got back in the lake clean off and made out in the water. We walked back holding hands part of the way until we spotted our first person of the day. When we got back to his parents house we got to our car and went back to school. That night we shower at his place and then crashed. In the morning we made love again.
Our relationship was very sexual after that. It went like this till graduation when I got a job offer on the otherside of the country and he got excepted into archeology department on the opposite side. We haven't seen eachother since graduation and to this day I regret not following him. I just cherish our time together. I still love him but am married to a woman now and have plenty of erotic memories. I have never shared this with anyone else. Let me know if you want to here more.
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2 months ago
Great story Find that man and see what he's up to
4 months ago
It was quite beautiful and you are a good writer
5 months ago
Yes, more to read. Any thoughts on looking for him?
6 months ago
o lord do i want to hear more!!!!!