Part of an endless fantasy i jotted down

What you're doing, this is amazing. you are walking around us, circling us
touching us as you wish
creating the comfort and building the tension with every move.
He's squeezing my nipples, and breasts a little too tightly, which you and i know
i love
his cock hard thick and perfect in length.
I can feel his body react to your every touch. He's imagined being touched
by a man like this but never thought he'd have the chance to experience it for real.
Never thought it would feel this natural and so good.
He wants to hide in his heterosexuality through me
which I notice, so I take your hard cock in my hand as you are using your other hand
to stroke between my butt cracks which feels amazing.
Then I take his cock in my other hand and pull you closer together by your cocks
when the heads are touching, i rub your pre cum on his and his on yours
It's like the 2 heads are kissing. I use your thicker cock to firmly move up and down
and around the inch beneath where the cock head separates beneath
his mind is flying, with thoughts and sensations all too much to separate
feeling your beautiful cock causing his to come close to shooting and with so little effort on your part.

I kneel down and after caressing your cocks in my hands coating them with pre-cum, i
pull them into my mouth @ the same time. Oh how I want to be filled to the point of splitting
by your cocks. Together you move your torseau's forcing your cocks to bend toward my hungry mouth.
The idea of 2 men's cocks alone is crazy hot to me, but that it's one man's 1st time, imagining what he
must be feeling, I feel this sense of urgency, impatience. I want everything, every scenario I ever dreamed
of to play out right now, plus whatever you two would like to do. I am happy whether it''s between only
you, and you both know that.
But if anything that you do, would be enhanced by my assistance, I am there for the experience.
I know my impatience, and when it hits, I know to slow it down.
Shifting back from 5th gear to 2nd, I cruise feeling the soft silky skin of your cocks, and taste the delicious
taste of both of your precum, sucking and licking as hard as I can to get every drop. I manipulate your cocks
together, with my tongue and fingers.
Then I realize you are passionately kissing. I could feel the intense energy, a fierceness I'd never felt
cum together before. He was holding your beautiful jaws in his strong hands, I could see flat pink tongues, you
were kissing so extremely hot, I couldn't believe my heaven.

I rise to my feet, holding your cocks in my wet hands, and each of you begin kissing me, one at a time. Deep
passionate kisses from each of you as I stroked your cocks, one at a time now. You are both caressing my long
body all over, squeezing my breasts gently, our senses are returning.
I can smell you, you can smell me
the male
the female
Oh, the kiss of a man is beyond any comparison of a woman kissing a woman.
The masculinity of just the tongue alone is easy to detect blindfolded.
The warm big breaths, while you're kissing my lips or my cunt lips.
To have not one, but two hot perfect males with me, all to myself, all night and all
tomorrow thrills me. So many dreams will come true.

You lie on the bed now, with your head slightly hanging over the foot of it.
He slides his cock into your mouth. Slowly, going easy on you for now. The groove
is so thick and sensual, nobody is frantic or nervous any longer. Everything is heightened,
all senses.

I take your legs, and put them on my shoulders as i straddle between them.
I've got our favorite strap on ready, you were not aware as you were fighting to not gag on his thick cock.
I spread lubricant on your ass, smooth it on your balls massaging them, knowing your concentration
must stay with him. Your ass belonged to me. He saw to that for me.
I fingered your ass, slowly. You expected me to be more aggressive as the pace of his cock
pumping your throat was picking up, but I confused you by moving slowly instead on my end.
I knew you were dying for me to enter you, you needed to learn patience.
I fingered you inside your ass, slowly.. teasing you. You spread your legs and held your knees to
give your ass to me completely, so I took the head of the dildo in the strap on and rubbed your entrance.
Easily it slipped in and little by little I pushed myself deeper inside you. I watched your throat, I could
see his cock moving in and out of it as I was fucking you in steady long hard strokes. You raised your ass
even higher so I leaned into you and fucked you like men have been fucking me all my life. I fucked
the living shit out of you and you took every thrust like a champ!
He shot his load watching us, as this was not something he had anticipated in his fantasy.
He found it to be a huge turn-on and something to hope to repeat for years to cum.
100% (4/0)
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3 years ago
Fuckin hot. Have read it several times and wanked myself off. Thank you dear.
3 years ago
your dream turned me on,
we could share some ideas;
Hot one, I surfed across your post on a vid. We seem to have things in common.
I always like to see which videos and pics are people's favorites.
3 years ago
That's an awesome statement. Wow!
3 years ago
You already know I love your mind
what we push each other to explore
what will the limit ever be
turning you on is such a trip
the slut whore cunt depraved body
pushing arching pressing
holes open
mind racing
It's so important for every man to find a woman like this