CL guy #3 of 4 IRL

We hugged in the icy cold nights air to greet each other for the first time. He felt good. We went upstairs, he loaded a bowl, and made 2 drinks. We went on my patio and chatted (big mistake) for a while. Then he suggested we take the jacuzzi I promised. I was ready within seconds, and we went down. The water is always perfect and it's late as always, so only one who might see us would be the security guard. I hope he likes to watch!
I had him on the edge soon enough, gave him a good blow job, then he surprised me. he was staying hard and said he was gonna cum again! So I worked on him again, so excited. Nobody's had back to back orgasms with me before. He shot his load down my throat a 2nd time, still excited. I said "I think we should take this upstairs". So we grabbed our stuff and ran upstairs and got straight to bed. I sucked him off again, I couldn't get enough. This time though I sat on his face while I did it, mainly because I liked how curved his dick was, same angle as my throat when I'm in that position. I wanted it to go all the way down. He was licking my pussy like a hungry a****l which I wanted to enjoy before I started on him so I stroked his cock while moving myself up and down his tongue and face. Oh God he was good! He was sucking hard, batting my clit with his strong tongue @ the same time which is my favorite, then licking me, from ass to clit like a cat. mmmmm. nice fat soft tongue. then he'd stiffen his tongue and bat my clit around hard which felt amazing. Then he'd lock on and suck and tongue me till I knew I was seconds away from cumming... He could tell and said "cum for me baby", which caused my head to go back and my body to tighten up hard as I shuddered inside, my whole body went wild for a second. I had forgotten his cock in my hand, forgot everything. Just let the juices shoot all through my body to my toes. I was in heaven.
I sucked his cock harder than other times, I was crazed. I didn't care. I was in the perfect position and easily slid him down my throat and held it there, then, moving it in and out slowly, just an inch or so mmm love that feeling. My throat would begin to gag which they always love, so I let it but stopped it before it got to be too much, then slowly let it out of my mouth to catch my breath. Eyes watering, nose running, panting, I went down for more. He began to rock his hips, determining how fast and how deep this time, which the sub in me loves. I took it all, while he was gently licking my cum dripping down between my legs.
He held me down and rocked his cock in and out of my hungry mouth, until he really started to drill it. I don't know a better word for it. I mean he became a machine!!! I could hear myself making the same sounds I've heard in the DT videos. I wasn't making them on purpose either. I had no choice. He only let me up for air at the last second, now and then. I was surprised how well I was doing it actually. "Oh last time" he said, and started sucking on my clit while he fucked my mouth, then throat, definitely like a power tool. I told you I'm not good at multi-tasking but my clit swelled up again from the concept of how hard he was using my mouth, and how well he eats pussy, and I know this sounds like fiction, to me it does anyway but we actually did cum @ the same time. Me with his cock deep as it could go in my throat though I could feel the jiz come out anyway. I lifted my sore clit from his reach and sat to the side of him. No way could I let his mouth near there again. It was raw,,, but aching for something else.
His stamina was incredible. Not as good as the 1st guy but do-able.
I went to the bathroom, made sure my make up wasn't all smeared from the tears or from the jacuzzi. All was in tact... pee'd.. then came out to find him lying on his back with a hardon! I couldn't believe it. Insatiable me I got on top of him and started to work his cock inside me like he wasn't there. I leaned back forcing its nice curve to hit my spot then rubbed up and down that wall. I pressed on my lower abdomen, could feel him inside me. The pressure from both sides became enough for me to squirt so much I could feel it drenching my bed. But I wasn't through. That's always just the beginning when I'm not being completely dominated. He pulled me back to him, bent his knees and began to fuck me from beneath. I lifted up a little to give him room and he grabbed my clit while he jack hammered me non-stop. Any woman would have loved this guy. I can remember how wet we sounded, totally juicy.
He got behind me, laid me flat with my legs closed and straddled them entering his cock into my hole. He definitely knew what he was doing. Grabbing a fist full of my hair holding my head back he proceded to ram me hard. the more he did, the more I arched my back to get it all. He went deeper and harder slapping my ass in the same exact spot hard. I could feel it getting hotter with each slap but he was fucking me so good I didn't want to move.
He spread my legs, putting my pelvis in 2 large pillows, and finished himself off spraying his cum all over my ass.
He sat there massaging his cum into my skin, looking at my ass... as I layed there happy and tired. A bit sl**py.
He got up, got dressed, and left politely.
he was great, but still doesn't make the cut. not nasty enough, not the right chemsistry. the 1st guy was best because definitely the a****l in him recognized the a****l in me. He treated me like a slut and I loved it.
The 4th guy, I have notes somewhere, but it's his pics that make me crazy. I am to call him whenever I am ready. I can't wait for NUMBER 4!!!
100% (5/0)
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3 years ago
sweet naughty lil'lady
4 years ago
cant wait to read the next one!
4 years ago
you have the be the perfect woman just so hot and naughty I love it what a turn on ;)