Dancing (true story)

It was late, most the girls had gone home. I was working a table of maybe 10-12 men who were laying some nice bills on the floor in front of me. I had gone to a private room with them earlier with another dancer where we are not allowed to get too physical but pretty much anything goes other than actual sex...
They ordered fine fine champagne, which I like because it only takes me a small glass to make me feel loose and make those I am will seem more interesting.

We chatted really fun, nssty. Naturally all the guys wanted us to go to a hotel suite across the street with them after work, but the other dancer (insert fake name here) had a boyfriend who picked her up right after work, was always waiting, making sure all she did was dance.

So we left them not really sure if they had a chance for something more real later. The more the $ flew, the more I let this one guy finger me while I stroked his cock from outside his dress slacks. He was a german businessman. A corporate guest of the two Americans who had brought them there. Love those foreigners. They know what they want and don't mess around.

I had at least $300 just for letting him finger me which he did really well, I mean really well. I made sure his precum stained his slacks. That turned me on. I was back on stage after 1 hour of teasing and entertaining that table and whoever else happened to be watching. The music penetrated me, it often does. I was in my own little world just pretending nobody was watching, feeling my lust rush through my body. Wondering as each moment passed, if the night would get more interesting, as I was extremely horney by now.

I pulled the German guy by his tie, to me and said "Do you want me?" He said "yes" so I said "how BAD do you want me?"

He held out a bunch of hundred dollar bills, at least 12 and it was on. The size of his cock, the nice shape his body was in, and the money just made it much more hot in my own dirty mind. "Leave your key with the door man" was all I said.

Before long they mess of them left graciously. I scooped up all the bills on the floor and walked off the stage to the dressing room. I showered fast but carefully and got my jeans and top on. Slipped on my boots and walked out into the cold winter night. Across the street was a high rise hotel I'd come to know quite well through the year I had been working so closeby. The Concierge had thrown me a little business on occasion, maybe twice that I remember.

I had his key in my hand and could feel myself getting wet already as I waited for traffic to part, so I could run across the street. I greeted the valet's, the front desk, and walked to the elevator. Took it to the 6th floor and found his room. Entered with the key to find him sitting at his desk naked, looking at the internet. "I wasn't sure you'd come" he said.
"Well, you gave me quite a bit of incentive!" I said, making sure he knew why I was there. He layed out $1K in hundred dollar bills on his dresser and walked up to me.

With the back of his index finger, he began to stroke my tits, making the nipples hard. I stood there motionless waiting to see what he was like. He easily removed my top under which I wore nothing. My breasts are small and tight, I don't need to wear bra's unless for purpose of lingerie, of turning a man on. Bare tits do the trick too.

He began sucking on my nipple quite hard, almost too hard while gripping my other breast as I stood there looking down at him. Then he took my other tit in his mouth sucking it hard, really meaning business. I was ready!
He took my hand to his cock, which I could feel was incredibly hard again, and I couldn't wait to get his pants off and get it going.

Within moments I was on top of him, riding him. I needed this so bad that night, I just worked his cock inside me right where I needed it as he guided my hips with his strong hands. I could feel the hot liquid gush all over him which made him super horney and he insisted on going down on me to clean up the mess.
I let him eat my pussy for at least 2 clitoral orgasims. You know, the kind that blow your mind? I get the best ones from strangers, because I'm not so much in my head when I dont know or care about someone. He was licking my slit over and over, tasting, savoring my white cream as my body was limp.

From here on,,, I was like a rag doll he used. He being considerably larger than myself, very strong and every movement, every word was sharp. He got his knees under my legs and d**g the head of his cock up and down my wet slit while my clit was still a little sore. Tender to the touch. Keeping in mind I am now at least $1300 richer for paying attention to him, made me hope he was insatiable, hope that he was going to use me hard. I love it when they dont care!

He lifted my ass off the bed slightly with his firm grip on my legs and entered my pussy slowly. I could feel the circumference, the thickness of his cock stretching my pussy quite a bit just as it did when I was on top of him. You'd think I'd already be satisfied by now, but it isn't about orgasims for me, it's about the cock. That's all it's ever been about.

He fucked me on his hotel sheets hard and well, with the style of a jack hammer. I found myself counting the thrusts which made me giggle inside. It was something I used to do with a particular boyfriend who fucked the same way. He was also big, head to toe, could fuck hard, but no creativity. I let him get his money's worth, feeling my pussy getting a little raw but loving it just the same. I glanced at the clock a few times, not that I was in a hurry but same reason I sometimes count. I noticed only 20 min had gone by which felt like all night. To my surprise he busted his load inside me, and the f***e with which he let loose was insane! I shrieked from the pain and surprise. Thinking to myself, now why couldn't he have fucked like that before? It was un-even, unpredictable, and hardcore strokes he was jabbing me with as probably weeks or months of build up cum released in my cunt.

We lay there silent, as I gently stroked his stomach. Both of us, shimmering with sweat, the bed nice and wet from all the sweat and juices ---- hey you can't tell me sex isn't good exercise!

As I was carressing his stomach, his cock began to rise again, reaching above his belly button. I couldn't believe my eyes, actually. As sore as I was, I was definitely ready for round II.

He pulled me on top of him and held me tight as he thrusted his cock inside me. I couldn't move, didn't want to move though it was a bit much to take. I felt no pain, only desire for more. My moans were telling him loud and clear he was bringing me to a place I hoped to get to and stay a while so he continued to bang me with the hardest deepest thrusts his hot body could manage. No notice of the clock, no counting, barely hanging on while he rammed my pussy the way it had been craving all night long. I could feel my hot juices drain all over him and the bed again, which made him wild.

He got us out of bed and to our feet, leading me to the restroom, turning on the shower, adjusting the temperature. He stood at least a ft taller than me with his tanned brown body so hot and so mine. "Get in" he instructed with his limited english, and he followed right behind. He grabbed some vaseline in a tub on the shower corner shelf and rubbed it all over his entire cock and put a large amount on my holes.

He dipped his dick in my pussy ramming me pretty hard while grabbing my tits too hard. I held onto the wall in front of me just letting him do what he wanted. I was anything but bored, don't get me wrong. If you could have heard me, from a block away, you would have known this girl was getting what she needed.

While fucking me he insterted one then two fingers into my ass. Gently circling the hole, gently pulling stretching as he massaged his target, meanwhile push pushing me harder against the wall, as i stood on my tip toes. My nipples were red and sore, i moved his hands off them. "Oh yeah!?" he said grabbing my entire breasts hard, but leaving my sore nipples alone. I could feel his 7+ cock enter steady and even, my ass as I let out a loud moan. Oh my god all the nerves it hit, sent shivers throughout my whole body. I hoped he knew what he was doing! This could end up being amazing if he's as experienced as I sensed.

We struck gold. He worked my ass perfectly. He talked to me in english and in German so rough, it was like he hated me. I love that. Calling me every dirty name in the book, telling me all sorts of things he was going to do to me, which I knew was just him venting as these things would take quite a few days and places. Here we are in Houston, not much else to do anyway :)

His strokes were getting deeper, though it was not uncomfortable for me. His girth was hard to take but possible with the vaseline and the preparation he was careful to take. He held my hips and rocked in and out so well I u*********sly fingered my clit like crazy feeling the water rush over us both. He began to moan for the neighbors to hear as it was plenty late, actually early morning hours. Within perhaps 2 minutes (longer than I expected judging by how he moved and the sounds) he blew another beautiful load, only this time in my ass which made me crazy hot. Love walking around being the only one on earth who knows i've got a hot guys jiz in my ass. mmmmmmm

He gently eased me to my knees in the shower now... and asked me to stay still. He held his cock as it grew more limp,,, then slowly he showered me with his hot piss. I opened my mouth and he aimed for it as well as all over my face and hair, sore tits and raw cunt. I loved the sting, the concept, and the expression on his face. He had some freaky stuff going on I wanted to be the object of, as much as possible.

AFter washing my hair and drying off, I put my clothes on which he left on the toilet for me. He sat at his desk again, looking at his computer, as I entered the room. He took one hand and patted the $bills which were laid out like a hand of cards, which I didn't bother to count, scooped up and left my card for him as I kissed his lips and left his hotel room.

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4 years ago
Wonderful story..fantasies,kinks and nastiness all fulfilled in as little time as possible..
4 years ago
Mmm... Fucking great story... I love to take and use my girl just the way he used you... mm mm mmmm...
4 years ago
Very well written and believable. I admire women writers who tell it like it is, without apology.
4 years ago
superb story
4 years ago
That was great - I hope some of it was real!

: )
4 years ago
hot story
4 years ago
Wow, you are a really good writer, intense and very hot.
4 years ago
very good sexy
4 years ago
Oh my god that was fucking hot. yeah you're right, these stories are gonna make me cum
4 years ago
Fantastically picturesque story
4 years ago
you truly are amazing, very hot and naughty sounds like you got just what you wanted ;)