Truckers (Like rabbits)

Roger was seated at the booth with a beer in his hand when Mike led Claire out of the office door. He had a knowing grin on his face, glad Mike got busy while he was getting his own in the little apartment over the diner next door. He had ravaged Doreen hard and left her on the drenched bed cold. This is how he did her and she didn't complain.

"Glad you could join us!" Mike said with a grin letting Claire sit first. The three of them carried on with light conversation about the bar scene, the music and drank some beers.

A large middle aged man walked up to the table half d***k asking Claire if she would give them another dance. Roger shot Mike a curious look, but Mike was not concerned. "Go ahead,if you want to" he said to Claire. "Ok Sure" she said.

The music was changed to something so steamy you could feel all the cocks in the room pulsating to it's rythem as she began to make love to the pole. Grinding up and down on it, raising her ass in the air and shaking it fast, the crowd went wild and this was just a tease. "What the fuck?!" shouted Roger. "Yeah, I was gonna tell you..." was all Mike could get out, distracted by the sight of Claire ripping her T shirt right down the middle, flashing her tits to the crowd with an innocent look on her face, then tying it in a knot above her belly button, tight.

Dollars were raining down on the floor she was working as she wrapped her legs around the pole, lifting herself high humping her pussy against the steel. The beer had set in, her public inhibitions were gone. She let herself slip slowly down the pole to her feet, bending down glancing between her legs at Roger. She flipped her hair back and slowly strutted circling the pole then let go of it. The dance she danced was extremely sensual and yet clearly well rehearsed. She could definitely be a professional dancer, the way every inch of her movements were perfect, do the way her fingers were poised or the tip of her toes. A second song began and she worked the pole again, doing her best work though not the more dangerous falls as she didn't trust her sobriety enough to risk falling. At the end of the song, she had the presence of mind to scoop up all the dollars on the floor and several out of the mens hands as they hungrily reached for her attention.

Mike met her at the steps and safely guided her back to the booth. "I think we got ourselves a money maker here!" exclaimed Roger, which made Mike a little uncomfortable, and yet turned on at the same time. "What do you think Claire, you up for some real fun?" he asked, handing her a fresh cold long neck. "Well what did you have in mind?" with only half a care. "lets go in the back and see what we can arrange" Roger said standing up adjusting his now uncomfortably snug jeans.
Claire followed him to a back office below the one she had just showered in. It was very dark, a couple of desks, an ATM machine, some office equipment and a small green desk lamp with a brass base which Roger turned on. Mike stayed at the table, counting the money Claire handed him. There was over $200, several bills were $10's and $20's. He stuck the wad in his front pocket and nursed his beer wondering what they were concocting in the back.

"Take off those shorts" Roger said without hesitation. "Why!" a feisty Claire shot back. "I want to see just how much you're worth, this ride aint free yanno!" "Fine!" she removed her shorts and Roger proceded to rip her T Shirt off her body completely and with ease. He got out of his jeans, his cock still coated with Doreen's cum, and it was already sticking straight out, throbbing hard from watching Claire all but fuck that pole in front of all those assholes and how to have her naked body standing there for him to take.
He lifted her one leg, forcing her to grab onto his neck. He was much taller than she, as he lifted her other leg wrapping them around his waste, entering her cunt with his thick cock. She let out a gasp at the size of him, her body not quite as turned on or ready for him as with Mike before. But she held on for dear life as Roger kept shoving her body up in the air with the thrusts of his hips driving his cock inside of her. Despite the gravity, not all of his cock was able to be devoured by her though he was determined to feel her ass slap his balls before he was through with her. he continued to pound away at her cunt now dripping down his large balls "that's right" was all he said feeling her muscles relaxing, allowing the full size of him inside her cunt walls.

She could feel what must be steel pounding at her cervix over and over but there was nothing she could do in this position but hold on. She was crying out to him but instead of listening, her screams only made him hotter for her.

Then he laid her down on the desk and bent her knees up to her chest, leaning over her fucking her in and out... in and out in and out over over over over slapping his balls against her ass you could her his body slapping his, her tits bouncing up and down, he paid no attention to her protests as he fucked her as hard as he possibly could, as this was his style. His only style.

He removed his cock from her hole and pulled her head around shooting his load in her open mouth, some of it landing on her nose and chin. "You'll do just fine" he said, wiping his cock & balls on her ripped up T Shirt. "Stay right here and behave yourself!" he ordered.

He left the office, whispered something to Mike, then began talking to a few of the guys by the stage she had just left who were waiting curiously to see what was going on with this new girl who had clearly stolen the attention away from every other lady in the joint. Before long, there were several men standing near the door to the back room.

Roger arrived, taking $20 from the first guy, told him "get it done as fast as you can, we don't have all night". And he meant it. The man proceded to make his way through the almost dark room to the nude beautiful girl sitting at the edge of the desk with her feet on a chair, barefoot. He took down his jeans and stroked his half hard cock while touching her breasts, squeezing her nipples. He took one hand and pushed her down on her back and guided his cock inside her cunt and began fucking her like a dog. Within a few moments, he pulled out and shot his load on the chair beside him. "fuck" he said, putting his junk back inside his boxers and finished buttoning his jeans as he left the room. Outside the next guy, a much younger one stepped in after handing Roger $50. He was instructed not to speak, just fuck and get out so he took his cock out and shoved it inside her dripping pussy fucking away. She laid there amused by how much these men thought of their cocks, how badly they wanted her to praise them. She threw them pathetic compliments now and then, "oh yeah, your cock feels so good" she'd say, when the truth was, she could barely feel them. She was half angry she was being used this way with no need for her agreement. Still she knew she had to make it to California, and this was not hard for her. Spreading her legs was her ticket to anything she wanted, and she knew this. Her mama told her this when she first got her period. She was mortified at the time, but experience had proved it to be true. Sad but true. She was numb to it anymore.

The young man finished rather fast. Shot his load on her TShirt as did the one before him, got dressed and left.

Within the following hour, over half a dozen men were selected and charged anywhere from $20 to $100 each to get at Claire. Roger peeking in now and then just to make sure everything was ok. He only saw one guy after the other humping her like dogs and finishing in no more than five minutes each. Anything more, could be arranged at a later date.

At one point Roger heard Claire scream so he shot his head in finding this stalky bald guy visciously trying to shove his cock down Claires throat. He had her by the neck and hair and was not about to let her go till Roger yelled at him "Get the fuck out of her or I'll shoot you right now", showing a shiney 22 tucked inside the waist of his jeans. The man scrambled to get his clothes on and ran out of the room, and out of the bar to his car as fast as his feet could carry him.

"We through yet!?" yelled Claire very upset. "Sure" Roger said, throwing her a flannel shirt to put in instead of the T Shirt which was not only destroyed but completely drenched in male milk. "Fuck!" she said bitterly, getting to her feet with a very sore body, walking toward the door. "get me upstairs goddammit, I need a shower!"

Roger led her to the office upstairs where Mike sat drinking iced tea. She didn't even look at him as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She stood in the gentle stream of water for a long time, feeling the steam rise, then washed her hair which some had broken the rules and dropped their cum inside, then washed it again. She fingered her hole with 2 fingers cleaning her insides out gently. The flesh was sore, torn perhaps, red as an apple.

Claire had always had a gang-bang fantasy, but this was more than she bargained for. There was no way to process it this soon so she tried not to think about it. Her mind wandered to Mike who had been sitting alone in that office the whole time, wondering why he wasn't there cheering her on like Roger had been doing all the while she was being ****d by those men. Not that she was complaining, the **** was part of her fantasy, but it bothered her that Mike didn't care.

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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
A brutally honest account. Clear imagery.
4 years ago
amazing start just so hot and sexy looking forward to the next part