The Office (Part III) On his way back to the offic

He takes the elevator to the lobby feeling rather satisfied with himself. Turns the corner around the front desk, politely greeting the friendly employees who are always happy to see him, as he reaches a suite of Executive offices. "Please make sure there are no interruptions" he directs the receptionist seated outside of one of the large closed doors.

He enters without a knock finding Benice involved in a serious conversation on the phone. Walks behind her desk and reaches through her blowse and beneath her bra to feel her large breasts. Turned on by the sheer fact that he can do this without question nor resistence he could feel his cock already getting hard. This, just moments after leaving what he considered an adequate start to a physical relationship with Elise which he very much looked forward to exploring and exploiting for a very long time to come. Benise continued her conversation, clearly in charge of the situation she was dealing with, she leaned back to allow his hands to release a few buttons of her black blouse. He gripped her breasts more firmly, squeezing her nipples hard as his cock attempted to rise in his briefs.

Mr. O'Neil lifted her over her desk and raised her skirt.. feeling her bare pussy lips to make sure she was wet. It was a given she would never wear anything which would obstruct his access to her cunt, as she too belonged to her in return for a very comfortable living expense and promising future with the company and the appetite of a hungry Executive who not only owned her but the building she worked in as well as her home and pretty much everything else she could want.

He quickly yanked his cock out and shoved it in her pussy hard and began to fuck her from behind while she tried to maintain in her phone conversation. She knew he preferred her to be otherwise occupied while he took her.. it was some sort of preverse pleasure he took in addition to using her body any way he wished, any time he wished, which was usually at least once daily.

He pumped his dick inside her hard and steady for quite a while, adding Elises juices to Benice's. Little did Benice know, there was always someone elses cum on his cock when he fed it to her. He didn't care if she did know, she was going to do as he wished regardless.

She finished her phone call and replaced the phone on it's receiver. Her round ass bare in the daylight of her office. blinds half open with a walkway just outside for guests or employees to see if it were the case. Today there was Jose, a long time gardener working just outside her window with his back to them as he continued to fuck her from behind. Her breath was quick and heavy, not a sound from Mr. O'neil. Jose turned only to find the tall chair obstructing what he could tell was Mr O'neil fucking Mrs. Borseau again. He stood to the side to watch, hoping he would not be caught. He felt his cock get excited as Mr. O'neil was ramming the woman harder and faster with each stroke. An audible gasp escaped Benice's lips as Mr O'neil covered her mouth with one hand and gripping her shoulder with the other...

He let out a slight moan which he could not prevent, without worrying about it escaping the thick door he had locked behind him when he entered. Leaving his cock inside her filling her cunt with his newly restored cum, he stood there rubbing her Double D's roughly.

Benice reached inside her 2nd drawer and took some tissues out of a box and handed them to him. He removed his cock and dried it off, throwing them in her waste basket. Put his briefs and slacks back on, he fastened his black leather belt saying nothing, as she smiled, waiting for him to leave before she cleaned herself.

He closed the door behind him and she used a tissue for herself then made her way to her private bathroom to wash up. She looked in the mirror, spashed some cold water on her face, fixed her hair perfectly and went back to work.

Jose went to the shed where he kept his supplies and proceeded to wank himself off to the vision of the beautiful lady with the huge tits and nice ass getting fucked by the rich man.
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4 years ago
very good continuation
4 years ago
I love these stories very hot and sexy a real turn on cant wait to see what happens next