The Office (1st Nooner)

After a long morning of being shuffled around a large French boutique full of everything from the highest end shoes, to insanely beautiful imported European hand-made lingerie, to evening gowns and priceless business attire, she was exhausted. The lady at the boutique knew exactly what to show her and had all the pieces ready on a large clothing rack in the dressing room. There was champagne and a large fruit plate she was offered to help herself to during the hours of shopping.
"You will pick up more pieces along the way, as you travel with Mr. O'Neil, but this should give you a start". "I hope he will approve of our choices" she said sincerely with a hint of doubt in her eyes. The older lady shot her a knowing smile, "Oh, Mr. O'Neil will be pleased. Trust me." Taking a white gauze slightly sheer loose fitting dress from the rack, she handed it to Elise "I believe you have a lunch appointment in a few minutes?" "Yes. Thank you, I'll put it on now". "I'll have the rest of your items delivered to your suite later this afternoon", she finished, leaving the dressing room.

Elise put the new panties on and decided not to wear a bra with a semi evil grin. The dress was plain but sexy in that it could reveal enough if one were inclined to look long and close enough. Deciding to fasten her medium length silky hair in a french twist, and applying some clear lip gloss, she was satisfied with her look.

Thanking the woman, she sauntered out of the boutique with a new sense of her womanhood, stepping gracefully with her black high heels making the sounds of every man's fantasies if she were approaching him.

12:00 sharp, she entered the lobby of the very elegant yet understated white hotel. He took one look at her over his Wall St. Journal and felt his cock fill with tension. "Very nice" he smiled rising to meet her. "Shall we?" as he offered his arm which she held slightly, walking into the lobby restaurant where the tables were covered with white linen cloth, the walls of dark aged wooden ornate design, several choice pieces of artwork indicating a taste for east coast history were s**ttered about. There was an elderly man at a baby grande piano playing something soft and non-intrusive. She took in the sounds of the background, mainly coming from the kitchen though she could hear muffled conversations of other diners, as the tone became almost silent for what seemed like a long time. All eyes were on her. He pulled her chair out which she thanked him for politely as she sat and moved forward to the table resting her handbag on the table beside her. He sat across from her with barely an expression, nor comment.

The waitor took their orders, as they both chose light salads and his favorite bottle of Chardonnay. "How is your day so far, I see you found some clothes you like?" "Oh yes, beautiful clothes, shoes, everything, I can't thank you enough!" "Excellent, I am anxious to see them". The salads were served promptly and they ate in silence. Sipping the last bit of wine, "When will you be moving into your suite?" "I am ready. My s****r was surprised and asked me some uncomfortable questions but I told her it was just temporary until I could afford to pay my own rent there and she left me alone". "Good... Good... Then I will show you your place now if you are ready?" "Yes, sir. I am more than ready"

They take the elevator in silence to the 12th floor. She noticed on the rise, there was no 3rd or 13th floor. Having heard in the past there was some superstition about those numbers, she was not surprised, though this was the first time she'd ever been in a building that employed the belief.
He used a key to open the elevator at her floor which puzzled her. "It's a private floor, you will get your own key today".

Her suite was decorated beautifully. Very modern with clean lines, marble floors and counter tops, mirrors and beautiful natural materials as wall treatments, with a giant veranda hosting very comfortable collection of furniture which would belong in any fine indoor room. She was simply amazed. "I will take you to a few shops I know of so you can choose your own art work and nick nacks to make this feel more personal, but I trust what I've chosen for you so far is to your liking?" "Oh yes, very much sir. It's all very beautiful" she said, facing him with delight. Reaching to trace the outline of her barely visible breast, he took the liberty of touching her as he claimed "As are you".

He leads her to her new bedroom of the 3 in the suite which was grande to say the least. Antiques everywhere, modern electronics, stereo and tv beyond anything she could afford on her own opening or popping up at the touch of the buttons he was operating at the side of her large faux fur covered white bed.
Linen curtains opened, blinds began to rise letting in the city sunlight as she could see a much taller more modern mirrored highrise across from her.

Standing there beside the window, they stood as he directed her to get undressed in just as many words. Gladly, and not surprised, she lifted her dress over her head revealing her young natural breasts, and black lace panties. Her skin Irish white with not a trace of ever being touched before. She layed the dress down on the antique bench at the foot of her bed kicking off her high heels and pulling down her thigh high flesh colored silk stockings, one perfect leg at a time.

He grabbed gently her by her wrists stopping her from removing her panties, and laid her on her back on the bed. Her body sank into the thick silky soft white fur as she looked up at him still fully clothed in black slacks and a white dress shirt and golden cuff links which sparkled in the sunlight. He removed his neck tie, cuff links and stood there staring at her. He began to touch her soft body, moving his hands expertly over her stomach, her sides, her arms, back to her breasts, slightly squeezing her hardened nipples, then slowly to where her panties began. She assumed he would continue down, but he knew what he was doing.

He sat beside her now, holding her wrists high above her head, carressing her body gently, lightly without a word. Exposed, vulnerable, she was so young, so seemingly untouched, he could barely contain himself but knew there would be plenty of time to ravage her in every way possible. For now, he wanted to expose his physical world to her one step at a time. Test her willingness, her experience, see how dirty she already was, while hoping most would be unchartered territory for her. He always preferred an innocent, and would have to pretend they were in order to get the most out of his time and money when e****ts were paid to entertain him. Still there was always something seriously lacking with the pro's no matter how good they were at pleasing him physically. His appetite was raw, the psychological aspect unfed. The youth, the innocence untapped was what he desired most but until now with all his money and power, could never buy.

Gazing at his face expressionless, his hand smoothed over her breasts, cupping them, massaging them, then his other hand began to move down her flat stomach and over her panties between her legs. He could feel a slight surge rush to his cock as her body responded to the touch she had anticipated with deep desire. The age difference surprisingly turned her on as well. She had not known a man in her lifetime, she could respect nor have the slightest bit of confidence in, in any way until now. So may questions unanswered, but at this moment, she knew she wanted to stay in this moment forever.

He flattened his hand rubbing her between her legs firmly, slowly at first as she slightly opened her legs to accomodate his large hand. Letting out a soft moan of delight she felt his hand pressing harder as the juices began to flow. he gently bit her nipple as he slipped a finger inside her panties, searching for the wetness he was sure would be there. Finally he finds the slit and moves her flesh apart to feel the raw skin, the wetness so hot and delicious. He spread her pussy juices around, coating her clitoris in particular. His moves were decisive, yet it was as though he was not aware that she herself was there to him. She let her mind go away and submitting to the sensations he was creating... wanting more, faster, harder... but content to let him decide exactly what he wanted from her.

Two fingers now inside her, the panties pushed to the side, he curls his fingers up toward her pubic bone, hitting a spot she had never felt before. It was as though it was shooting an electrical current through her with the f***e and speed of his fingertips as his other hand was now pressing down on her lower abdomen. He roughly penetrated her quickly and more firmly than before as her moans came from somewhere deep inside of her she never knew was there. Her legs were spread wide open for NYC to see, as he masterfully manipulated her "G spot" until her milk shot out of her cunt so fiercely it fell to the floor with slight drops against the window. Elise's screams were in sync with the next explosion f***ed by his unwillingness to let up, and then yet another more powerful screaming orgasim coating the floor and window.

He removed his fingers from her cunt, and fed them to her as she looked at him curiously, accomodating this unknown taste. To please him she sucked the cum off his fingers but he was not yet satisfied.

He walks over to a large beautifully crafted armoir imported from Bali, opening both doors revealing many electronics she didn't take time to quite make out. He turned this, and pushed that, then pointed a small camera in the direction of the foot of her bed then returned standing at her side.

He returned to her side, and slid her black panties to her ankles, which she kicked off for him. "Please stand" he said reaching for her hand.

He led her to the bench at the foot of the bed, placing her dress on the fur beside it, then placed her on her hands and knees. He stood with feet on either side of the bench, removing his pants and briefs just low enough to expose his already throbbing hard cock and without warning, rammed himself into her cunt while bent over her soft young body, holding her stomach for positioning. He felt her jolt forward as he hit her deeper than she was prepared for. His movements were severe and without rythem. He liked the unexpected. He wanted her to feel him hard. He jabbed her hard several times until her moans and movements told him she was able to accomodate him and he would stop, still holding her stomach tight with one hand, rubbing her upper back and shoulders with the other.
She was bent over poised for more, body tense, feeling uneasy at the size of his cock a bit too big for her un-used pussy. Then he grabbed her hair hard and rammed his pole deep inside her in an upward motion loving the painful shrieks coming from his new young fuck toy. She had too much to lose, she wouldn't dare stop him now. Despite his age, he had never lost the stamina of his teen age years as a football player at Yale University when he could and did fuck every girl he took a fancy to. Never the same girl twice, avoiding any romantic distractions from his goals for his future. Still an unsatiable appetite for female flesh, he did manage to obtain as much sex as his heart ever desired. Or his cock in this case. Today was no different. He was stretching her pussy and jabbing her harder while his fist was full of her hair. She had to prove she could and would obediently take it or she would never fit the job description.

"You want to know what real fucking is, you're going to get it, right now, and from now on little slut, you understand?" She could not answer, for his jabs kept taking her breath away, it was all she could do to take the f***e he was giving her, and her head was starting to ache bad, from her hair being pulled. "I'm going to give you cock anytime I want, and you're going to take it, you understand me?!" He demanded as he stopped ramming her long enough to f***e affirmation from her. "Yes, sir" she replied, out of breath. "Beg for it, cunt!" .....
"Please, sir, give me more, fuck me harder please!" she said half believing her own words. Her pussy was getting wetter despite the pain "That's a good girl"... then pushing her head down on the bench, her face to the side, "suck your thumb you little baby..." she didn't obey quickly enough, so he rammed his cock as hard as he possibly could forcing a scream out of her then held it there jabbing over and over "Suck your thumb you fucking cunt! I own you!" he commanded.
She put her thumb in her mouth "suck it bitch!" she began to suck it like a c***d which turned him on beyond belief and he pumped evenly watching her suckle her thumb perfectly. "Good girl" he praised her, as he slipped his wet finger inside her ass. This surprised her, accidentally causing her thumb to leave her mouth. He rammed a 2nd finger inside her ass hole yelling "suck your thumb you fucking cunt or I'll punish your ass like you can't imagine!"

Quickly she began to suck her thumb hungrily as he punished her pussy with his fat cock and finger-fucked her ass as she could feel his fingers rubbing against his cock. The combination of the two sensations and the sight of this young girl so obediently, and without choice, sucking her thumb like a little girl finally f***ed him to blow his giant load deep inside her cunt in violent surges. He moaned loudly with each surge, forcing his fingers hard into her ass with each breath he took. His cock was at it's fullest and he was not aware of how hard his thrusts were at this time, as she continued to suck her thumb barely able to breathe from the pleasure and pain he was causing her.

Moments went by before he left her to go to the bathroom, returning with a hot wet hand towel which he used to wipe her off with as she stayed in the position he originally put her in. He examined her reddened, partially open pussy left like that by the girth of his cock which had always been a source of male pride of his. He pulled her to her feet like a gentleman, taking the red chenile blanket strewn over the bench she had been kneeling on and throwing it in the corner of the floor, covered with their juices. "Get cleaned up now, and here are your instructions. I'll be by tomorrow at noon, wear nothing, and be on this bed, on your back with legs spread when I arrive. I will let myself in and do not say a word to me when I arrive." "Yes, sir", was her only reply. She knew he wanted nothing more from her than those two simple words. And that those two simple words would give her everything she needed in life, so despite her hesitation which she would never reveal if at all possible, she would accomodate his every whim.

On his way out, he ejected the small disc from the video camera, powered it off, and closed the armoir doors. "If you have any questions, call Linda at the office. The kitchen is fully stocked, laundry is to be left on the bathroom floor, housekeeping arrives at 10am, your keys will be at the front desk whenever you are ready for them. I'll see you tomorrow", and he closed the door behind him satisfied.

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excellent & so hot
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Thank you so much for the encouragement. I like these characters so much so far, I see sub-stories arising :)
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wow....please write more
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that was amazing love where this is going keep them coming