Truckers Part II (A little fun @ the Honkey Tonk)

Mike lifts Claire down from the tall cab of the truck as Roger makes his way to the diner next door to a large country western bar you could hear the live music blasting out of from the outskirts of the unlit parking lot. "Where's he..." "He's gonna go see a friend, don't worry."
Together the walk into a packed house, to find 3 bars with lines half a dozen deep waiting for their drinks, and several barely dressed young girls being groped at and flirting loudly with the patrons while serving them mostly beer. There were lots of women by ratio, though most of them seemed a little worse for wear, though this isn't surprising to Claire considering they were in the middle of nowhere. She wondered where all these people came from anyway, other than the truckers, as there was about an acre of big rigs in the back lot.

An attractive asian girl holding an emptry tray walked right up to Mike with an expression on her face telling many guessable storys of how they may already know each other. "Hey beautiful" Mike said reaching down to kiss her on the cheek. Her smile was warm and genuine as she greeted his new friend without proper introduction. "Hiya, I'm Annie what can I get ya?" Claire responded "I'm Claire, I'd like a double whiskey thanks". Mike looked at her surprised at her choice "I thought you liked beer!" laughing. "Well, that's all ya offered me!" she chidded back. "I think I'll have the same, then".

Annie seemed really friendly, though it was clear she made good money at a place like this even if she only worked one night a week. These men were mostly all married and would likely give anything for someone as fine as Annie. Tipping her was a good way to get her to pay a little more attention to them, than she would otherwise have time to, that's how it works and everyone knows this.

He motioned Claire to a small booth against the wall that had just been vacated by a couple who left to dance to some fast paced 2 stepping tune. Their drinks were still on the table but thems the rules. Mikes eyes were fixed on the dance floor while Claire was watching some people seated in a larger booth across the way. A mans hand was moving inside the girls dress seated next to him, which she found pretty hot to watch. The lady moved her legs apart at his hand's insistence allowing him to masturbate her right there for anyone who happened to zero in, to see. Claire started to feel herself getting wet as she watched him move his hand right to the wet spot. The other people, unaware, were talking and laughing, as one of the women rubbed a lime from between her breasts slowly up her chest and even slower as she was now squeezing as it, dripped from her neck to behind her ear. The younger woman to her left gently sprinkled salt down the wet trail while the guy on her other side moved in to separate her dress exposing a breast covered only with a lacy black D-cup demi bra. He lowered her bra while the 2nd woman watched, touching herself under the table... he licked her nipple with gentle flicks, firm strokes, sucking so hard you could hear it pop when he released it from his mouth, loving watching her come close to pain. There were 4 others at the table, all watching as if it was an every day event. He continued to suck her nipple tracing his tongue in slow circles around as it became harder and more protruded. Then he flattened his tongue and licked the trail from her clevage with thick wet strokes stopping to savor and swallow with each section. He grabbed her hair in one hand making a tight pony tail of long black hair, lifting it so he could gruffly suck the rest of the lime and salt off her neck, while caressing her breast firmly sending chills throughout her entire body and Claires. Her head was resting against the wall behind her, one hand on his knee, the other on the table bracing herself. When he was done treating himself to her salty flesh, she handed him a shot which was his reward and they all laughed and clapped at the show.

By now the other man's hand was working the woman's pussy pretty hard but still slightly discrete. "What are you thinking about" Mikes words startled Claire out of her trance. "Woe! I was just watching that table over there" pointing discretely. Just then, Annie showed up with their drinks which she placed on the table quickly saying she'd be back soon. Thanking her, Claire then turned to Mike "Hey look at that guys hand between her legs!" guiding him with her eyes. He looked over, secretely preferring to focus his attention on Claire. He saw the woman moving her hips, grinding her cunt against the guys hand and within less than a minute, he could tell she came. "woe, is right!" he said to Claire, again focusing on her. They clinked their glasses together and took their first sip. Her face became instantly bitter which he laughed at. "Hey! the first one's always rough!" He continued to laugh, "That's what I hear" he said, thinking how tough she acted suspecting she wasn't as experienced as she let on. "Stop teasing me!" she said stomping her foot though her smile betrayed her. "Me? I'm no tease, trust me honey".
This gave Claire a great idea. She quickly finished her whiskey to loosen up then said "be right back" walking over in her short shorts and tiny T-shirt, and jumped high up on one of the many poles standing alone on the floor. She lifted herself higher crossing her legs tightly around the poll and let her upper body fall down while spinning slowly. This got everybody's attention. Mike wasn't sure what to think, this caught him completely off guard. She wipped the floor with her long hair side to side while grasping her breasts, while her inner thigh muscles had complete control of the pole. She reached up and grabbed the pole, wrapping her legs around, sliding down slowly, landing on her knees spread wide. Her ass in the air, she flattened her stomach against the floor, pressing her breasts hard showing her cleavage as she crawled her fingers away from the pole, taking long strides with her knees. Her hair was a sexy mess as she flipped it back then suddenly curled in a ball rolling over... raising her onto her back and without the help of her hands her back raised slowly, arched as her graceful arms lifted her hair while staring into the eyes of the now alert and clearly hungry men. Jumping to her feet she strutted along the line of men dancing in such a sexy way it made Mike uneasy. The men were reaching out to her but she stayed just out of reach as she worked her hips, spinning, grinding, grabbing her breasts as her head laid back imagining the mans hand between that womans legs. One hand of her own found its way between her own legs, but just for an instant as the crowd gathered and the reaction became louder. She loved the attention, though she was really only doing this for Mike.

The tempo of the music slowed so she used the choreography she had been working on for a couple of months, to ease her way back to the pole. Holding with only one hand to the cold steel pole, she lazily dragged her body around it with a loose grip allowing herself to lower to the floor. Then with her ass to the crowd, back arched, head back, she crawled her hands back up the pole with surprising ease. She grabbed it with her feet tightly and lifted herself high off the ground, then did a back dive while still spinning, thighs carefully but barely saving her from a fall. She continued to work the pole to the slower tempo of the music in a more wistful, feminine manner. The men were mesmerized, the women jealous. She was in her own little world. The world she often escaped into when reality was less than she could tolerate. A world of beauty.

The dance ended with the song. She walked off the stage to loud applause and many men trying to approach her offering her drinks and money. The same money she left behind her on the stage which had been laid there for her, which she didn't even take time to notice. Politely she made her way back to the booth where Mike sat with Annie as they grinned and clapped. She grinned, head slightly down. She loved the attention of the many faceless strangers she knew she would never have to know, but was never comfortable with the same from people she knew personally. Mike handed her a fresh drink, "Hey girl! You should work here! We love girls like you and girl, you got talent!!!" Annie said to Claire excitedly. "Oh, thanks, but that was just for fun, I'm just passing through Annie, but thank you really". "Ok then, but talk to me if you ever change your mind, honey!" Mike wiped the perspiration from Claire's forehead, brushing a few strands of her hair out of her eyes which Annie took as her cue to leave them alone. "Hey I gotta get back to work, see y'all in a bit!"

"That was a surprise" Mike said with almost no expression as he stared down at his drink. "I told you I was a dancer, Mike. Just thought I'd have a little fun for you". "For me?" "Yeah, that was for you!" while all the other men watched her lean in to Mike's neck and breathe his warm skin. He held the back of her head wondering what in the world he was doing with this girl. Who the hell was she anyway? Eventually the attention was drawn back to a different pole on another small stage as a d***ken woman was trying to make some sexy moves, and show off her oversized implants. The men seemed to like it so she got sloppier by the minute. Everybody seemed to be having such a good time, which was fine by Claire and Mike.

"I'd sure like a shower" she said after a long day in the truck, a nice fuck in the back, and working out on the pole for a good 20 minutes. "I'll find Joe and see if I can get the key to his office" Mike said. "Be back". She finished her 2nd drink and worked on what was left of Mikes watered down whiskey, chewing on the bits of ice at the bottom. She took one piece of the ice out of her mouth and rubbed it all over her face to cool herself off. A man sat himself down next to her in the booth without invitation and began to hit on her with his breath stinking of a distillery. "I'm not interested" she said without pause. He persisted rudely so she angled her back against the side wall and quickly took both feet and booted him right onto the floor with one strong push. This is a woman who's leg strength one would know not to under estimate. He didn't see that coming and got up full of embarrassment masqued by anger and just as he was about to ask for a repeat performance, two men grabbed him and d**g him backward to the door and pushed him out. It all happened so fast, when they returned, it was Mike, and he introduced her to "Joe" who shook her hand politely. "Really nice show Claire, we appreciate it. Nice to meet you". She smiled and shook his hand. "Mike here says you've had a long day and could use a shower, feel free to use my office, be sure to lock the door behind you when you enter, and when you leave. You never know about these people 'round here".

Gratefully Grace took Mike's lead up the back stairs into a private office with all the accomodations of an apartment. Mike grabbed 2 cold beers from the refrigerator handing one to Claire, and showing her to the bathroom. He handed her two large towels from the cupboard and left her alone.

Alone, exhausted yet exhilerated, she stood in the hot shower letting it's heat relax her sore body as she downed the cold beer. "I need another one!" she hollared at Mike who was sitting on a bar stool waiting. When he entered the bathroom she stood there with the shower door wide open, her body glistening with smooth water washing over her. He hesitated for a moment, broken only by her grin as she said while taking the beer out of his hand, "I meant 'a-Nother one'". Ripping the buttons from his Levis apart, lifting his shirt which he finished pulling over his head, he continued to get undressed glancing at her perfect porcelaine white body without a mark on it which was unusual these days with women of any age. He stepped into her shower pulling the door shut as she firmly planted her lips on his. Pushing herself against his groin, she could feel his cock rise so she slowly licked her way down his body until she was on her knees and began to lick the head of his cock.

Watching his eyes, she licked the length of his cock, circling her tongue around and around and around.... then sucking the length of it in and out... in and out ... in no hurry. He looked up absentmindedly holding her head with one hand, standing there while she pleasured him. She liked the definition of the head in contrast with the rest of his cock. Interesting to her how different every man's cock is. His was in her mind, most desirable. Smooth and thick, not too big, not too small. She became so hungry for him she sucked him harder, trying to taste his pre cum, drop by delicious drop. He was sure he would lose control if this continued so he reached down and lifted her from beneath her arms, and began to kiss her neck furiously, her lips, her face. His every move was met by hers. Her breasts held tight against his hard chest, she could feel his cock hit against her making her want him inisde her more and more with every second.

Mike turned Claire around, she spread her legs while placing her hands on the shower wall. Water continued to pour against his back as he entered his cock into her hot pussy. That first thrust lifted her slightly as both moaned in sync. Finally. The build up over the past hour was too much, combined with the sight and feel of each others naked wet bodys so hungry for each other's. He fucked her deeply, but with even medium paced strokes. With every hit inside her, she moaned progressively more loudly. His eyes were closed, all the world was gone except the sensation of the heat within those 4 close walls. His movements began to quicken as did her breath. He could hear her quick breaths between moans which excited him beyond belief as he kept fucking her tight wet pussy faster, deeper, harder at her quiet request. He held her breasts, pressing his entire body against hers as they stood flush with the wall, his cock entering her vertically over and over. She was taking it harder and wanting more until she could feel her body begin to tighten, her hole tightened against his throbbing cock which she could swear only caused it to swell thicker if that were possible. She let out a scream as she came hard on his cock, which f***ed him to give in and shoot his cum deep inside her in short deep thrusts. Something inside of him wanted to plant his seed this time and the way her body accomodated his, he sensed she wanted it too. So much for safe sex.

He then felt her body tighten again as she let out a squeel and could feel her body shake as he held her tight against him. The shower water still pouring loudly but not loudly enough to drown out the sound of her profound pleasure.

Panting, blissfully satisfied, she stood there not wanting his cock to leave her body.. staring at the baby blue tiles she hadn't noticed the color of until now. Mike took his beer from the window shelf up high and after taking a long swig, pressed it against her nipple. She leaned her head back against his chest as the cool beer felt good after burning up with his sex. He held it to her mouth as she took a long sip, then put it against her other breast. rolling it back and forth. The hot water and the cold beer combined with his still thick cock deep inside her, their bodys were weak, still quivering but each would occasionally move a little just to feel the depth again. He knew he would be hard again in moments if this kept up so gently and slowly he carressed her shoulders and removed his cock, turning her body around and planting a long soft kiss on her mouth. He rinsed off quickly and left, closing the shower door behind him. She finished washing up well, then joined him in the bathroom where she dried herself off.

(Stay tuned for Part III)
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4 years ago
excellent wonderful writing
4 years ago
Hello, compared to many of the novels being published today your writing is much better. To get published would require less direct sex as you probably know...

Look forward to reading more :)
4 years ago
I appreciate the encouragement, thank you very much. Sincerely.
4 years ago
Oh yes now that was hot
4 years ago
good story will look forward to # 3 , and as a trucker has me woundering if I should start drinking again in bars
4 years ago
You're a real good writer.
4 years ago
well worth the wait very hot and naughty a real turn on, looking forward to the next part