2 Truckers & 1 grateful young passenger

Trucking down the highway, he spots a teen age slut hitch hiking on the side of the road. "We got one!" Roger hollars at his driving partner who was resting in the sl**per cab.

Pulling over just a short distance ahead of where she stood, he could see in the rear view mirror she was more than he could have hoped for. Hot body, short cut off jean shorts and a V neck white T, with a bra barely containing her young firm breasts. Couldn't be more than 18 years old, if that.

She runs up to the passenger side door to find a young good looking guy in his late 20s, early 30s to her estimation. He looked nice, harmless enough. "Ya need a ride? Where ya heading?" He asked. "My asshole boyfriend and I just got into a fight and he threw me out of my own car. I am trying to get to California". He kicked open his door and moved to let her in.

She threw her backpack on the floor and climbed up onto the passenger seat while Mike stood between the driver and their new passenger. "Roger" he said, extending his hand to shake hers, not being much for talking. "Hi, I'm Claire" shaking his hand. "Mike" he said, shaking Claire's hand too.

"How far you guys going"? She asked. "Bakersfield close enough for you, young lady"? asked Roger while checking out her long smooth legs. Noticing his gaze, she became a little nervous but grateful to get out of the hot sun on the side of the road, she smiled "yeah, that'd get me just about there, thanks a lot you guys!" "No problem" said Roger watching the road, alrleady disinterested, lost in his own thought.

Mike reached into a cooler and pulled out an ice cold Budweiser "you like a beer?" He offered Claire. "Sure, thanks." taking it with a sigh of relief. Mike handed Roger a beer and cracked open one for himself and lit a filterless cigarette offering Claire one which she declined. Roger turned up the volume listening to the crackling chatter on the CB.

They rode in silence for quite a while, on the long stretch of highway with no view to speak of on either side. The flat horizon began to define the grey ground from the grey/pale blue sky as it the sun was beginning to get lower. Mike, sitting on the cooler between the two, popped open another beer for Roger, and one for Claire. She sat quietly with her sneakers on the dash board, listening the gears shifting and all the men talking endlessly in the CB radio. Each seemed to know each other, passing their time through meaningless conversation about where they were heading, where they had come from or what load they were hauling from this or that company that owned their trucks. This truck she was riding in was owned by Roger, as his name was painted on the side. Roger E. Miller Independent Trucking Co., she recalled.

"So what's in California for you?" Mike asked. "I'm just gonna get a job, find a place to stay. Don't ever wanna see New Mexico again as long as I live, that's all I know". "I hear that!" Roger said with a snicker. "You from there too?" Claire asked. "No, but I've got two ex wives there, and they sure don't want to see me again". "Oh." Claire said, not knowing what wrongs he might have left behind him in who knows how many states. "The road is my home, and that's how it's gonna stay" Mike chimed in. "Cool" was all Claire could think to say. The open road, freedom, nobody to answer to sounded perfect to her right about then after a lifetime of bossy men and unhappy women always complaining about everything under the sun, and even the sun itself.

Roger turned off the CB and tuned in a country western radio station. Hank Williams, Jr., "f****y tradition" had just started to play. Claire was relieved to hear music for a change, a much needed break the tension she felt for having to make idle conversation with two strangers about nothing, and began to sing along quietly. "You like country music?" Mike asked. "Yeah I like all kinds of music" she said, adding "I'm a dancer". "Are you!" Mike said with a smile. "Yeah, back home I used to dance my ass off every chance I'd get".

Feeling his cock jolt a little, Mike stood up to adjust his jeans. Stretching his legs a little, she looked over to admire how perfectly they hugged his ass and legs. "Nice" she thought to herself. "Hey, I'll take another one of those beers if you got enough" she said. "Get me one too" said Roger. "Sounds like we got a party here, huh?" Mike said. "Why don't you show me some moves, there Claire?" as he reached for her hand. "ok" she said hesitantly, standing up and climbing over her seat toward the back where Mike stood.

He held her pretty tight against him, she could feel what she was guessing was his cock getting hard against her. Oddly, this did not make her uncomfortable, as she was taking small steps making a small circle behind the driver. Mike moved his hand lower to the top of her ass and pressed. She looked up at him only to see he was smiling down at her. He took off his baseball cap and threw it up on the bunk behind them then put his hand between her shoulder blades pressing her breasts against his hard chest. She moved her hardened tits back and forth slowly against him as her pussy was getting wet. Mike grabbed a fist full of her long auburn hair and raised her face to his, kissing her lips which she did not resist. He took her hand and guided it to his jeans which she didn't need help with. She began to feel the outline of his cock then put the same hand between her own legs, tightly pressing against her clit for a second.

"Yo Roger, we're gonna be busy up here for a while, you mind?" "Naw, go on", he said. Mike lifted Claire up onto the bunk with her legs hanging down and unbuttoned her tiny cutt offs. She helped him pull them off leaving no panties, only a perfect little white pussy with a tiny patch of hair they call a landing strip where Mike's from. He spread her legs and planted his face between them eager to eat her young juicy flesh. Holding her down with both arms, he licked and sucked from her ass to her clit and back again like she'd never felt before from those teen age boys back home. Quietly she moaned propped up on her elbows watching what little she could see of his face that was not covered between her legs. Eyes rolling back in her head she fell backward on the soft cushion feeling him suck just long enough now... locking onto her clit, batting it with his tongue and sucking all the juices of her body to one tiny point till her whole body shivered and she let out a howl as her back arched tightly through wave after wave of orgasm. Gently he continued to lick her sweet tender flesh while the cum spilled out of her drip by drip. Now he was ready.

He kicked off his boots, pulled down his jeans and stepped out of them and climbed up on the queen size bed with just his socks and shirt on. She was lying there spent, watching him, his beautiful body naked as he ripped off his grey "Jose's bait and tackle" T Shirt exposing his broad shouldlers and large biceps. His cock was extremely thick and fully hard, easily 8'' by her estimation. "Wow" she thought to herself, wondering all along if Roger was seeing any of this. Facing each other seated, Mike kissed her hard which she liked as she took his cock in her hand and began to squeeze it. He was feeling her firm tits fast and not so gently, beyond excited.

He then guided her head down and she took the cue to take him in her mouth. Hungrily she began to suck on the head of his cock till it was purple, tasting the precum dripping. This was one thing she knew how to do well. She positioned herself on her hands and knees and really went to town on his deserving cock. Taking it fast and steady, sucking and glancing up at his eyes as he watched her. His abs were ripped, his chest tanned and hard, his hands strong and steady as he guided her head down harder than before. She tried to take more of him each time a little deeper, holding it there a little longer. "Relax" he said, so she relaxed her mouth and found this made it a lot easier. Two hands on her head now he worked her head fast and hard till she could feel his cock all the way down her throat. Only for a second the first time, but with each effort she was able to hold it down longer without gagging. She noticed every time her throat tightened up on him, his cock would seem to grow thicker for a second. Knowing this was very powerful to him, she wanted to give him her best. She finally relaxed her tongue and stopped trying to suck him and just let his hands move her down on his cock all the way to where her lips could feel his balls. She tried to discipline herself to stay relaxed but he would move her head up and down so fast sometimes as if he was fucking her throat, she couldn't help but gag harder and harder. When he would release her to catch her breath she felt herself slobber all over his cock which clearly turned him on even more.
He would moan, and make sounds of approval which only egged her on to try harder to give it to him exactly how he was teaching her. She liked how firmly he pulled her hair, and the confidence of the way his hands guided her head without hesitation. The pace was picking up, her mind was somewhere else, nowhere really as the liquid gagging sounds were coming out of her throat with every thrust. He was now rising against her sharply, at the same time as she was being shoved down as far as possible. Surreal to her, but she didn't mind one bit. In time, he allowed her to rest and catch her breath, surprised he was able to keep going so long without exploding.

Mike crawled behind her, moving her forward a little, grabbed his dick and rubbed it against her wet pussy, up and down the slit. Throbbing by then she was eager to have him inside her even if Roger could see it all, though she had a feeling he wasn't even interested. Surely he could at least hear them since the radio wasn't playing any longer. Mike laid on top of her from behind, spreading her legs apart with his, and entered his thick cock inside her dripping pussy. "mmmmmmm" she squeeled, it had been a long time since she'd had a real man fuck her. He didn't go to any great lengths to act like a porn star or anything, just humping her hard and fast, harder and harder his hips moved rocking her whole body forward inch by inch, pounding her inside deeper than she can ever remember feeling before, until he roared loud, shooting his load inside her, with long hard thrusts.

Minutes went by before he rolled over staring at the ceiling, uninterested in the little slut he'd just fucked. Exhausted, his chest was rising and falling hard. Cum still dripping slowly out onto his stomach. She laid there on her stomach with her hair a mess completely covering her beautiful face, full of cum, naked.

Roger at her through his center mirror, her ass so round and perfect, ripe for when he had a mind to take her for himself. But there'd be time. He would tap that as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted, when he was ready. First he had to make it to St. Nowhere's ville where they always stopped for a good rest and some bar action. Plenty of whores and good live music to be heard. Deborah who worked at the truck stop diner next to the bar always waited for him to show up. Knowing he'd be looking for her eventually, about once every other week. She had a thing for him but he made it clear women never liked him for long if he stayed, and didn't want the same ending with her. He liked knowing she would always be glad to see him whenever he showed his face. Wasn't the same way with the women he knew at many other places he was known to frequent. He was in no hurry to take advantage of this young girl for now, 'let Mike have his fun', he figured.

The darkness had fallen, ahead you could see some lights off in the distance in a valley. They had cleaned up and gotten dressed without words, and Mike took his seat back motioning for Claire to sit on top of him. The radio was playing Tim Magraw, as the reception was getting clearer, and she moved about slightly to the rhythm. "I just love this man!" she exclaimed about the singer, singing along. Roger just grinned at how fast she had recovered from the action in the back. Mike was staring ahead, holding her hips as they moved back and forth. Without Roger noticing, he slipped his hand up her T Shirt cupping one young breast, squeezing her nipple. She giggled looking down, her long messy hair falling to her legs. With his other hand he slipped his middle finger into her shorts searching for the opening his cock had just filled up. She was clean but already wet again by rubbing herself against him. Nonchalantly, he moved his finger around inside her, with no intention of pursuing anything further at this point, as their destination was just up ahead.

"Are we stopping there?" She asked. "Yeup!" Roger answered. "What's there?" she said looking at Roger, "fun, you'll see..." was his only explanation.

Part II Truck stop action (action for gas money) No more R rated after this beginning.
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4 years ago
Happened to me between Toronto and Montreal. 3 men and a boy my age (16 at the time). It wasn't my first gangbang but being used in a van over and over still turns me on. Great writing!!
4 years ago
Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it. This is all very experimental.
4 years ago
More! More! Please
4 years ago
Hot!! Where's part 2!!!
4 years ago
this sounds like it could get very interesting.
Looking forward to part two
4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
Can't wait for part 2, reminds me of when I was young hitching across the states, Tenn to So Cal.
4 years ago
very hot and sexy cant wait for part two ;) xx