Growing up in the south in the seventies

My story is in fact very real, it happened to me personally so no other c***dren were hurt by any of the actions described but me.
And it wasn't devastating to me or damaging to my psyche or anything, I kinda dug it actually.

So if you are one of those people who don't want to read about i****t, u******e sex look away now.
Because that is precisely what this story entails. Anyone who's read my earlier works knows about how my uncle Warren taught me about sex, and my parents taught me how to make love.

By the time I was thirteen years old I was already a father of twins, with another on the way by my mother.
This account was if my first f****y Swinging New Year's Eve party.
And it was a good one let me tell you.

The morning of New Year's Eve, I was awoken by an outstanding blowjob. Naturally since I shared my mothers bed I assumed it was her.
That was until I heard her call me for breakfast from the kitchen.
I pulled back the sheets to find my dad giving me a masterful blowjob. As his deepthroat worked it's magic on my cock, his fingers were playing with my butthole. And it felt wonderful.
He took his time while blowing me, finally he pulled my cock from his throat and called down to my mom to come upstairs. She walked in the room and immediately took off her clothes and hopped in bed with us. Mom took over the blowjob and dad went to grab the lube from his nightstand. He got back in bed with us and lubed his cock and my butthole and worked me open with two fingers.
The deeper he went the closer I came to cumming. He grabbed mom by the hair and kissed her deeply as she guided his cock to my hungry hole. With a slow loving thrust of his hips, the head of his cock pierced my butthole. Now this was the only painful part of fucking him, and it only lasted for a minute or two. He felt me loosen up some more and slid in all the way to his balls.

By this point I was dripping precum like a broken faucet, and mom was only too happy to clean it up for me. Dad started fucking me slowly and lovingly, saying that my asshole was perfect in every way.
Mom pulled my cock from her lips and squatted over my face for us to 69 together while dad fucked my butthole
As I was eating moms pussy she started to cum, and moms a squirter.
At the same time I felt dad's cock twitching up my butthole and felt that all too familiar feeling of me getting ready to blast. Then it happened. BOOM BOOM BOOM all the of us came together me down moms throat, mom all over my face, and dad up my Shitter.

We collapsed to the bed and laid there giggling till we fell back to sl**p moms pussy still on my chin and dad's cock still up my butthole.
I could tell that this was going to be a glorious day.

Part 2

When we woke up from our nap, dad and I went down to the indoor pool downstairs to get it ready for the party later. Now I had no idea it was going to be a f****y orgy, Hell I didn't know what an orgy was, but I was going to find out.
While we were down there dad pulled a doobie from his cigarette pack and fired it up.
He handed it to me and I hit it nice and slow, then held it in for a minute. Damn dad said, what are you an old pro?
And I told him that I'd been smoking with mom for almost two years at that point. We smoked and laughed and talked about how awesome my wake up call was, and I asked dad who was coming tonight
He smiled that handsome smile and said everybody if we do it right.

I'll give you a run down of my f****y who came over for the party

First my grandparents who were still young acting, very active for their age, and uber attractive.
Granny had a body like Tina Turner. Sexy toned mmmmm, she had larger than normal tits with huge dark areola, Damn she was a looker she looked more like my mom and mom looked more more like my s****r.

Then Gramps
Gramps was an old salty sailor.
He had grey hair, and looked a lot like John Wayne. He had a huge monster of a cock too.

My aunt Vai was a strawberry redhead naturally, the carpet definitely matched the d****s.
She's to this day like the real life Jessica rabbit only she's no cartoon character.
Vai was the wild c***d, she had tattoos on her back and tits and loved to fuck.

My uncle Max is the military officer at this point in the seventies, Max was married to Vai
Max looked like he should've been a body builder, and had very movie star good looks. He played football in high school and got drafted before he could go to college.

My uncle Jake was the owner of the gentlemen's club in town.
He was tall and kinda burly, not the kind of guy you wanted to piss off, but he was still a pretty boy.
He has a huge cock too, it runs in the f****y.

My aunt Missy
Is married to Jake, she's almost dwarf sized, she reminds me of Jemma Suicide.
Very beautiful, with a voice that doesn't match her size, she had one of those phone sex voices.
Big tits and tiny hands and feet. Not the fat fingers and toes, the regular sized ones.

My aunt Sophia
She was a knock out. Have you ever seen someone at a f****y reunion and said, Damn I'd Fuck she shit out of her if we weren't related.
Like that hot.
She reminds me to this day of Stacy Kiebler. Long legs, tight ass, long honey blonde hair that she can sit on.

My aunt Dee Dee was a dead ringer for Michelle Pfeiffer.
Enough said!

And lastly my aunt Diane and her lover at the time Pierre
Pierre looked like Tim Tebow, and Diane looked like Eva Longoria.

And of course mom dad and me.

When my grandparents showed up it was about 7:30 and mom had finished dinner and was putting the finishing touches on herself when the doorbell rang, I jumped up from the tv and ran to answer the door, I noticed that my Gramps had a boner and granny was running it, they broke their embrace and gave me hugs like usual but when Granny kissed me she slipped me some tongue and squeezed my ass cheeks and said we are gonna have fun tonight, and went up to my room with mom.
Shortly after they all came pouring in one after the other till everybody was there.

After supper mom and I walked down to the pool and smoked a doobie, and she explained what an orgy was, then asked if wanted to attend one tonight. When I said yes she got excited and called for everybody to come down to the pool. As they came down the stairs they were stripping off their clothes and jumped into the pool naked. We had a wall of windows but there was nobody but f****y around for miles, so who have a fuck.

Mom took off her clothes and then took off my clothes as I stood there stunned watching my relative's mashing out.
It had just dawned on me why dad and I set up mattresses around the pool.
Mom and I jumped into the pool and I made a B line for my aunt Vai.
She took me into her arms and kissed me deeply and put my cock in her hands, she whispered in my ear to nibble her nipples while I fingered her I was in heaven, I'd fantasized about aunt Vai since the first time I'd seen her skinnydipping in our pool months before this party. Vai was moaning and grinding her pussy on my hand until she came. I couldn't believe it I made her cum. Aunt Vai turned me loose and I went after Missy. I could wait to get my hands on her, but Missy had other ideas.
We got out of the pool and she laid on her back on one of the mattresses, and put her feet up to my cock and jerked me of with her toes, and they felt as good as they looked. She wasn't just making a foot pussy for me to fuck, she was literally expertly using her toes in my cock like fingers. As she jerked my off, my Granny came over and sat on her face and was lovingly sucking each toe on each foot while playing with my balls, when Granny put my cock in her mouth I couldn't hold it anymore and came down her throat.
I pulled out and she grabbed my ass and shoved it back in until I got hard again, Granny laid on her back and Missy sat on her face now.

I watched for a minute until uncle Jake came over and started rubbing his cock on my ass, he politely asked if he could eat my ass? And my response was only if I could suck his dick. He agreed and then picked me up in a standing sixty nine and buried his tongue up my butt, I in turn was busy licking his cock and then my dad got on his knees and would deepthroat his b*****r and then with no hands would pass it back to me, I would deepthroat him, then pass him back to dad's mouth hands-free. We did this for a few minutes then when I had him in my throat he blew his load, dad pulled my head off his cock and Jake finished down dad's throat. Then me and dad kept swapping the cum from my mouth to his until he swallowed it all. Jake put me down.
And I was horny for something big in my well lubed and loosened butthole.

I got just what I wanted uncle Max came over and bent me over. He ate my ass for a minute then he put his cock in with one push, and he long stroked my ass until I was leaking precum all over the place. I mean there was a puddle between my feet on the floor, and there was a long string of it from my cock all the way to the floor. Max was pounding my butthole with all he had and I felt him start to pulse, and that's when I started grinding my ass in his cock, and he came hard.

I looked over and saw dad laying on the bed eating mom, he had his ass up hoping that someone would take notice. And I walked over and took my hand and scooped some of Max's cum from my ass and used it to lube dad's butthole he moaned and reach back and spread his asshole for me. I leaned forward and eased my cock into dad's butt. Man it felt good!
As I was fucking dad, my butthole must have been winking because before I knew it Jake had his cock up my ass.

It didn't take long after Jake put his cock up my ass that we hear over the radio that it's almost midnight. As the countdown began I tried to time myself. We all tried to time ourselves and for the most part we all came at the same time to bring in 1978.

Tell me what you think guys and gals,
And I'll tell you about my fucks with everyone else after midnight.

83% (42/8)
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1 month ago
Amazin post, hot n horny fun all round xx
1 month ago
I wanna hear more!!! Aunt vaiand aunt sophia sound hot as fuck!!! i wanna partake in the festivities!!!
4 months ago
Great read!! I too wrote of the experiences I had as a young southerner
5 months ago
Good god only wish I had a family like that. Or at least my future in laws
5 months ago
How much kids you make till days and whom, does you horny i.e to your kids like your parents ?!
5 months ago
your stories are hot. I love the detail of your stories.
5 months ago
Every week.

It's easy for us because most of us live on property. We share several hundred acres.

So somebody is always fucking someone around here!
6 months ago
better weather too no dowt
12 months ago
i want join that hot family
1 year ago
Part 2?
1 year ago
Hey man you are one lucky fucker! You and the family still having fun?
1 year ago
I've already written it, and it was rejected by x hamster.
1 year ago
Thank you I'm pleased that you like my life and experiences.
1 year ago
I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the pointer.
1 year ago
Thank you
1 year ago
Not bad though, didnt say bad.
1 year ago
A bit to fast for me, for me its ALL about the build up.
1 year ago
wow great story, please write more.
1 year ago
Great story can't wait for the next part !
1 year ago
so very hot do tell us more
1 year ago