My mother, my lover

I have no idea where to begin with this story. My mom came by yesterday while the k**s were off fishing on the lake.
I knew when she got here that there was one thing on her mind, and she was not shy about letting me know either. I was painting our daughters room when she came in calling for me, I knew just by seeing how she was dressed that my implant was in for a workout.

She walked into my bedroom and starts calling out " Baby mommy wants to play".
I walked into the room and saw that she was only wearing a smile on her face, both nipple rings, her tongue piercing, and on her toes were my favorite electric pink polish and a few sexy toe rings.

Uh oh
I know what you are thinking about you dirty old woman, too which she replied "I doubt that or your cock would be between my toes by now if you did". No sooner than I whipped my cock out, and pumped it up, my wife walked in with an arm full of groceries. And she was pissed, not because of what I was doing, or even who I was doing it with.
She was pissed because she's the one who gets mom ready for my cock most of the time. And she loves the taste of that pussy too.
Within seconds Dorian was in her birthday suit, naked as the day she was born. Mom laid on her belly and arched that butthole high into the air, and within a blink of an eye Dorian was tongue deep in mom's sweet butthole, me being the southern gentleman that I am, I pulled and held mom's buttcheeks open. My wife started very slowly, licking the taint area first, the tracing little circles around her butthole making mom's butthole begin to twitch and blossom like the beautiful flower that it is.

Now it's at this time that my wife reaches under my mom and starts to rub her clit with her two thumbs, softly and slowly at first, then as mom's first orgasm was boiling from deep within her cunt, Dorian begin to pick up the intensity of her efforts mom's body is starting to twitch and spasm.
I watched in awe, my bl**d racing, my heart pounding with the anticipation that my mom is about to cum, while being eaten and Jilled off by her niece/daughter in law. All of a sudden I hear mom scream "Goddamn woman" and with that I was treated to the sight of my wife's face being totally soaked as Mom squirted all over Dorian, me, our bed, and the floor.

At that point mom hit the bed and starts having what I can only describe as an orgasiezure.
I mean her body was thrashing, her head was swinging her hair all over the place, her toes were going from a tight footfist, to spreading as wide as she could get them. Hell I'm only human her toes looked extra yummy, so like a good little boy I grabbed her feet and held them tight, as I sucked each one of her ten toes deeply and with a lot of suction.

That alone sent mom into yet another even bigger orgasiezure, you would think that after her first orgasm of the day, that she wouldn't have no cum left anywhere in her body at all, oh but you would be sorely mistaken, just as I was when she released a torrent of cum gushing from her cunt.
You see Mom likes having her toes sucked, even more so than her clit, there's just something about trying to suck the polish off of her toes that sends her into orbit. And I wouldn't swear to it, but I believe she gushed harder and longer this time than she had the first time. I dropped her feet gently back down on the bed. And as she regained her faculties, my attention turned to my wife's fine ass. Literally

Dorian had laid down, in the first wet spot mind you. And she'd pulled her feet behind her head and was Jilling off with the a double ended dildo that she bought earlier in the week. As she was wearing her pussy out with this thing, I kneeled down in front of her and slowly rimmed her asshole until it had blossomed for me as my mother had for her earlier. Dorian has the same affection for foot play as my mother, so as she's jamming the dildo in and out of her sweet fuckhole, and I'm rimming that sweet backdoor, she grabs her foot with her free hand, brings it to her lips, and begins to suck on her lime green painted toes, and sucked each one until she started convulsing and her whole body starts to shiver and shake like she was a one woman 5.0 earthquake. And just so you know all of the women in my f****y can squirt with the best of them.

Well mom was happy and Dorian was happy but now I needed that type of happiness.

Enter my wife's s****r. For those of you who know us, Angelina is a tgirl pure and simple. She's totally passable, meaning she's dropped countless jaws after she's revealed her secret.
Ang comes in, sees mom and Dorian in the throes of their individual orgasms and says "Damn big b*****r, I'll have what their having please"?

To which my reply was only if I can have some too, she laughed and started to undress. First her overall bibs, then her tank top, then her panties until her clothes were in a heap by her barefeet she takes me by the hand and leads me into the kitchen, she opens the fridge and pulls out a bowl of strawberries and some whipped topping, she dipped a strawberry and brings it to my lips, I opened my mouth and she only teased my tongue with the sweet fruit, then after a few playful seconds she placed the berry in my mouth and kissed me at the same time.
The combination of our mouths coupled with the sweet tart berry and that oh so sweet cream, followed by her tongue. I felt her cock get so hard between our bodies that I thought it might puncture my skin. For someone who's 5 ft 4 and weighs about 120 she's easy to pick up and manhandle, so I picked her up, turned her upside down and began sucking her hard cock which was leaking precum like an old faucet. I deepthroated her 8 inches as she deepthroated me as well. After a few minutes I put her down and we laid in the floor, locked in a mindblowing 69. Our heads were bobbing in unison, our passion for each other growing by the second. I felt her boyclit begin to twitch, so I pulled my mouth off of it because I didn't want her to cum in my mouth. I wanted it in my belly.
She pulled her mouth off of me, about that time mom and Dorian came to get something cold to drink. Right about the time that I was about to sit on this hard cock,, they looked at each other and smiled. As I slid that beautiful cock up my butthole, balls deep I might add, mom and Dorian raced to jump on my hard cock, mom won. But it wasn't her pussy sliding down my cock, it was her tight ass! God this woman's asshole is tight.

She has spent years kiegling both holes for me. And she was squeezing my cock like a fist would, then she started pulsating her butthole on my cock, so like any good buttslut, I returned the favor for Ang.
We went on like this for almost half an hour. Then I got what I needed, Ang started twitching and pulsing again until she filed my hole with more cream filling than a Hostess factory. It was oozing out of my gaping hole as she fucked more and more in me. At that point I couldn't hold back anymore, that coupled with Mom yelling give me that hot cum baby boy, I need it right now, give it to Mommy.
That was all she wrote, I was on cloud nine. I filled mommies butt so full that as I pumped the last few blasts in she was farting it back out.

I looked over my shoulder to see my wife on the counter banging both ends of the double ended dildo in and out of either hole at the same time. Within seconds she too came.

A few minutes later my old man came in asking "what'd I miss"?

That's another story all together.
Tell me what you think ladies and gentlemen, you've asked me for longer stories. Now I ask for your input.

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19 days ago
What a wonderful time you had, wish all families were so open as yours xxxx
4 months ago
Fuck!! Wish that was my family!!!!!
11 months ago
Great story. Love your work.
1 year ago
Great story .... Had visuals all thru out the story!
1 year ago
Damn I wish I was in your Hot Family...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
1 year ago
awesome dear...
want more...
1 year ago
Fantastic story telling, love it !!
1 year ago
1 year ago