My husbands new cock.

My name is Dorian
And I've got a little story to share. About ten years ago my husband Chase had a heart attack, and after he rehabbed we changed our eating and workout routines to help him get his health back. And he's been working very hard. But I; noticed that our sex life was getting shorter because of his medications. Now when I say that our sex lives have shortened, imean that he wasn't able to keep a raging boner for longer than an hour. Then he's had two more heart attacks since until he wasn't able to even last for ten minutes.

We tried everything on the market, come to find out that he would need to look into an implant. He was scared at first, until we had an appt with a urologist, and he suggested the implant and walked us step by step through the process until Chase was comfortable enough to say what the Hell. The office handled all of the paperwork and scheduling, and all we had to do was show up.

He had the procedure and in a few weeks it was ready for a try out. I've got to say that my pussy got so wet as soon as the doctor cleared us that we snuck into the restroom for a quicky. He pumped it up, and my jaw dropped as well as my panties. That quicky became a full on fuck session. We fucked for over an hour and after my fourth orgasm we excused ourselves and raced to the nearest hotel, we couldn't get to our room fast enough once inside I ripped his pants right off, and sucked his cock till he blasted my throat with his man juice am hour later and was still as hard as a rock.

I called my s****r and his Mom to come and help me out because both my pussy and butthole were sore, when they arrived they both attacked him with blind lust until all three of us ladies were exhausted. And the mother fucker was still rock hard, I immediately knew that we'd made the right decision, now we fuck several times a week and he never gets soft, well until he deflates it.
This was my first time ever writing anything like this, but I know that there are women out there who need to know that this works, and works well.
See ya ladies, Personal message me for more details.
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14 days ago
Hey that's great news.I'm so glad that you went that route.

How's your implant working out for you?
3 months ago
I should have posted and comment and long time ago. I took the advise of this couple and went to and local hospital and had the surgery. Even in great and poweful shape heart attach ect slows any of us down. It works great.
1 year ago
Great Story....really gives insights to some of us facing the issue!!!
1 year ago
great info
1 year ago
Excellent info...
2 years ago
Thanks for all of your comments, I just hope by sharing our stories that we can help at least one person.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Read very carefully Modelmaker

He runs a few miles a day, Everyday. Which should tell anyone that inspite of his his heart attacks, any doctor will tell you that you can over time rebuild your cardio conditioning, does that mean that he can't/won't have another heart attack? No by all means he can have more heart attacks, but by running he's lessening the chance.

If you get a hard on, it's because blood gets redirected from your heart, into your erection chambers inside your penis and that is what makes a hard on, now for heart patients like my Chase, it works differently.

He can pump the saline solution into his erection chambers instead of blood, thus the heart, has less stress.
And he can still pound me hard in short ten to sometimes twenty minute bursts, then he lies on his back and I take over until he's able to resume pounding away.
I shared this knowledge to be informative, not to be mocked. I'm sorry that you don't have someone in your life to take some of you're physical burden off your shoulders,, but I can definitely understand why after speaking with you. Go to Google, and type Dr Bruce Garber, go to his Web page and he will explain, how an erection works both with and without an implant, for a visual explanation type his name into YouTube.

And by the way, if the ladies in my husbands life do most of the sexual work, wouldn't that mean that he has to expel less energy?
2 years ago
Love the story...and the pics in the galleries. Thanks for posting!
2 years ago
You can send all the PMs you want the fact remains if he's had heart attacks as you do say then all the penile implants in the fucking world won't do his heart one bit of good.
2 years ago
I've sent you a few personal messages that should help shed some light on the topic for you
2 years ago
My suggestion is that you google penile implants, also use YouTube as well. Hopefully you will be able to have a better understanding of what this surgery can do for men with E D. Good luck.
2 years ago
Well since it takes energy to fuck with either a real or false dick I fail to see how he didn't have further heart attacks.