Serving You and Your Mistress friends

my first task would be to cook a delicious meal for You and Your friends. I assume that You would want be to be naked whilst I was cooking, wearing only my collar, anklet, Your cage and my rubber mask. Whilst I was preparing dinner I would serve You all champagne.

For a first course I would prepare a crayfish and crab salad with guacamole, served with a chilled dry white wine. For the main course, chicken breasts stuffed with pate in a mushroom and brandy cream sauce, served with baby new potatoes, baby leeks and green beans. For pudding I would serve a forest fruit pavlova with lots of whipped cream. Whilst You were eating I would make sure I was at hand to keep Your glasses topped up and for any task that You may set me.

After each course I would clear away and then wash up after You had finished the meal. I would then make myself available for You and Your friends’ play.

At Your desire I imagine I would be strapped over Your coffee table at first for the delectation of You and the other Mistresses, taking turns to spank, cane flog or whip me as the fancy took You or perhaps to be used as the recipient of a strap-on, being watched by You all and taken in turn. I would be gagged to make sure that I did not make a lot of noise and blindfolded to ensure that I could not see what was about to happen to me. You could possibly remove the gag to make me take a strap-on or a dildo in my mouth whilst receiving another at the other end. Your cock would be straining against Your cage and bulging out of the gaps, craving for release.

My bottom would be left very bruised and possibly bleeding as You each took Your turn to punish me

When You all had tired of play with me in that way, I would make sure that each of You had had sufficient to eat and drink before you led me to Your bed and chained there, face up. You would remove Your cage from Your bulging cock and then i would be at the mercy of You and Your Mistress friends to use my face to sit on, my tongue as a means to cum or to use and abuse Your cock as You saw fit. I am sure You all would want to use the nipple clamps and pegs for Your amusement.

I would be restrained there for as long as You all saw fit and had had Your pleasure from me. I would be left on the bed not knowing whether You had finished with me or whether there might be more torture to come.

Once You had decided that You all had had enough of me You would unchain me and I would drive Your friends to their homes before returning to You, Mistress to serve You alone and devote myself completely to You in whatever way You desired.

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